The Flying Colors
By clefairy
Date: April 22, 2023
Ch. 10GREY (TEN)

Is it possible that this girl is Grey's girlfriend? 

Cashmere felt like something hard squeezed her heart with the thought she had in mind. 

No, Cash. That would be impossible. Grey doesn't have a girlfriend. 

Cashmere wanted to ask the girl beside her but before she could say something, the girl was already walking away. 


Cashmere almost jumped when she felt an arm on her shoulder. It was her cousin Red.

“Red, what the hell?”

Her cousin just chuckled at her. "Chill, Cashmere. It's just me."

Cashmere didn't realize that the members had already left the stage. 

"Well, stop doing that. You might give me a heart attack next time."

Her asshole cousin just grinned. "Now, you're being dramatic, cousin. Why are you alone, by the way? Where's your bestfriend?" 

“She has to attend a meeting with her classmates.” Her brows furrowed when she realized something. 

“Why are you looking for her, anyway?”

Red shrugged his shoulders. "Oh. I have something to give her."

"What is it? I can give it to her." 

Red shook his head. "Nah. I'll give it to her myself, Cash." 

Before Cashmere could say something, Red already pulled her to the backstage. "Come on."

Cashmere saw the three other members of the band there. Both her brother Blue and Indigo were fixing their clothes while Grey was busy drinking the bottle of water on his hand. 

“Cash,” her brother greeted her.

Cashmere smiled at her brother before her eyes went to Grey. 

“Hi, Cash!” Grey greeted her as he put down his now empty bottle of water on the trash can. He then smiled at her. 

Cashmere's heart automatically pounded inside her chest when their eyes met. 

She slightly raised her hand to greet him back. "Grey. Another great performance from you."

Her heart pounded harder when Grey's smile widened. “Thanks, Cash.” He run his fingers through his slightly disheveled hair. That made him blushed. Darn! He's really hot…

"Hey, Cashmere. Did you just only praise Grey? Are you saying he's the only one who had a great performance?" 

Cashmere blinked when she heard Red's familiar voice behind her. 

Cashmere cleared her throat and turned to face her cousin who she found crossing his arms while looking at her with an amused face. 

"Of course, everyone was great earlier," she immediately answered. "Especially you, Red."

Red just raised his brows playfully at her. He was looking at her as if he knew something. 

Oh my God! What if Red was really concerned that she liked Grey? Cashmere swallowed as she then faced her brother. "And you, Blue." 

She managed to smile at her brother before looking at Indigo beside him. “And you, Indigo.”

Cashmere then remembered something that might pull Red's attention away from her. 

"By the way, Red, what is it that you wanted to give to Irani?" 

“Oh, here.” Red pulled out something from the pocket of his jeans. He handed her a familiar necklace. "I saw this earlier at the parking lot. It was Irani's, right?" 

Cashmere's eyes looked at Red with amazement. "You're right. This belongs to Irani. How did you know this was hers, Red?" 

 But before Red could answer, a female voice caught Cashmere's attention. 


Cashmere tore her eyes from her cousin and shifted her gaze to where the voice came from. 

A familiar girl was standing at the entrance backstage. She was smiling widely as she started walking towards them. No. She was particularly walking towards Grey. 

Cashmere's eyes widened when the girl wrapped her arms around Grey. Her brows furrowed when she realized why the girl looked familiar.  It was the same girl as earlier. The girl who was beside her while the band was performing outside. 

“Hey, Kass.” 

Grey's face was a mixture of surprise and delight as the girl let go of him. 

"How did you manage to get in?" 

Kass? Cashmere was right earlier. Grey personally knew this girl? But who was she in Grey's life? 

Cashmere saw how the girl Kass grinned at Grey. 

 “Have you forgotten, Grey? My uncle's one of the owners of this school."

Kass picked up the set of drumsticks on the table and playfully slammed it on Grey. 

  “You got better at playing drums, Grey." 

Grey chuckled at Kass. 

 “Stop praising me, Kass.”

Cashmere felt like something sharp was piercing her heart while looking at the scene in front of her. 

For the first time since she met Grey, this was the first time she saw him laugh with another girl. She didn't even have any idea who this girl was in his life. 

"Grey, would you mind introducing us to her?" Red asked. 

"Oh, yeah." Both Grey and Kass turned to his bandmates. 

But even before Grey spoke, Cashmere already started heading to the exit backstage. 

"Cashmere, where are you going?" her brother Blue asked her. 

Suddenly, everyone's attention was on Cashmere. Including Grey. 

Cashmere forced a smile for everyone. "Uh, I'll go ahead. I forgot I still have something to do with Irani."

“Did you know who that girl is, Cash?" Irani asked Cashmere, her best friend's eyebrows raised in curiosity. 

They were having lunch at the cafeteria. Cashmere already told her best friend everything that happened the other day. 

“I don't know, Irani.” Cashmere bit her lower lip and sighed. "I left even before Grey introduced that girl." 

 Irani frowned in disappointment. "Why did you leave?" 

Cashmere looked away as she played with the straw of her milkshake. "I don't think I can handle it if Grey tells us that that girl is his girlfriend."

Cashmere heaved another sigh. "I don't understand it, Irani. When I saw him laughing with that girl, I felt like something clenched my heart. I felt like crying, Irani."

“Oh my, Cash!” Irani gasped while staring at her. “You're obviously jealous!”

“Jealous?” Cashmere repeated, the word felt strange to her. 

Irani nodded at her. "It was no doubt that you were jealous yesterday." Her best friend's eyes turned serious. "And you know what, Cash? “Jealousy is a sign of being in love.”

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