The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 22, 2023

“CASH, where are you?” Irani asked Cashmere from the other end of the line. It was Saturday. Both of them didn't have a class that day. 

Cashmere and Irani made a plan to watch their favorite Korean drama at her friend's house. But it was already ten in the morning but Cashmere was still in the house. 

 “I'm sorry I'm gonna be late, Irani...” Cashmere said, apologizing to her friend. "I woke up late." In fact, she was still in bed at the moment.

Well, she had a hard time sleeping last night thinking of Grey. Until now, she could clearly remember how Grey called Kass his girlfriend. Until now, she could still feel the pain in her heart. 

Cashmere shut her eyes. She couldn’t continue to be like this. She should stop thinking about Grey. She needed to abandon her feelings for him faster. 

"Fine. Just hurry up." Irani said, sighing. "I've already prepared our TV room. I even asked Mom to make your favorite lasagna."

"Yup. I'll be there in an hour. Promise."

After the call ended, Cashmere immediately got up from the bed. She took a bath and fixed herself. 

Cashmere glanced at her watch. She would have just eaten breakfast at Irani's. 

Cashmere looked at herself one last time in front of the mirror before leaving her room. She was wearing a white blouse, a red skater skirt, and a pair of doll shoes. She let her long hair fell over her shoulders. 

“Are you going somewhere, Cashmere?" Manang Prising asked her when she saw the old woman downstairs. 

“I'm going to Irani's, Manang," she answered. "Can you call the driver for me? I need him to drive me to Irani's."

“Wait here and I'll call him," the old woman answered. "You haven't eaten breakfast yet. You should eat first, Cashmere. I prepared your favorite pancake. Come with me to the kitchen."

"Oh. I'm already running late, Manang. I'll just eat at Irani's." She said, smiling at her. "Have you seen my brother, by the way?" 

"He's at the garden, Cashmere."

Cashmere nodded before she went to the garden to inform her brother that she'd be out.

But then Cashmere stopped halfway through the garden when she saw that her brother was not alone. Along with her brother were his bandmates. Including Grey. 

They were seated on the iron-wrought chairs while eating a big box of pizza. 

Cashmere looked at Grey. He was wearing a black v-neck shirt and ripped jeans.

She then remembered everything that she just witnessed yesterday. How he acted protective and possessive to the girl beside him—Kass. 

Cashmere felt something squeeze her heart. 

Step number 1: Avoid Him

Like a warning bell, Cashmere remembered the article that Irani and she saw on the web. 

Cashmere took a deep breath. This is the start, she said to herself. 

This is the right time to start her mission—to un-crush Grey. 

And since she would be avoiding Grey from now on, she would prohibit herself from talking to him. She would treat him like a person with a virus. 

So instead of walking toward her brother, Cashmere decided to turn her back and walked away. 

But before she could took another step, Cashmere heard her name being called out. 

"Cash." It was her brother. 

Cashmere bit her lower lip. Now, those four finally noticed her. She then had no choice but to face them.

She was then welcomed by four sets of eyes all looking at her. 

"Hey, Blue," she greeted her brother before turning to his bandmates. "Hi, guys, you're here." Cashmere pretended to look surprised. 

Cashmere's eyes landed on Grey. Her heart skipped a beat. Damn. He looked really good in his usual outfit.

“Cash.” The corner of his lips rose as he greeted her. 

Despite Cashmere's aching heart, she still couldn't help but feel flustered upon seeing Grey's smile for her. 

"Hi, Grey," Cashmere greeted him before she could stop herself. 

Shiz, Cashmere. You're already avoiding him, right? she reminded herself. 

Then stop smiling at him. Stop greeting him and stop with the freaking eye contact. 

Cashmere immediately looked away and avoided Grey's eyes. 

She then cleared her throat and focused on her brother. 

"I'm going to Irani's Blue. I might spend my whole day there." 

Her brother just nodded at her. "Take care, Cash. Make sure to go home before eight."

Cashmere smiled at Blue. "Thanks, bother. Noted."

Cashmere argued with herself if she'd also bid goodbye to her brother's friends, especially to Grey. 

No. Don't look at him. You're already avoiding him, right? Then never look at him again. 

But then I don't want to be called rude, Cashmere answered to herself. 

In the end, Cashmere still glanced at Grey. "Uh, I'll go ahead, Grey." She gave him a small nod Beige turning her back. 

The left Cashmere left the garden, she closed her eyes as her hand flew to her pounding chest. 

“Cash, are you okay?”

Cashmere's eyes widened when she suddenly noticed her cousin Red near her. His forehead frowned with confusion and concern. 

"Is there something wrong?" 

“H-huh? Nothing! Everything's fine.” she answered immediately. Her eyes went down to the empty box of pizza he was holding. 

Red raised his eyebrows at her. 

“Are you sure, Cash? You looked like you were having a heart attack earlier."

Her eyes widened at her cousin. "W-what? Of course not! I'm really fine, Red." 

The corner of her cousin's lips curled up in an amused smile. “Fine. If you say so, my dear cousin. But you said you're going to Irani's right?"

Cashmere raised her eyebrows. "Yeah. Why are you asking?"

The corner of his lips curled in a lopsided smile. "Just tell her I said hi."

Now, my forehead furrowed in curiosity. "Answer me, Red. What's with you and Irani? Is something going on between you two?"

Red pursed his lips. "Why are you so nosy, Cash? Do you want me to ask you what's going on with you and Grey?"

"Shut up. Nothing's going on with me and Grey."

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