The Normal Day
By Saki
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 2The Bad Day

"What things do I hear?" Crevia asked. We were always like this when she heard the news about me. She's like a mother to me when she's my four years older sister.

"I don't know," I lied and continued to flip through my book, but she grabbed it and threw it away.

"I wasn't told by mother to treat you like that, Lana. She doesn't want to see you getting involved with things. You don't know who the fuck are you making out with no love—"

"I am not just making out with Steve! I love him, and he loves me. He even did that in front of all of them because he wanted me to be his love for me. What else do you want to see!?" I halted her by shrieking, making her eyes wide open, and she shook her head like she couldn't believe what words came out of my mouth.

I started to sob. I wouldn't say I liked fighting with my sister, but she rolled her eyes and walked outside, and slammed the door closed.

I didn't speak because I couldn't say it was my fault.

"I will not regret it," I whispered, looking down, picking up my book, and quickly running to the second floor and going inside of my bedroom.

I slammed my door closed and locked it. I leaned my body at the door and took a deep breath. I was startled when someone knock my window and at the same time Steve text me.

I quickly open the window and reached his hand. He was chuckling and wearing a formal clothes. He was looking around and he's curious. We both sit at the bed with no words.

"Is your sister—"

"She's not," I cut him off without the hesitation and he smirked.

"Steve, I am sorry . . ." I muttered while looking down and gripping his hand tight, like I don't want to lose him until the last breath and he touched my cheeks.

"For what?" He questioned on his low voice, all of worrying and I can see it on his eyes.

"We're might not going to work or our relationship, don't forget that you're the first man that I like, that I love—" I didn't finish what I was about to say when he hugged me and I can hear him gasping.

"I know that but I am not hear because of that." He uttered and release his hug for me when he look at my eyes and I raised my brows and thinking deep.

I started to overthink with a lot of a things.

"My parents invited you to house for a dinner. They want to talk to you." He whispered while playing with my hair, even him was scared but he want me to think with a good things about me and I chuckle.

"I couldn't . . . I know they won't like me, Steve. I know, I love you so much but it doesn't mean that I will do some and it might ruin our relationship. I don't wanna lose you!" I grumbled, feeling scared and wanted to prove him that I can do anything except doing that thing but he hold my hand and kisses it.

"I will be with you. Don't be scared," He uttered while fixing my hair.

Until I agreed to go with him, wearing the dress that he told me to wear. I don't know why does he need to prepare a nice clothes when there's no certain that they will accept me. I will indeed tremble while looking in front of them and they're going to call me a ignorant woman.

"You're done," He whispered while looking at me, his stare is all at my face, too deep like there's no going to be tomorrow with that glance and I nod my head when I reached his hand.

"Now we're going—"

"No, I will check something. I think my sister left to go club and we can walk at the door right like we're legal!" I halted him while laughing and he did the same thing when he kissed my cheeks and he sit in the bed again and I exited.

I slammed the door closed slowly and walk downstairs while looking around. She wasn't there. And even the sandwich that she supposed to gave to me was left at the table.

"Clevia?" I asked. But there are no voice or any response, even her bedroom door were open but she wasn't there.

A pair of her favorite heels disappeared. It was my fault but at this time I will let her do that. I can't blame her because she's just taking care of me as her sister but I am in love. I can't help this deep love.

"Steve!" I called him out and he exited the bedroom quickly while smirking.

"We're free!" I teased him and grabbed his hand and he did the same thing when we're walking through the lobby and exited the entryway.

I can caught his sports car. He was really that special for me. Not because of his wealth. My love for him is more worth it than his net worth and the price of his car.

"Lana, you're so gorgeous tonight," He whispered when we stopped walking at the sidewalk and I was stunned while looking on his attractive face.

"You're—" I didn't finish what I was about to say when he gripped my chin and started to bite my lower lips with our eyes close.

He shift his touch at my waist and I put my hand on his arm when I started to kiss him back. With our eyes closes at the sidewalk with the lights of the building that we caught, the voices of different things, but we're only stick to each other.

We release our kisses and look at each other.

"No matter what will happen. I will keep you." He says that made me chuckle and squeeze his cheek and kisses his lips over and over and started to laughed out loud together with him.

As if this is the last when it's literally not.

"I will probably do the same thing,"

After the drama, which isn't a drama at all but pretty serious. I can see his huge house, with a swimming pool, a special lights. They had a lot of a car that I would think, expensive as hell . . . And first of all, this is their thing.

He opens the car door for me when it instantly open itself and he reached my hand as assistance from going out. I was still looking at the view.

"It's so gorgeous . . ." I muttered.

"You know what's the best thing first to that?" He asks and I look at him, I shrug and shook my head. "I don't know~" I reply.

"It's you, Lana," He says. "You're . . . being real because I know that but I was waiting for you to say that!" I lied and he smirked.

"Let's go . . ." He mumbled while he was holding my hand, walking through few steps and just hearing the sounds of the pool and its waterfalls.

As we're entering at the lobby and I can see that there's a the dining room. It looks huge, a beautiful lights that I never seen yet but I am not ignorant if you could say. There's one woman and one man at the age of old and a other woman like younger but older than us.

They were looking at us with a all death stare and there is a maid standing up behind their back. We walk swiftly across the deck and continue walking to the dining room and we're still holding our hand to each other.

They're all look arrogant and professional.

"Here's Lana—"

"Before talking please goes to your chairs because that's not what we used to do, Steve. And respect and show how I taught you to do when you were young without this woman that your first time to brought here." His mother cut him off with her deep voice and without hesitation.

I can see the other young woman who's laughing softly. She's gorgeous but I am scared she would refuse me.

I smile and bow my head when we both walk closer to the chair. He helped me to sit at mine and we're sitting in front of each other. I feel like this is their family dining room only because I could see other table with a lot of chairs.

"Hi, Ms. And Mr. Cameron, and also you Steve's brother? I am Lana Brown—"

"We knew it dear. Steve told us," His father halted me that made me look down and put my hand at the ledge of the table and doesn't know what else to say because they keep cutting off.

I feel like everything I am going to say is all wrong and it sucks.

"She's my girlfriend. We're already three months." Steve informed with his confident and straight voice and I gave him a small smile.

"She's beautiful, her eyes were blue, her red hair. She's like a princess but you don't know what else things that you ruined after you break it off . . . I am disappointed, Steve." His mother whispered, she didn't even tried to introduce you themselves.

I guess I could say I am just nothing that they don't accept. That's what I've been thinking.

"The business partnership, you ruined everything that you had with Rachel because of this young Lana Brown. I mean it's not that late . . . I couldn't think what will happen to your future." she added.

"Lana Brown, any parents present?" His father questioned me as he take a drink of the wine and I shook my head and took a deep breath. "They're not—"

"They must be dead!" The young woman interrupted me while laughing that made me speechless with an offended mode because her behavior.

Steve rolled his eyes and his eyes were darkened when he looks at her and she stopped laughing by in force but still laughing.

"Do not try to show your rudeness in front of your young brother's girlfriend, Shelly, we didn't even discuss your real skim color that we didn't accept!" Their mother scolded her.

Finally, I knew it. They were literally sibling and she took a deep sigh and nodded her head.

"My mother is on Paris and my father died in car accident since I were young, so expect that I don't even know who is him." I told them with a wide grin spread across my face, trying to show that I could be a good girlfriend.

And I didn't even expect that a smile will show up on their faces.

"I am Madelyn Cameron, Lana Brown. It's nice to meet you. Like what I've said. It wasn't too late—why would we choose the business over the happiness of our son? You made him happy and you're the very first girl that he takes."

I feel like my world is delighted when his mother says that. As well as his father who was smiling . . . I can't help but to look at my love of my life while chuckling, he did the same thing. He feels like he couldn't believe.

"And I am Chris Cameron, Lana Brown. His father—my son used to kissed and not tell but he never been into relationship—"

"Dad, what are you talking about? She was my first kiss." Steve cut him off and I giggle.

"I was just kidding. Yes you were his first kiss. He was the only one who know that but he's arrogant to all girls." Mr. Chris teased, while rolling his eyes and teasing his son who's already offended and feeling shy.

"And I am Shelly . . .?" His sister introduced himself and I nodded my head with a smile while looking at all of them.

"Thank you so much for this, Ms—"

"Why would you thank us? Soon, you will be his wife, and you should call as your mom and dad. Lana Brown. Don't thank us because it's not an optional that you think we could refuse. We always have one choice, having you, we like you for our son."

His mother halted me. We're looking at all with a smile . . .

This is the best day that happen to us,

We're not going to be a mystery secret relationship anymore but a legal.

My future will be with him. I guess he's going to be an actor and I'll be an painter.

He will be my husband, and I'll be his wife; the future is happening now, and we expect our story's end.

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