Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 9Eight

I took a deep breath while staring at the small bottle in my hand. It was the love potion that I bought from Zia. 

After my class ended that day, I went straight to the cafeteria and bought two bottles of energy drinks. Then I went to the bathroom to do my plan—that is to put a small amount of love potion in the drinks. 

"I hope this will be effective," I said to myself after shaking the bottle. 

After fixing myself, I finally went to the soccer field. The soccer team was currently in their practice. I sat on the bench while waiting for the practice to end. 

The first one I saw was Xenon. The asshole was teaching some of his teammates some drills. 

I smirked while looking at him. I hope you're ready to lose, Xenon. 

Thirty minutes passed before the practice ended. I stood up from my seat and started walking towards Harry. My eyes went down to the two bottles of drink in my hand. 

I just needed to convince Harry to drink one of the drinks that bought for him. I hope I convinced him because if not, all of my efforts would be put to waste. 

You can do it, Cadi. One last try! I told myself. 

I took another deep breath before I continued walking towards Harry. 

I stopped in front of Harry. But before I could manage to open my mouth, he was already frowning at me. 

"You again?" 

I managed to smile at him.  “Hi, Harry. Yes, it's me again. Uhm, I brought you drinks.” I raised my hands to show him the drinks I bought for him. 

But instead of accepting it, he shook his head. “I don’t accept drinks from strangers. Sorry, Miss.”

Stranger? That's what I am to him? A mere stranger? 

I wanted to walk out on him but I stopped myself. 

 Come on, Cadi. You can't back out now. You can do this. 

"Uh, well I was watching your practice and I noticed you're sweating a lot. That's why I decided to buy you drinks."

I looked at his sweaty face. But my eyes noticed Harry who was standing a few meters away behind Harry. His eyebrows furrowed while watching me. 

 “Uh, what about this?" I was forced to smile at Harry. "If you drink this, I promise I won't go near you again."


"Really? Thank you. I just don't really want my effort to go to waste."

Harry got the bottle of energy drink from me. My breathing almost stopped as I watched him finish the whole bottle of drink in front of me. 

My eyes shifted to Xenon who was still watching me with hawk-like eyes. 

“Miss, I think you can go now. Thanks for the drink...” 

My eyes returned to Harry. The bottle of energy drink was now empty. 

"You're welcome, Harry." 

I said as I looked straight into his eyes. According to Zia, after Harry finished the drink mixed with a love potion, I must stare at his eyes for at least five seconds. 

Five, four, three, two…one.

“Miss, hey… "

 “Wait, I have something to ask you, Harry.” I smiled at him.  

“What is it?” His eyebrows furrowed, showing annoyance. It was the complete opposite of what I was expecting from him after taking the love potion. 

 “Are you free this weekend? I wondered if I could invite you to hang out with me? Just a friendly date."

I smiled sweetly at him. 

Harry sighed. “Miss, I'm sorry to say this but I'm not really interested in you. I hope you stop doing this." 

My jaw dropped when Harry turned his back on me. I remained standing in the exact position where he left me. I was hoping he would come back and take back everything he said, but minutes passed and none of it happened. Harry didn't come back. He continued to walk out of the field. 

The potion didn't affect him? How could that happen? 


I didn't realize that Xenon was already in front of me. He suddenly grabbed the other bottle of energy drink in my hand. 


Before I could take it back away from him, Xenon already opened the bottle and started drinking it.

My eyes widened. 

“Thanks for this, Cadi.” Xenon grinned after he finished the whole bottle.

I didn't open my mouth. Instead, I remained looking at him, dumbfounded at what he did. 


 I blinked. "Xenon… do you feel something weird?"

“Something weird?” He frowned as he examined the empty bottle in his hand. "Did you put something in this drink?" 

“W-what the hell!” I snapped. “Of course not! And what would I put in there?"

"I don't know. Maybe some love potion?" he grinned. 

My eyes widened. "And why would I put a love potion in there?"

"Hmm, maybe you want me to fall in love with you?"

"Huh! You're really a conceited asshole, Xenon."

Confirmed. The love potion was fake. It didn't affect both Harry or Xenon. 

I rolled my eyes at Xenon. I was about to turn my back on him when he suddenly grabbed my wrist. 

I felt a small bolt of electricity travel on my skin. Before that weird feeling reached my chest, I already took my hand away from him. 

 “W-what, Xenon?” 

“So…did you convince Harry to date you, Cadi?” 

I pressed my lips together. If only I could say yes. But even if I lied to him now, I know he could easily find out the truth. 

Xenon smirked. 

“So, that means,  I won our bet, didn't I Cadi?”

I glared at him. “I knew it! Maybe you told Harry to reject me, didn't you?” 

Xenon was smirking at me as if he did something dirty. It was possible that he asked Harry to reject me since they're teammates. And Xenon is Harry's senior. Or maybe Xenon bad-mouthed me to Harry. 

That's why Harry was adamant about rejecting me. 

Xenon frowned. He crossed his arms over his chest. 

 “I didn’t do that, Cadi. Harry and I were not even close.” 

The annoying smile on his face came back. "Why don't you just accept the fact that Harry doesn't like you." 

“Damn you, Xenon!” I pointed at him. “If I ever find out that you played dirty to win this bet—"

“I didn't do anything, Cadi," he stopped me. “Just accept the fact that you lost.”

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