The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 23, 2023

Cashmere bit her lower lip and smiled a bit. "Uh, nothing." In an instant, Cashmere didn't know what to say to the man in front of her. The moment his eyes focused on her, all her thoughts were gone haywire. 

Grey smiled at her, his eyes never leaving her. “You looked beautiful tonight, Cash.”

Cashmere's jaw almost dropped on the floor. She was used to Grey calling her cute. But this was the first time that Grey used the word beautiful on her. 

Cashmere could feel her heart beat getting wilder. 

“Uh… Y-you two, Grey.”

The corner of Grey's lips curled up in an amused smile. 

 “I’m beautiful, too?”

“Ah, I mean… you’re beautifully handsome.” She managed a smile and took a deep breath. 

 ‘Relax heart. Relax.’

“Hmm, you're getting good with your words, Cashmere," he said, smiling. 

“Well, I'm serious with that Grey. You look even more handsome tonight." Cashmere bit her lower lip. 

Ugh. You and your big mouth.

“Uh, by the way, good luck with your performance later," Cashmere said, trying to change the topic. "I know you can do it, Grey." 

“Thanks, Cash,” Grey said, placing his hand on his nape. "Please, don't laugh at me." He chuckled. 

Cashmere's lips parted when she noticed her ears turned red. Was he blushing? Or was it just her imagination? 

Cashmere pouted her lips to stifle a smile. "I won't laugh at you, Grey. I promise." She even raised her right hand as if swearing on something. 

Grey raised his eyebrow. "Really? Then what if I'd see you laughing later?" 

Cashmere pursed her lips as she wiggled her eyebrows. "If you see me laughing earlier, please think that it is Red I'm laughing at. Not you, Grey."

Grey chuckled. "Nah. It's okay, Cashmere. You can laugh at me all you want. I wouldn't mind. Well, have you eaten already?" 

Cashmere nodded. 

Grey grabbed two pieces of strawberry cupcakes on the dessert table near them. Grey handed her one. 

Cashmere smiled as she accept it. “Thank you.” She immediately brought the cupcake into her mouth and took a bite.

“How was it?” Grey asked her, smiling. 

She pursed her lips. “It's good.”

“Hmm, but your cupcake still tastes better," Grey said, winking at her. 

Cashmere almost clutched onto her chest. Her heart just made a cartwheel. 

 “I think you're just biased," she said, pouting her lips. Cashmere didn't know how she was able to say that despite the loud beating of her heart. 

Grey shrugged, a smile still plastered on his face. "Well, call me biased but I really prefer the one you baked." 

Darn. This time, her heart made a double flip inside her chest. She took another bite of her cupcake to cover her nervousness. 

But then Cashmere still when she noticed that Grey didn't tear his eyes off her. He was intently looking at her face. No, he was looking at your lips. 

She cleared her throat. “Grey, is there something wrong with my face?”

“You have something on the corner of your lips.”

“Oh.” Cashmere immediately wiped the corner of her lips using her thumb. 

“No, not there.”

Before Cashmere could react again, Grey's thumb was already on her face. “There,” he said after wiping something off her face, his eyes still never leaving hers. 

Cashmere's lips parted and she wasn't able to say anything. She remained her stares at Grey. Despite the loud noise of their surroundings, she could clearly hear the loud beating of her heart. Her heart was beating so darn loud and wild. 

Cashmere felt like she was in a daze that she didn't notice Blue and Red's arrival. Even Indigo was now with them. 


Both Cashmere and Grey turned to his bandmates. But Cashmere's forehead frowned when she saw a familiar girl beside Indigo. It was Kass. 

What was she doing here? 

“Grey, you're here,” Kass said with a wide smile as she went closer to Grey. 

Cashmere felt like something sharp struck her heart. 

Dammit. How could you forget that Grey has a girlfriend, Cashmere? 

Yeah. Right. Why did she think that Grey would be with his girlfriend tonight? 

That's what you get for being so hardheaded, Cashmere. It's your choice to come here, now bear with the consequence. 

“Ugh, I really don't understand, Irani,” Cashmere grunted as she turned to her best friend. 

"I've been following the formula that Miss Mendez taught us, but still, I couldn't get the correct answer." 

She and her best friend are currently in the library. Their midterms are just five days away so they went to the library to study after their class. 

 Cashmere asked her best friend to teach her their past lessons in Algebra. 

Cashmere was aware that she wasn't good at Math. She hates anything related to numbers. For her, Math is the hardest subject in school. It is her weakness since she was proven to be good at Literature and History. 

She just didn't know why when it comes to Math, she was having a hard time figuring out those different equations and formulas she's encountering. 

"May I see?" Irani looked at her paper. Cashmere pointed at the solution she wrote on it. 

Irani pursed her lips as she turned to her. "You really won't get the right answer for this one, Cashmere. Instead of positive twelve, it should be negative.”

“Aw, that's why." Cashmere pouted and sighed. "Numbers really confuse me." 

Irani glanced at her watch. "Tsk we've been here for almost and hour already but you're still able to get three equations right."

She pursed her lips. “Well, this is hard, Irani. Math is really my weakness."

Her best friend shook her head. "You know what? I think you're just distracted, Cashmere."

Cashmere bit her lower lip. Well, Irani was also right. She couldn't concentrate on their tutorial lesson. Her mind was somewhere else. She was having second thoughts if she would tell Irani about last night. How she attended Indigo's birthday party. 

Cashmere sighed. She didn't want to keep a secret from her best friend. Besides, she was feeling guilty. 

“Irani, I actually have something to tell you...” she said in a small voice. 

Irani frowned. "What is it, Cashmere? You looked nervous."

"I… went to Indigo's party last night even though I knew that Grey would be there."

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