Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 5Four

MY eyebrows automatically formed a line when I saw a familiar car in front of our house. I just came home from the university. 

I knew whose car was this. It was Xenon's.  What was that monkey doing here at our house? 

“Oh. You're finally here, Cadi,” my mother greeted me with a smile on her face. She was having her afternoon tea in the living room. 

And sitting across her was the monkey I never wanted to see. Xenon. 

“Hi, Cadi.” Xenon greeted me. He was grinning at me and damn, I wanted to rub off that grin on his ugly face. He should be thankful my mother was around. 

I raised my eyebrows at him. “What are you doing here?”

“O, he brought us some seafood paella," mom answered me instead. "It was cooked by Xenon's mother." 

My eyes went back to my mother. I managed to smile at her. Paella was one of my mother's favorite dishes. 

 “Alright, Ma. I'll go ahead and change.” 

Before any of the two of them said something, I already walked past them and headed to the stairs. 

I went straight to my room. I put down my bag on my study table and settled on the bed. I rolled my eyes as my back hit the mattress. 

"Damn that monkey for coming here."

I remained still for a few minutes before I heard a knock on my door. 

 “Cadi, it's me. I'll go into your room, okay?” It was my mother.

I stood up and fixed my hair. Mom emerged from the door. She went straight to me and sat on the other corner of the bed. 

 “What is it, Ma?”

"My secretary called me. We have an emergency in the firm right now. I need to go there. Please, entertain Xenon for me, Cadi."

My lips parted. "'Ma, I don't want to." I couldn't stop myself from frowning. "Just ask him to go home now."

“Cadi!” Mom's eyebrows furrowed. It was obvious that she didn't like what I said. "That's very rude of you."

I bit my lower lip. “Sorry, Ma.” I sighed. “But  I don't want to go down and play nice with him. You know how much I hate Uncle Arnold's son. He's so conceited."

For the past year, every time Uncle Arnold's family visits us, I would just simply greet them before going up to my room. I also never once come with my parents every time they go to Uncle Arnold's house.

I always made sure to avoid their monkey of a son. I knew that his mere presence was enough to make my blood boil. 

 “Honey, is there no choice for you and Xenon to get along?" My mother asked me, her voice hopeful."I just don't understand why you hate him so much, Cadi. I believe he's kind and respectful."

I rolled her eyes. “Ma, that guy is far from nice. He's conceited, rude, and annoying. Plus, he's a freaking playboy. You can't blame me if I hate him. And I swear we won't ever get along."

My mother sighed. "I won't force you to get along with him. Just entertain him for tonight. He said his parents are going on a date so I asked him to join us for dinner."

"What about Dad?" 

"He'll be home late. He has a meeting with one of his clients."

I pursed my lips, then sighed. “Alright. Just for tonight, Ma.”

"Thank you, Cadi." Mom smiled at me before leaving my room. I changed into my favorite Taylor Swift shirt and black shorts. 

While walking down the stairs, one of our househelps came to me. 

“Ma’am, dinner's already ready.”

I nodded at her. “Please inform the monkey over there living.” 


I pointed at Xenon who was standing with his back facing me. 

"Oh, you're talking about Sir Xenon."

My brows furrowed when I noticed her blushing. What the hell? Even our maid was victimized by that asshole. 

I slowly walked toward Xenon. I stilled when I noticed he was busy looking at my portrait hanging on the wall of the living room. The hell? 

I cleared my throat. "Let's eat. Dinner's ready." I said in a deadpan voice.

Before he could face me, I already turned my back and headed to the dining room. I pulled up a chair and settled myself there. Xenon followed me. There was an annoying grin on his face. 

“O, smile, Cadi. It's bad to frown in front of the food." Xenon commented before setting himself on the chair across from me. 

Instead of smiling, I snorted at him. "How can I smile when you're literally in front of me?" 

“You’re really hard on me, huh.” He chuckled and shook his head.

I rolled my eyes before I reached for the serving bowl. But Xenon beat me to it. 

I raised my brows at him. "Give that to me."

But instead of listening to me, Xenon put some rice on my plate. I blinked. I didn't expect what he just did. 

But I immediately recovered and slandered my eyes at him. 

"Stop acting so nice, Xenon. It doesn't suit you."

He chuckled. “You really amazed me. Instead of thanking me, you just ended up insulting me."

I rolled my eyes. Tsk. Damn him. I wondered where Xenon got his annoying attitude. Both of his parents were nice and kind. 

  Instead of answering back, I just decided to focus all my attention on the food in front of me. I tried to imagine that he wasn't there in front of me.

I stilled when I heard a phone ring. I was sure it wasn't mine. I left mine in my room. I was forced to look at Xenon. 

 I watched him as he took out his phone from his pocket. He just glanced at his phone screen before dropping the call. 

“Why didn't you answer it?" I couldn't help but ask. 

Xenon shrugged. “We’re eating. Besides, it’s just one of those girls I’ve dated before. It’s not important.”

My eyebrows rose. God! He was really a ruthless playboy. He was even proud that those girls he dated were just nothing to him. Really, the nerve of this guy. 

"Oh, why do you look upset? Are you… jealous?"

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