The Normal Day
By Saki
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 3Party of Soft

The second day exist every bad or normal. The day when Driffieth Kingsley invited me on her birthday party. Actually her name pronounce like drifiyet—her name sounds like weird but it was unique and cool for me.

"Where are you going?" Clevia questioned me when I walked downstairs while wearing my favorite red slip dress.

Even the fact that I am kinda not comfortable with this kind of a dress but I still do because it's such a waste of time buying a dress and not use it—confidence is the key to do anything you want that you didn't want to do before.

"Driffieth Kingsley's party—"

"Did she invite you?" she asks, raising her brows like she couldn't believe that fact but she already think about that and she took a deep sigh and sniff something.

"You're using too deadly perfume. Who are you going with? Steve? Not because his parents accepted you already, you can be asshole with him and do anything what do you think."

"Driffieth Kingsley invited me. What the hell, Clevia? You're acting like I did something wrong. You're not even like this. You even waiting for me to have my own boyfriend and now you're acting like this? I don't need any opinions from you. Because I am not like you who hook up with those married, or single random guys without feelings—"

I was halted when she slapped my cheeks for a two times, her face is full of a rage, her eyes were darkened and a strange one drops tears from my eyes come out. I shove it away and run outside of the house without saying anything.

I hate her. There's no other things that I should think but thinking how I hate her.

I was walking at the sidewalks, a fresh air made my hair flew. I was thinking about walking and not going to the party but I just don't think I could.

I sit at the bench and look down.

"Am I too far rude?" I asks myself, being disappointed that I clenched my own hand with my eyes closes and I open my phone.

I received no text or call from Steve when we're talking going together. I don't bother. I can walk or get a taxi but I am feeling tired. His face will light me up from getting my energy back.

There's a sport car coming. It could be Steve but it was too fast by the way it drives when Steve drives slow when he knows he's picking me up or putting me inside. He wanna be gentle. He only drives fast with his rich smart friends.

It stopped right in front at my way and it slowly open the windshield. I didn't expect to see Rachel, everything what she is—all black, her lips were color brown, her eyeliner were black, rest of things is black.

What she wore, is black, she's wearing a black bodycon dress, it suits to her body. She's called as brunette now when her hair is literally color golden originally.

"Hello, Lana," Rachel greeted me, her voice were perfectly deep that made my heart started to beat fast after what happen and she might attack what I prepared.

"What are you doing here?" I stammered nervously and that she started laughing but in a gentle way that she was looking at sides and covering her mouth.

"It's because I am here to—"

"I will go with someone instead!" I abruptly cut her off without the hesitation—she feels done with her reaction, the way she raised her brows and shook her head that anxious me.

"No," she solemnly made the words as she open the car door and exited and walked towards me with all of her well, she looks at the whole part of my body and gave me a dirty look.

"That's a shame. You're the only person who rejected me, and the worst feeling is you're a girl. Every girls in the campus would literally kneel down and owes me a lot. Steve will go with you? He's not."

"I told him that you're going with me, that's final and he's waiting for you at Driffieth's home—"

"I didn't ask you to do this—" I was cut off by myself when she pulled my neck without having the second thoughts and gave me a small grin when she wipe my hair.

"This redheaded girl still getting into my nerve. Enter the front seat of the door or I'll drag you inside of all of my well!" she hissed. I couldn't move my body that she open the car door, grabbed my hand and pushed me inside aggressively.

It doesn't hurt me. This how she treat every girls that she treated as a kitty—she didn't even know me and we didn't yet interact because I am out of her league but she's mean girl that she finally noticed me after I dated Steve.

This isn't fair. I am not even scared of her.

We're both together at the front seat and she slowly shift her gaze at me, her eyes is darkened that I didn't even have any reaction. She started to drive the car fast, I can see her rage on her eyes the way she turned the car.

She's beautiful . . . I couldn't imagine her marrying Steve if we're not together and the world is totally not a like.

"What's on you that aren't on me? I'm totally perfect, the things that I don't have is, I am not red head girl, my eyes isn't blue, I am a brunette—you're a painter, but I am not. But still I am popular, rich and gorgeous but how can it be unfair? When it comes to smartness? I feel like we're tie!" she suddenly shuttered that startled me and made me look at her face with all of disappointment.

I didn't do anything and let her feel what things she wanna feel else.

"I don't know what are you talking about–"

"Because you will never understand, Ms. Brown! I maybe a heartless but it doesn't mean anything. I'll leave as far—after this, we will go in Italy and I will start my new life. I hope you're going to enjoy the things that you got, Lana . . ." she cut me off by exclaiming but at the end, she ended up murmuring and feels bad but still continue to drive that fast.

"I am not having a competition on you," I says, she swiftly look at me with a strange tear. "I don't like Steve, we both doesn't like each other but it's such a shame that he would like you instead of me—"

"You're selfish, Rachel. I will never understand a someone's attitudes like you. You're thinking that you're right because everyone respects you but in a forced way—they're only scared of you because you're gonna hurt them anyways."

"I am glad that I meet you at the time that you humiliate me but you're going to leave." I added, a solemn tone of my voice and she couldn't even speak when the car stopped right at millionaire looking house.

"Thanks," I whispers, doesn't do anything when I exited and slammed her car door aggressively, I look at her car and stare at how she continue to drive away.

I thought she would join the party but it ended up she's going to leave—i wonder why people always told me it's because of me. It's not my fault that her parents will put her to the Italy, it's their decision and up to her.

I stand up steadily while looking at the huge house and didn't do anything but staring because I don't know what to do but I heard a girls laughing and they accident shift their glances on me.

"Wow, is this the new it girl Hanvixus University of America?"

"Of course, she's not . . . She's just you know, a pretty girlfriend of Steve. A new respected girl but still Rachel the it girl—anyway, hello Lana ReadHeaded Girl!" A group of girls approached me and greeted me after they talk something different.

"Oh . . . Hello?"

"Steve is inside. You should come and see him as soon as possible! He was waiting for you but Rachel volunteer to get you because she wanna apologize. They're really arguing but still Rachel the standard win!" A random girl informed me as they bowed their head with a wide grin when they were walking away.

They keep mentioning my name in a good way, it's such a benefits but I would choose being not known. I am not ready to be revealed but it happens already.

As I am entering the gate. There are no guards but there are a lot of a guys who's looking at me and whispering my name l, trying to come closer but they couldn't after knowing I was Steve's girlfriend.

I even bump with Kiki, a traitor who betrayed me because of her sides on Rachel. She was looking down and I only walked passes to her as I take a few steps at the huge house and I finally get inside, caught them being happy.

"They're so high!" A mixed voices whispering as I entered the huge house and didn't expect to see the first woman who put something at the wine.

A drug . . . And I also saw Driffieth seemed drinking a lot already with Steve. She already passed out but Steve catched her—he keeps laughing like I wasn't there.

They were actually friends but not close. They're the first ever ship of young teens.

What I didn't expect to see is when Driffieth grabbed his collar and they started frenching at the eyes of mine. They were both high and doesn't know what they were doing but still Steve pushed her away without the hesitation and he wipe his lips with his kiss and I can heard him apologizing.

As well as Driffieth who regretted it. And he slowly shift jus gaze with me. His face is full of the happiness but it disappears when he realized that I witnessed everything.

I tears and quickly run outside, collided with a lot of a people that I don't know but they knew me. It's a waste of time watching them. They didn't knew what are they doing but he still knew it.

I could feel him chasing me. He grabbed my hand, he was laughing and I can feel the wine on his body and how the way he laughed. He makes me feel better but it was hurt that he did that.

"You came. Babe, I love you and miss you—"

"You're kissing Driffieth . . ." I muttered that cut him off—he do stopped laughing and I don't even know why does he started burst out with a tears.

He told me that he didn't drink but he ended up being high with them.

"No . . . What do I done?" He mumbled and kneel down in front of me, his hand were stick at my legs like he don't wanna let it go.

"Steve, stand up—"

"What's wrong with me, Lana?"

"I said stand up and do not make me slap your face who ever you are is not what I am going to see you for kissing someone else!" I yelled, I didn't know what's happening that made me that angry.

I was jealous and hurt, I can't take it off but all of them finally look at us and being shocked why is the rich smart man kneeling down in front of me?

He stand up and tried to hold my hand.

"I am sorry, Steve . . ."

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