The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 22, 2023

Cashmere stopped eating her food. "Oh, wow. I didn't know he's a Virgo baby."

Of course, she wanted to say yes. But warning bells started to ring in her brain. 

 Remember, Cash. Step number one. 

If Cashmere decided to tag along with her brother tomorrow, she would surely see Grey. It was Indigo's birthday, of course, Grey would be there. 

"Oh… I forgot Irani and I have something to do tomorrow. She asked me to go shopping with her." 

Cashmere bit her lower lip with the lies she just sprouted. 

“Until when are you gonna be with Irani tomorrow?" her brother asked as he reached for his own glass of water. "Indigo's celebration is still in the evening, anyway. You can also tag Irani if she wants."

Cashmere managed to smile at her brother. "Oh, I'm sorry, Blue. We can't go tomorrow. I might come home late. Irani and I planned to watch a movie after our shopping. Just greet Indigo for me."

Blue shrugged her shoulders. "Aww, then you won't be able to watch Red and Grey's dance number."

Cashmere's eyebrows furrowed. “Dance number? But Red doesn't dance. Even Grey. I haven't seen him dance!"

Blue grinned. "Well, we made a bet the other day when we were watching the NBA finals. The one who loses would dance at Indigo's birthday. They both bet on the Cavs while I placed my bet on the Heats."

"Red and Grey both lose?" 

“Yup,” Blue said, now chuckling. “That's why they have a special dance number tomorrow. Are you sure you don't really want to come with me, Cashmere? I'd bet it would be fine. I can now imagine those two's faces tomorrow."

Oh my gosh! You should come, Cash! Cashmere told herself. 

You can't let this chance pass up! It's one in a lifetime opportunity to see Grey dancing. 

No, you can't come. You're already avoiding him, right? said the rational part of her brain. 

But, Cash! This won't happen again! 

Cashmere bit her lower lip before looking at her brother who was waiting for her answer. "Fine, Blue. I'll come with you tomorrow."

“HAPPY birthday, Indigo,” Cashmere greeted the birthday celebrant. She smiled at him as she handed him the box of chocolate cake she brought tonight. She wasn't able to buy a gift for Indigo so she just decided to bake him a cake. 

In the end, Cashmere decided to tag along with her brother to Indigo's party. 

Indigo smiled back. “Thank you for coming, Cash. And thanks for the cake.” 

 Promise, after this, I'd continue avoiding Grey again. Cashmere promised herself. 

“Welcome, Indigo. I hope you'll like it. My brother told me you like chocolate."

"I surely will, Cashmere. You're a great baker. Everyone loves your pastries. Especially Grey."

Cashmere smiled, her cheeks heated up at the mention of Grey. "Thank you, Indigo."

"Enjoy the party, Cashmere. And by the way, you looked extra pretty tonight. Tell your brother to not take his eyes off you."

Cashmere was wearing a blue dress and a pair of black heels. She also applied minimal makeup and let her loose curly hair fall off her shoulders.  

Indigo left her to greet his other visitors. Cashmere was left for a moment before her brother came back, with her cousin Red with him. 

"Hi, Red," Cashmere greeted her cousin. 

"Hey, Cash, you're here."

Cashmere grinned. "Well, Blue told me that you have a special performance tonight and so I came alone with him. I need to watch your special performance, Red."

"Well, are you ready for your dance number, Red?" Blue asked their cousin, a playful grin on her brother's face. 

Red groaned. "Ugh, damn you Blue. "Next time, it's you I'd be laughing at. Just wait for your turn."

Blue chuckled. “I don't think it will ever happen," Blue confidently answered. “By the way, where’s Grey? I didn't notice his car outside." 

“He said he’ll be here in a minute. Oh, there he is! Grey!”

Cashmere looked in the direction her cousin pointed at. And then, he saw Grey. He was holding his pair of drumsticks while walking in their direction. He was wearing a black V-neck shirt, ripped jeans, and a pair of black boots. His hair was disheveled in a very sexy way. 

Cashmere swallowed while looking at Grey. He was gorgeously handsome in every manner. 

If ever you see Grey, don't praise him in your mind. Forget how handsome he is in your eyes. Imagine his face as one of the gorillas in the zoo. 

At that exact moment, Cashmere knew she couldn't do what Irani keep in reminding her. Right now, she couldn't help but praise Grey in her mind. Especially now that he looked even more handsome tonight. 

Cashmere bit her lower lip. Tonight, she would temporarily forget her plan to uncrush Grey. 

 Just for this night.

“Grey,” Grey was greeted by her brother Blue and cousin Red. 

Grey greeted the two before turning to her. His smile widened. 

 “Hi, Cash.”


Cashmere tried her best to sound casual despite the loud beating of her heart. 

Nothing's new anyway. That's always her heart's reaction every time Grey was around. 

“How about you, Grey? Are you ready for your performance tonight?"

“Aw, man, do we really have to pull off that stunt?” Grey sighed before glancing at Cashmere. 

"I'm sorry, Grey. But a bet is a bet,” Blue grinned, before tapping Grey on the shoulder. “I’ll go check the sound system."

“I’ll go with you,” Red announced. 

“Are you coming with us, Grey?” her brother asked Grey. 

“Let him stay with Cash,” Red said, the corner of his lips curled up in an amused smile. "Right, Grey?" 

Grey cleared his throat. "Yeah. I'll go stay here with Cashmere."

Cashmere's heart skipped a beat after hearing Grey's answer. Her brother and Red finally leave, making Cashmere leave alone with Grey beside her. 

Cashmere pursed her lips as she turned to Grey. “Uh, Grey.” 

Grey met her eyes. "What is it, Cashmere?" 

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