The Normal Day
By Saki
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 5Welcome to Paris

I was pulling my two luggage as well as my sister and we're standing up right at the airport with our tickets at our hand, exactly the flight is totally schedule now. I thought that it will be moved on next day but we're quite lucky but it's a bad luck for me.

I am looking around, looking for Steve who says he will go with me. We're almost out of time and the plane will be taking ready through the Paris.

"Clevia," I whispers and keep looking around and there's different faces of people but he was the only one that I didn't see.

"Please do not expect too much high that you will see him. He might not go because of his strict parents, understood him if you truly love him, alright?" she stated normally like she thought it would be easy.

"Why do you think things is okay?" I asks, and she look at me and raised her brows, still making a fun, "It's because I don't know what to love of a man. We don't know and I don't know but I am sure it's that easy—"

"It's because you don't like a man," I interrupted her without the hesitation and sit down at the chairs and took a deep breath while it's still not time.

I don't know if I am right of telling her like that but she was stunned and sit with me. I hold my own hand when I open my phone and it's been a day when Steve haven't gotten online after he asks for apology and cried because of how he know I am going away to France.

"He didn't reply . . ." I mumbled, I feel like a tears would going to come out but I still trust myself and I remember the things that we used to do. "I need to say goodbye if he's not coming with me, Clevia."

"What the hell are you talking about? You need to wait if you think he will came–"

"I know he will probably came but I still need to say something while it's still early. What if he's late? But I assure he will came." I halted her while holding my own hand and I can feel how it trembles and the fear.

"I love him," I whisper and pondered at myself and turned to face behind my back and the way how many people came but he wasn't there and I can feel the pain.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Voyager F-11, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight 001 with service to Paris, France.” The flight attendant finally announced that made me stand up and look around to wait for him.

"Let's go—"

"But what about Steve?" I nervously asked with a tears flowing down from my eyes. "He knows what time he should go but he didn't! It means that he's not going, we need to take a seat inside!" Clevia response angrily and doesn't even care about what I feel.

I can feel the pain at my heart, it stabbed, I couldn't see him personally for how many years and I don't have the chance to see him for a last time. I started to pulled my luggage and walk together with people closer to the plane but I was stopped.

"Lana!" A man yelled that made me stopped and turned around to see him who's wearing a Burberry shirt and a pants but he didn't even brought any luggage that curious me up.

He run swiftly into me and I sigh heavily when he touched my hand. I don't know what he was going to say but I do.

"I am sorry—"

"Why?" I questioned, in a deep voice and trying to hide my breaking words and he shook his head when he touched my cheek.

He didn't reply when he drew his face closer to mine and I started to close my eyes with a tears flowing down at my cheeks. He kisses me, a deep that I do kissing him back with my hand on his chest but he do release it when the flight attendant repeat.

"Goodbye, Lana. I am sorry. I hope we will stay—"

"You're not going with me?" I asks by muttering and a pity eyes that made him nod his head even though it was pain for him that his tears started to dropped.

"I love you so much, keep on touch on me through phone. Maybe I will get you sooner but I don't think I can go with you at young ages. Your future will be on Paris and me." He says, and I chuckle and hugged him back with my eyes closed and he do the same thing.

"Please keep your love for me," He request and I nod my head without the hesitation because I know that I will. "Keep my love for you, Steve." I whisper and at the last time, he do kiss my hand before I pulled my luggage again.

Clevia was waiting for me and I look at him for a last time with a broken heart. I don't wanna leave but it was the time to leave him when I am passing the tickets and we're walking through the few stairs of the plane.

"I love you . . ." I mouth when I look at him for a last time and took a deep breath when we're finally inside and I choose to seat besides the window and put my luggage steady.

My sister is also seating with me and I look at the window. He was still looking at the right of the window and I stick my face on it and he keep looking at me. His eyes were still attractive even though he cried.

"We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. "

"Please take a seat, we're now going," The flight attendant assured and I was still looking but the plane started to go up that his face disappeared at the window and I couldn't see him anymore.

No phones is allowed inside and that was the rule as always. I wipe my tears with my hand and couldn't take his words that my future will be on Paris.

"Clevia," I whimpers, "Can they speak English?" I asked while looking down and she giggle and shook her head.

"Of course. The part of where we are going all speaks English. You're also going at English and Arts University so it's not gonna hard for you. You're going to met french friends or even an American who studied in France." she response happily, she was trying to comfort me when she wasn't even that sure.

"I am sorry, Lana," she utters and I only response by nodding my head, acting like I was okay when I am not.


After a hours. I don't know what exactly time is now but I guess we're coming at our destination. I take a look a lot of people and they were sleeping as well as my sister. I just woke up and I look outside. It's the nice view of the Paris France.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please be ready, now we're coming at our destination, Paris France." The flight attendant announced that wake my sister up who's peacefully sleeping and she wipe her face and fixed her hair when she look around with a smile.

"Finally," she whispers, feeling happy when I am not even happy over this. I don't want to see our mother who didn't take care of us.

I know she's going to say, I choose to born you when I have the option to abort you. It was her decision. I am not grateful that I am alive. Clevia and Steve is the source of my happiness but I don't think it will gonna be forever when things got worst.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Voyager F-11 welcomes you to Paris, France. The local time is 3:00 PM. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened and keep the aisle(s) clear until we are parked at the gate.” The flight attendant announced once again that made them smile even more happily.

But I keep my face straight and the plane flying bumpy because it's now coming to land and I was still stunned and doesn't have a reaction when I can already feel and can see at the window that the plane is coming inside of the gate.

The pilot finally announced that coming out and we're all getting ready of the luggage and coming out.

"Thank you so much, crews," Those flight attendant thank us as we're going out with a safety at the sides and pulling the luggage down.

I can see how beautiful Paris France is. But my life in this city will not be good and we will stay at apartment for this time and will continue to go at mother tomorrow.

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