Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 6Five

My eyes widened. Then I managed to laugh sarcastically. "Jealous? You're crazy, Xenon. I won't ever be like those girls who go gaga over you."

How dare this asshole, really. Just because women were flocking over him, he already thinks that all women find him handsome? 

 "To make everything clear, you're far from my type."

“And who's your type? That Harry Salvador?"

I stilled when I heard Harry's name. My lips parted as I looked at Xenon. “H-how did you know about that?”

Xenon grinned at me. “I saw how you approached him the other day, Cadi.”

My grip on my fork loosened. Based on Xenon's annoying smile, he witnessed how Harry treated me the other day. 

“Why are you smiling at me like that? Are you gonna tell Harry that I like him?" My eyebrows raised at him.

“No, why would I do that? It's not as if something would happen if I tell him that you like him." He shrugged and reached for his glass of water. 

This time, my anger toward him intensified. “How dare you!” Oh, God! I didn't want to shout in front of the food but this monkey was really testing my patience. 

“What? I only said the truth, Cadi,” he answered nonchalantly. “You’re just wasting your time liking him because he would never like you back. You’re definitely not his type.”

I directly pointed at him with the fork in my hand. “Shut your mouth, Xenon. He would like me! I would make him like me!”

Both of his eyebrows and lips rose at the same time. “Alright. Let’s bet on that. Invite him for a date this week, Cadi. Let's see if he agrees.”

I gave him a death glare. "Huh. I don't have any plans to make a stupid bet with you."

 “Why is that? You're afraid to lose, Cadi?” He smirked at me.

“Huh, and why would I be afraid of you? Who do you think you are?” I answered bravely, even raising my chin to meet his stare. “Fine. Let's bet on that. If I win, you'll promise you'll never show yourself to me again. You'll avoid me at all costs, Xenon."

He looked at me. “And if I win, you'll date me, Cadi.” 

Her mouth hung open. The way he looked at me plus the way he said those words suddenly rendered me speechless. 

“No way!” I retort back when I recovered from shock. “I would never date you, Xenon!” 

His eyebrows rose in challenge. “If you're confident you'd win against me, then you shouldn't worry about my consequence, right?"

Right. Why would I panic when  I know I'll do everything to beat Xenon? 

“Fine. Deal!”

“I THOUGHT you're no longer gonna pursue Harry, Cadi? Why the sudden change of heart?" Cat asked me curiously. We were having lunch at the cafeteria.

I decided to ask for Cat and Cecille's help on how I can convince Harry to date me before this week ended. 

I shrugged casually. "I just realized that I really like Harry." I bit my lower lip and sighed. "Yeah. I realized that I like him a lot. I'm just in denial about how much I like him."

I didn't want to lie to my friends. But I didn't want to tell them the bet I made with Xenon. I know my friends. I'm sure they'll ask me more and I even didn't know why I agreed to that stupid bet with that asshole. 

Cecille dabbed a tissue on her lips before facing me. "I suggest, try to collect data about Harry, Cadi. Find out about his favorite food, his hobbies, and random things about him. And oh, don't forget to know what's her type of girl."

“But that would take time, Cecille. I need to date him before the week ends."

"Wait. Why are you in a hurry, Cadi?" Catalyst asked. Her face was in obvious confusion. 

“Uh, well...” I tried to think of a better answer but couldn't think fast. 

“What's happening to you, Cecille asked. “Just the other day, you said you'll forget about Harry. But now here you are, wanting to date him so badly. That's not you, Cadi."

I just sighed once more. “Well, maybe I’m just desperate...” Desperate not to lose to Xenon!

“Are you sure that you really like Harry?” Catalyst asked, looking doubtful. “Or maybe you're just doing this because of your pride?”

My brows furrowed. "I'm doing this because I like Harry. That's the only reason, Cat."

It's true that I like Harry. But like I said to them the other day, my feelings for him were not that deep for me to continue pursuing him after what he did to me. 

But now, I was forced to pursue Harry because I didn't want to lose to Xenon. That asshole would surely laugh at me if I lost to him. And I'm not going to let that happen. Over my dead decomposing body. 

I looked at my friends. I felt guilty for continuing to lie to them. Thank God they didn't ask any more questions after that. That's enough lies for me for today. 

 “Well go ahead now, Cadi,” Catalyst said after gathering her things on the table. Cat and Cecille both have classes at one pm today. Unlike me who's already free for the day. I only have two subjects every Monday. 

But I can't go home yet. I need to attend a meeting with the chemistry guild members later at three. I was the secretary of the club. 

"See you both tomorrow." 

I nodded at them and smiled. My eyes continued to follow them as they headed to the exit of the cafeteria. 

Then I stood up and went back to the counter. I ordered another slice of my favorite blueberry cheesecake. 

I stilled when I noticed Harry. My eyes followed him as he went to the counter until he settled himself on a vacant table in the corner of the cafetería. 

Should I go approach him? He's alone. 

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