The Normal Day
By Saki
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 6The Interaction

Sister were driving the car of mother's sister while taking us to a home. They said she wasn't living in own house but actually a definitely sister house. I mean a nun who's working in a church and I couldn't take that.

We need to move once we get her but she's living on her house for a lot of a years like she's on 80s or what, it's already new years and we need to wake her up from the reality if she ever doesn't want to move.

"Here we go," Clevia whispers as she turned the car at the parking lot carefully and I take a look outside of the windshield and I can see how there's a lot of a flowers.

The house has third floor. It looks new but looks likes the house is already build years ago. I open the car door and pulled the two luggage outside. I don't even understand what are they talking about—people in the background but some of them were speaking English.

The door suddenly opens when we're just standing up in front of it. The looks of the woman who's wearing a black dress is creepy and at the same time raising her brows, giving us a signs.

"Are you daughter of Julia Brown in America?" she asked, on her deep voice and we eventually nod our head while looking down and she gave us a hand gesture to go inside.

We're struggling to pulled or luggage because each of us had a two but there's a man who's tall, young as me, looking attractive and wearing a plain t-shirt that attracts me but I didn't expect that he pulled our luggage.

"Let me help you," He says, his voice were low while looking at the both of us and I nod my head and shift my glance to my sister who doesn't even have any reaction but probably couldn't wait to go inside.

"Thank you," I thanked as we're entering inside as for the help of that man and I could see how big and there's a another three upstairs at the second floor.

"Can you tell me what's your name?" The woman who's wearing a black dress questioned with her solemn tone and imitating looks.

"I am Clevia Brown,"

"I am Lana Brown," I says, and she finally nod her head and look at us carefully and imagine and mouthing our name is to remember it always.

"I want you to came at the second floor at the room of 655, I know the young boy put your clothes at that room for you two but the 700 is the room of your mother who's suffering for a help. I could help her but she doesn't need me anymore." she informed us on her deep voice and pointing those room that creeps me up.

"Anyway, I am Lili Toussaint, a french leader of this house, every Saturday, the sister who's owner of the house will came. Can I get all of your phones or laptop?" Her words got my eyes got wide open and I shift my glance to Clevia who didn't hesitate to hand her phone.

"But, Ms. Toussaint. I need to use the laptop or phone for the purposes of my—"

"Do not call me that, just call me as Lili. I had to answer you that our University in this place provides a laptop that only purposes for research or educational, even an arts, you don't need a phone." she interrupted me that I don't know what to do and couldn't move.

"Just not . . . I have a friends—"

"My dear, what's more important? Your friends in America or your future? Laptop with different clicks is distraction!" Lili yelled that halted me and Clevia secretly patted my back.

I heavily sigh and doesn't want to cry like a baby in front of her when I take my phone off at my bag as well as laptop. She reached it and put it all at the box.

"Proceed now," she says, giving us a signs that we need to go at our room.

I didn't even hesitate to start running up.

"Careful! That's too loud! Stop acting like a kid!" Lili shouted that stopped me from running and instead, I walk carefully from going up and dashed inside of the room.

I started sobbing because this isn't something that I want to happen. I need to call Steve . . . But I remember that it's easy to do that outside of this goddamn house.

"What are you doing? We need to reach our mother out," Clevia calls me out and I have no choice but to stand up and walked closer to her by in a force way.

"Do not act disrespectful," she told me and I shook my head. "Do you think I am too dumb to be honest? I will be plastic," I reply and she chuckle and we're both stopped when it's finally the 700 number room.

Clevia knocked the door while looking down. She also doesn't know what to do, we're holding our hand to each other and it's hurt to see her now right now. There's a voices of the wall. I don't think she can speak but I do.

Clevia doesn't hesitate to open the door and we caught her lying down at the bed, an oxygen who's catching her breath and her eyes were open but not energetic.

"Mom?" Clevia says, couldn't bear to watch her but we do close the door and start walking closer to her with a straight faces.

"Are you my daughter, Clevia and Lana?" Her words hurts me a lot, and the way how she speak those words in a struggling way like she don't wanna speak.

"Mom, you don't need to force yourself speaking . . ." Clevia mumbled, who drew closer to her and kneel down while I was only behind on her back and doesn't know what should be my reaction because I consider her as a stranger.

"I am sorry," she says, I look at the door, wanted to run away and couldn't bear looking at her suffering and apologizing for the things she intend to do.

"I love you so much—"

"If you did why did you fucking leave us to other aunt!" I shrieked, cutting her off and that made my sister eyes got wide open but she cannot even speak—she wanna agree to me too but she's having two sides.

I shook my head while staring at my mother who's looking at me and crying.

"Lana . . . I leave you because my condition will be more worst having you both. This place will make me feel better but they want someone to take care of me."

"You can leave me alone . . . I can get up—"

"Mom, don't!" Clevia shouted and pushed her back to the bed when she supposed to stand up when in fact she was struggling and I rolled my eyes.

"I am sorry," I says, forcing myself to spoke and turned my back at them.

"That's right," Mom says. "You can have a fresh air outside even though I want a hug from you . . ." she uttered but I didn't listen and consider her words when I ran outside and slammed the door close disrespectfully.

"How dare you to close the door like that?" Lili suddenly came up and I bow my head with a pity face and she continue to walk at other floor with a death stare.

At this place, I need the be careful of how I move and speaks and it sucks when my mother doesn't teach me how to do that.

I walked down to the first floor with my hand to the edge before I got down with a tears flowing from my eyes. It hurts me. I hate myself for yelling at my mom when her explanation is valid and I don't have a contact of Steve at this time.

I exited the house and went to the gorgeous garden that made me smile with my heart beating fast, it's such a pain when a beautiful flowers makes you smile while remembering those gorgeous things happens to your life.

I abhor it too much—it doesn't work, I can gaslight myself I was okay but there's only things work on me but speaking when it's not even true.

I love doing painting but I need to have a perfect days. It sucks that I might draw an ugly image as how my life is.

"I hate this day," I says. "And it's more suck that this is not the only day that I will abhor but for fucking five years?" I added, touching the unique flowers that I do think I could only seen those in Paris.

I recognize one of it, tulips or roses and rest of them, only exist in Paris, France.

I sit at the chair, thinking I will have the paper board right now and draw how mu life went but this place has too many rules. Even slamming the things is the way to show what I feel or express is forbidden.

"What's wrong with me?" I shutter and started to sob while looking down at the Bermuda grass and shook my head when I realize that I wasn't the mistake.

"Hey, are you okay?" I was startled and almost jump out to the terrify when a deep British accent questioned me up and I turned to face him behind my back and it was that tall guy.

I was stunned and chuckle.

"Do you think I will be okay if I cried?" I questioned him and he chuckle and he sit besides me but too far that we will stick.

I look at him. "I hate this place, I wonder how do you adore this kind of a place." I whispered and his glance is all on the flowers.

"Easy question that easy to answer. I love this place and I didn't despise it even for a minutes. I learn how to forget those bad things that ever happens to my life. At the first day, I was confused and I am sure you are." He response, his voice were deep and I merely understand it.

I love his accent.

"I am not confuse. I am totally mad and thinks this is a total torture," I stated and he heavily sigh and finally look at me.

"No. I don't think so. I can see it on your eyes that you will accept this place soon,"

"Tu es si jolie," He added that made me look at him in confusion. "What do you mean?" I asks.

"You're speaking french," I uttered and wipe my tears, changing my face reaction into a happy woman with a wide grin.

"I said what I said," He answers while laughing. "But I don't understand."

"I am sorry . . . Kevin Gray," He apologize and introduce himself at the same time and I reached it with a hesitation and shook it.

"Lana Brown," I reply. "That's a great name but why is your surname not red or roses instead?" He asked, I laughed out loud.

I don't know what to expect, I am actually in break down but he made me laugh with that questions. My hair isn't brown at all. He got a point.

I get his sense of humor.

"I like that joke. We got the same vibes!" I teased. He smirked and lick his lips.

"How old are you, anyway?" He asked, his voice is too low and deep. I don't think he can speak a thousand of words without cutting it off in a way that people should understand him.

"I just become 19 yesterday," He replied while looking at my eyes, his stare is all on me and I do realize that I am kinda older than him.

"You're younger than me, I become 19 year old on January one and you're 19 yesterday, September 28 . . ." I whispered and he nod his head and he sudden stand up and touches those roses.

I stand up with him with a smile and forget anything I should think.

"Happy birthday anyway. I know it's late." I mumble and he give me a side look while smirking when he cut the flower off and he give it to me with a grin.

I reached it and smile. "That's cool,"

"I feel like you're not okay too," I says. He looks at me and we keep walking around at the garden together and he sigh.

"I remember my girlfriend," He reply, I look down that at the same time I remember my boyfriend. "I am sorry, I am too—"

"No. It's okay," I halted him off. "Thank you." He answered and I humm.

"I wonder why my crushes always looks like every thing. First her, she looks likes young Natalie Portman and you look like a perfect roses at the first impression."

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