Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 7Six

I didn't move and continued to watch him. He ordered lasagna and iced tea. 

I bit my lower lip. I was hesitating if I'd go to him or not. I still remembered how he treated me the other day. 

Ugh. Just do it Cadi. 

I inhaled a deep breath before I started walking towards Harry's table. When he finally noticed me, I immediately flashed a sweet smile. 

"Uhm, hi! Can I share a table with you?”

I watched as his forehead furrowed. "There's a lot of vacant tables, Miss. You don't need to share a table with me."

I bit my lower lip. “Well... uh, it's just that this is my favorite table every time I eat here at the cafeteria." My smile didn't waver. "Don't worry, I'll be quiet."

"Fine," he said, forcefully nodding at me. 

"Thank you, Harry." I flashed him another smile as I settled on the seat across from him. 

But my smile disappeared when Harry suddenly stood up and transferred to another vacant table, leaving me alone. 

  I bowed my head in shame. Damn it. Why was he like that? Was he really that rude? Or maybe he just didn't really like me. 

I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds. Damn it. How could I win that bet I made with Xenon when Harry's being like that? 

"Hi, Cadi.”

My head snapped at the familiar voice who called me. It was Gina, one of my classmates and also one of my org mates in the Chemistry Guild. 

"Oh. Hi, Gina." I managed to give her a small smile despite my foul mood. I didn't know who I'd blame for this. Harry or Xenon. 

Gina was sitting at the table next to mine. My brows furrowed when I noticed who she was with. 

 It was Jackson Marquez, the vice president of the student council.

Jackson was Gina's ultimate crush. Everyone in our class knows that Gina is head over heels over the vice president of the student council. 

Gina has been trying to get Jackson's attention for almost a year now but the guy has been oblivious of her. 

Just last week, I witnessed how Jackson rejected Gina when she asked him to be his date on the upcoming university night. 

But what was it that I'm seeing right now? Gina and Jackson sharing one table? 

 "Babe, I’ll just get our drinks.”

I blinked a couple of times. Did I hear it right? 

 Jackson called Gina ‘babe’? My jaw almost fell on the ground when I saw Jackson hold Gina's hand and brought it to his lips. 

What the hell happened with these two? 

I sighed as I fixed the collar of my shirt. I faced the mirror after successfully changing into my PE clothes. 

It's been four days since I made that stupid bet with Xenon, but until now, I still haven't gotten a chance to ask Harry on a date. 

After what happened at the cafeteria the other day, I didn't dare approach Harry again. I didn't want to get shamed again for talking to him one more time. He already rejected me twice. And that is already enough. 

Damn. I wanted to blame myself for agreeing to Xenon's stupid bet. Now I'm stressed because of it. I couldn't lose against Xenon. Just imagining him laughing at me was enough to make my blood boil. 

No, I wouldn’t allow that to happen!

I still had three days! I would make a way to convince Harry to date me. 

I suddenly remembered Gina. I found out from her that Jackson was already her boyfriend. I sighed. I couldn't help but feel envious. She has successfully made Jackson fall in love with her. While here I am, I couldn't even talk to Harry without him getting rude to me. 

I entered a cubicle. I had just finished peeing when I heard the door open. 

"Thank you, Zia.”

I heard a woman's voice outside followed by another. 

“No prob, Gina. I'm happy that you and Jackson are finally together. Your dreams finally happened."

My brows furrowed when I realized that one of the voices was familiar. Then it dawned on me. One of the women was Gina.

“Really, Zia. If not for your grandmother's love potion, Jackson and I wouldn't be together."

My lips parted. Did I hear it right? Did Gina really say love potion? 

"I've been telling you, Gina. You should have done that sooner."

This time, I finally got out of the cubicle. Both Gina and the woman beside her snapped their heads at me. I witnessed how their eyes widened with my presence. 

Gina cleared her throat. “Cadi… you're here.” 

“Gina, did I hear it right? You used a love potion on Jackson?"

ARE you really sure about this, Cadi? I asked myself while waiting for Zia. 

Since yesterday, I've been questioning myself if I'd continue this plan of buying a love potion just like Gina did. 

"Please, don't tell anyone," Gina begged me after I confirmed everything I heard was true. 

According to Gina, she was just forced to do that because she was already desperate to get Jackson. 

Well, I understand her. It was really heartbreaking to fall in love with someone who doesn't have the same feelings as you. 

And just like her, I'm also desperate right now. I was already too desperate to find a way to win against my bet with Xenon. 

That's what pushed me to consider buying a love potion from Zia. 

 According to Gina, Zia was her classmate in high school. Gina told me that Zia came from a family of white witches. Aside from making love potions, her grandmother was also a fortune teller. 

 I don’t believe in witchcraft. I was a Chemistry major for heaven's sake. It was absurd for me to believe in love potions and magic spells. 

But I couldn't deny that the love potion Gina bought from Zia was effective. That's the reason why Jackson suddenly fell in love with Gina. 

A few minutes later, I already saw Zia coming my way. 

 “Sorry, my professor on elective extended our class," Zia smiled apologetically to me. 

“It's okay. I just got here anyway.”

Zia sat beside me. Then she opened her bag and took out a small glass bottle with a colorless liquid in it. 

“Are you sure this is really effective?" I asked her as I examined the bottle in my hand. 

"Of course, Cadi. It was ninety percent effective," Zia said confidently. "You witnessed how effective it was to Jackson, right?" 

I nodded.  “How much for this?”

“Three thousand pesos.”

My eyes widened. Really? Three thousand for this small bottle of love potion? 

Zia smiled at me. "Well, it's really expensive because it was made with a lot of effort."

I bit my lower lip while staring at the bottle in my hand. Damn. If only I wasn't this desperate. If Cecille and Cat would find out about this, they'd surely laugh at me. 

"Are you going to buy it, Cadi? I'm telling you, you won't regret it." 

"Fine. But please don't tell anyone about it."

"Of course. You don't have to worry about this  My mouth is shut, Cadi."

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