The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 23, 2023

The guy was still meters away from her but she already noticed him. He was walking in her direction, alone. 

Cashmere bit her lower lip. From afar, she could see how good-looking and perfect he is. 

Cashmere shook her head.  

No, he's not good-looking, Cash. He looked like a gorilla! A gorilla, okay? 

Wait… wait, he's coming near me? What should I do? 

Option A: Greet him.

Well, I'm already avoiding him, right? Why would I greet him first? 

Option B: Continue walking straight ahead and ignore him. When he asked, tell him you didn't notice him. 

Option C: Turn your back and walk back to where you came from. 

 Cashmere bit her lower lip. What option would she follow? A, B, or C?

Her eyes then went back to Grey. He was coming closer to her. Before Grey finally noticed her, she already turned her back and started walking back in the direction of the College of Arts building. 

But because she was disoriented, she accidentally bumped into someone. Cashmere almost fell and stumbled on her feet if not only for the arms of the person in front of her who held her by the shoulders. 

“Sorry… sorry--” Cashmere's eyes widened when she looked at the person in front of her. 

 “Nico, it's you."

“Cash, are you okay?”

“Ah? Yeah.” She nodded, smiling at him. “I'm fine. Sorry again.”

Cashmere looked around. They were already near the cafeteria.  She turned her head at the back. Grey was nowhere to be seen now. 

“Why do you look like you're avoiding someone, Cash?” Nico asked her. 

Cashmere looked back at Nico. "Uh, of course not. I'm not avoiding someone." She handed him the paper bag she was holding. "By the way, I'm actually looking for you, Nico. I wanted to give you this."

Nico's eyes widened. “Really? This is for me?” He even pointed at himself as if he couldn't believe it. 

Cashmere smiled. “Yup. I baked blueberry cupcakes for you, Nico… I wanted to thank you for what you did yesterday.”

“Wow...” A wide smile formed on his face. “Thank you for this, Cash...” 

“Welcome,” she said. “Thank you again for helping me yesterday.”

“Anytime, Cashmere,” he replied. “I hope what I taught you will help you in your upcoming exams."

"It surely will."

“So, are you going to review again later at the library?”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

Nico smiled sheepishly. “Then is it okay if I join you tomorrow?”

Her lips pursed. "I don't think you still have to review, Nico."

Nico chuckled lightly. “I'm not really that smart, Cashmere. I still need to review before exams."

Cashmere bit her lower lip. She wanted to say no to Nico but then she remembered her best friend's words. 

Come on, Cash... It would be beneficial for both of you.  You'll be doing Nico a favor, too...

“But if you're not comfortable, you can always say no, Cashmere.”

Cashmere looked at Nico. Maybe Irani is right. There was nothing wrong if he'd give Nico a chance. 

“I'm not saying I don't want to, Nico...”

Nico's face lit up. “Then you mean to say...”

Cashmere smiled at him. “You can go with me to the library tomorrow...”

Cashmere smiled when Nico raised his hand at her. She went to him and occupied the seat beside him. 

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, Nico. Our prof dismissed us late."

Nico smiled. “It's okay, Cashmere. I just got here anyway.” 

Cashmere opened her bag to get her things when she didn't see her algebra book. "Wait, Nico. I left my book in my locker. I'll just look for a copy here."

Cashmere was about to stand up when Nico stopped her. 

 “I'll get it, Cashmere. Just tell me the title and the author."

"Uh, okay. Thanks, Nico."

Nico then left her alone at their table. 


Cashmere stopped writing when she heard that familiar masculine voice. Even if she didn't look at where the voice came from, she knew who owned it. 

Okay, relax... Cash...


She looked at him. But the small smile she planned to give him disappeared when she saw his look. Instead, her jaw almost dropped. 

He was wearing black pants and a white long-sleeved polo shirt. 

Well, this was not the first time she saw Grey in a polo shirt, but this is the first time she saw him in a long-sleeved dress shirt, with matching black slacks and black shoes. 

If he's already gorgeous in a simple V-neck shirt and ripped jeans, he looked way more handsome in corporate attire. Suddenly, she wanted to get her cell phone in her bag and snapped a photo of him. 

Here you go again, Cashmere! 

Cashmere shook her head to stop herself from getting hypnotized by Grey's handsomeness. 

“Who are you with?” Grey asked, glancing at Nico's things on the table. “Irani?”

“N-no. I'm with Nico.” 

Before Grey could answer, Nico already came back with a couple of books with him. 

“Cash, here it is. I also got other reference books.”

Cashmere noticed how Grey turned to Nico with furrowed brows. 

“Good afternoon, Sir,” Nico greeted Grey.

Cashmere's eyes widened. Sir? Did Nico just call Grey 'sir?' Oh my shiz! Nico mistook Grey for a professor! 

“Sir?” Now, Grey's eyebrows were almost crossed in one line. “Do I look like a professor to you?”

Before Nico could answer, Cashmere already intervened. “Nico, this is actually Grey. He's one of Blue's friends."

Cashmere then turned to Grey. "Grey, this is Nico. A classmate of mine."

Nico blushed when he realized his mistake. “Grey? You're one of the members of the Flying Colors?” 

Nico smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry if I mistook you for a professor."

Grey only gave Nico a single nod before turning to Cashmere. “Are you done with your class?”

She nodded. 

“Let's go home, then...” Grey took her bag before glancing at Nico. "I'm sorry, Cashmere needs to go home now."

Cashmere's lips parted. Then her brows furrowed. 

"Wait, Grey. I still need to review—" 

 Her words were cut off mid-air when Grey suddenly held her hand.

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