The Normal Day
By Saki
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 8I Don't Like Rules and Plastics

Yet, this place is such a decent, the views, to look at the window and see a birds flying is such a Paris and it doesn't change my mind that this day will be the best even though I was at bad luck.

But I will finally do the things that I should be. I am at the balcony with Kevin and sitting with a small table and a coffee for the both of us, we're both wearing a jacket and staring at each other politely.

"You will take me to the Eiffel tower after this?" I asks him with a low laugh underneath and he smirk. "Yes. I will and not just that place but different place that you will find fascinating." He answered, it makes my heart beat out of the excitement.

"I don't know how much should I thank you for doing this to me. It was the best for me. And I couldn't wait to call him and send him a pictures of mine . . . Of course with you because we were friends." I whispered, glancing on his innocent smiley face.

He nod his head and could notice that he was done with his stuff—I stand up and I didn't expect that he stand up as well and we were staring at each other.

"I am sorry. I suppose—"

"No. You should go first. Lili doesn't allow us going together again, a man and woman shouldn't seen each other hanging out. That was the rules." He interrupted me, his voice were low and deep and I chuckle and rolled my eyes, trying to disagree.

I shrug and took a deep breath.

"Fuck rules but I better go first," I mumbled and he laughed and wipe my hair before I walked away, open the door and started to walk through the corridor.

I reached the second floor and I supposed to went down in the downstairs but I saw Clevia pushing mother's wheelchair and she stopped when she saw me and I take a gander of my mother who's looking at me with a smile.

"Where are going, so?" I questioned, pointing out my sister who gasp and feeling disappointed, it is because I didn't great mother but she still give me a bitter smile.

"Just at the garden, to let mother enjoy. You? Where are you going? Next week we're going to the University to give them your grades—"

"I know. You don't always to remind me about that, Clevia because maybe I will pass it by myself now." I cut her off

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