The Normal Day
By Saki
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 4Bad News Exist

I sobbed—today is Saturday and sister and I constantly going to mall but not at this time because we argue and doesn't talk after everything and now he hurts me after what happen.

It's bullshit to kiss him kissing the popular rich soft girl that girls hates but boys were totally love her and I am not one of the girls who hates her. In fact I do admire her to become one of my friends but it ruins.

How could I hate him? He totally know nothing after what happened. As I open the door of my bedroom because I just put some make up one and supposed to change my hair color but I was stopped to see Steve standing up with Clevia and they're looking at me.

"What is he doing here—"

"He wants to talk with you. Don't act such a utter disgrace!" Clevia interrupted and walked out of the house.

I didn't expect Steve to be brave enough to enter the door and come to see me and he even talked to her just for me. I slowly walked down at the stairs and wrapped my chest with my hand.

"Lana . . . What are you doing?" He asks.

"Totally, still the same. I have a plan to change everything I had—"

"I am mistaken. I shouldn't have drink without you . . . I didn't know what kind of a wine does someone gave to us." He stammered, his words were broken like he was going to tears again and I couldn't stand watching him getting hurt.

"Steve? We don't need to talk about this, it's good, okay? You can go home." I stated as I supposed to go at the pantry to get some food to eat but I was stopped when he chased me and give me a back hug.

His hand were stick at my waist and I don't think he's going to take it off. His smell is so good that I don't wanna lost him and I understand him. He didn't even make out with her. He pushed her at the second.

I took a deep breath and tried to take his hand off but he gasp and didn't let me to take it off. His jaw pressed my shoulder and I closed my eyes when I hold his hand.

"I couldn't stand this, Lana . . . I love you so fucking much that I won't let you leave me. My life is totally suck without you. You're the reason why I keep—" He didn't finish what he would going to say when I hold his hand and faces him with a small smile.

I touched his cheek. "I love you so much, and you know that I will never take our relationship off. I was just surprised and I knew it at first that someone put a drugs on it but still you know to be with me." I whispers, comforting him and wipe his tears and he hugged me without the hesitation.

I took a deep breath and hide my face on his chest and doesn't want to let go of this hug—we release our hugs and look at each other and started to kiss each other passionately for a seconds.

"I love you more than how I love you earlier." He says, and kisses my cheeks that light up my day and I wipe my lips and look at myself at the mirror with him.

"I am going to dye my hair into black. I feel like I wanna see myself being brunette." I whispered.

"You're good in everything, Lana but I really love your red hair. At the end, you will still choose what's the best thing for you and I will support you always." He utters, he was confident but he really love my red hair.

I will keep it because he stays and it's not because he says he loves it. I know he loves everything from me.

"Steve, you're brave," I whimpers while touching his neck and his skin. "I will do anything for you, Lana. I don't wanna lost you. You should write everything."

I started to laughed along with him but the door gets open and it caught Clevia who have a tearful eyes and I look at Steve before approaching her.

"Clevia. What's wrong?" I politely questioned with my low voice and touching her hand.

"We need to go at Paris, France . . . In order to take care of mother—"

"But this is not feels right because you're the one who take care of me and she wasn't there! Who take care of you? Aunt and she just died year ago. Mother did nothing!" I exclaimed, cutting her off and a tears flow down from my eyes because of my rage.

She nod her head and keep sobbing too. I turned to face Steve who's curious but he did holding my hand when he approach.

"She need us and you will continue your arts course in France La University—"

"But it's enough to be here! I want here in United States, Las Vegas! My career is up in this place!" I scolded, convincing anything but it seems like it doesn't work anymore.

The way that Steve understands. He don't want to let go of my hand. He doesn't want to take his hands off while it's stick and I feel bad that I closes my eyes and hold it back.

"I am sorry, Steve . . . But can you gome?" Clevia requested that made my eyes got wide open in disbelief and shook my head in annoyance and keep his hand.

"No . . . Why!?" I fumed. "Because he's the only man that you stick with in Las Vegas and I don't think you can go if he is there. Our Mother needs help!" Clevia snapped.

"Sister . . .?" I mumbled, "I need to leave you with Steve for a minutes and I will get back and will explain everything but you already know what does it mean and no one can change my mind!" Clevia thundered and slammed the door closed when she walk out.

I started to sob while looking into his adorable face. He was crying with me. He knows and he hold my hand when we sit at the couch.

"Please don't leave me," He whispers. It was my first time to see him breaking down over a things and he don't want to let my hand go.

"I don't want to leave you too . . ." I whispered, trying to comfort him and he shook his head and leaned his head at my shoulder and wrapped my waist with his hand.

"I don't want you to leave me," He ordered on his broken shuttering voice and I touched his hand and feel his words stabbed my heart for a million times. "I will not let that happen." I says.

"You were my everything,"

"As well as what I do felt about you. You're smart, rich and gorgeous, you had a lot of a potential in your future, okay? Your parents wanted you to become an actor but you want to be a lawyer . . . It's up to you. I couldn't promise that I will be with you." I utters, he hold my hand even tighter and he was suffering to speak and struggling to open his eyes.

"Please, Steve—don't do this to me. I love you so much, okay . . .? Maybe if we're away, we're still gonna communicate through phones, the video calls and text." I convinced him but he shook his head and he gasp.

"But it feels different to touch your skin," He reply and keep shaking his head. It's hard to see him hurt and I cannot comfort him when he knows that I am also struggling.

"I will go with you—"

"No, your parents know what's the best for you. I love you so much, do not forget that but I am sure that you will have your best future in this place and I will assure the time that I will go back . . ." My voice gets low when the door opens and it appears Clevia who only gave us a few minutes of privacy.

"You will stay 5 years," Clevia confirmed that made my eyes got wide open. "It means you will continue your career in that country without everything that makes you happy but the painting that will take you to the future and your happiness."

"If your love is true, he will wait for 5 years or go with you but I don't think it's—"

"It's possible for me and I am sure. I don't want to keep myself for 5 years without her. She's the one that filled me up with happiness." Steve cut her off that curious me up.


"I will go with you, at the airport, we will go together. I don't care what are they going to say. The decision is up into me and they know that you're the one who always makes me happy and they will support."

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