Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 4Three


Cecille gasped after I told them what happened at the soccer field yesterday. 

"Harry really said that to you?" 

I winced as I nodded at her. “Yeah. I couldn't believe he could say those words to me." I shook my head. "He humiliated me."

Both Cat and Catalyst didn't expect that that would be Harry's reaction. 

“I know that he's a snob, but I never imagined that he'd be rude to you." Cecille disappointedly shook her head. 

I sighed. I felt bad and stupid after that stupid encounter yesterday. It was the first time I made a first move on a man. And look at what happened. I shouldn't have done that in the first place. 

“Is there something wrong with my appearance?” I asked them. I felt insulted by how Harry treated me yesterday. I never expected he'd be rude to me! 

“Girl, there's nothing wrong with your face," Cecille immediately countered. "I think that Harry must be blind."

"Or maybe he's already in a relationship, Cadi," Catalyst said. "Or maybe you're not just really his type of girl. It's either of those two."

I tried to think about what Catalyst said. 

“Come to think of it, ever since you've noticed Harry, we never saw him with a woman," Cecille commented thoughtfully. “He really is mysterious, no?”

I sighed. "You're right. That's why I don't have any idea what kind of girl he likes."

“Coffee jelly for Cat, Cadi, and Cel.” 

The three of us stopped chatting when the barista called our name. Cat stood up to get our order from the counter. She came back with a tray of three coffee jellies. 

“Thanks, dear!” Cecille smiled as she get her order from the tray. “So, let's go back to Harry, Cadi,” Cecille said after sipping from her coffee.

“Don't you know someone who also knows Harry? I mean, someone who were friends with him?" Catalyst asked. “In the soccer team—”

“Xenon!” Cecille said, cutting off Cat. “They're teammates in the soccer team! I'm sure he knows something about Harry!"

I automatically frowned. "Oh, please, Cecille. Don't mention that monkey's name in front of me. Even if he's Harry's best friend, I won't ever ask for his help. I don't care if I failed to get Harry's attention, but I won't ask for Xenon's help. Never." 

  "Oh. Then that only means you didn't like Harry that much."

I shrugged. “Well, I was vocal about how I admire him. But since he snubbed me, I decided I won't push myself on him anymore. I won't make any effort again just for him to notice me. It's not as if he's the only man in this world! Tsk. I'm sure I'll forget about him in no time." 

 “Right," Cecille grinned, nodding. “Speaking of a handsome guy, here's another one.” Her eyes went to the entrance of the coffee shop. 

I followed Cecille's line of sight. I saw Xenon just entered the coffee shop. With a woman beside him. 

My eyes slanted as my eyes followed his head to the counter. I rolled my eyes when I saw the monkey's arm on the woman's waist. Tsk. He's really a pervert. 

“If your eyes strike like a lightning, Xenon will surely be dead by now,” Cecille commented beside me, an amused smile on her face. 

I turned to my friends and snorted. “He’s really a jerk! Just last week, he was dating  Tanya Gómez. But now, he's with Lacey Montero. God! 

I wondered what Lacey saw in him. She's a well-respected campus ambassadress and yet she decided to go out with Xenon?"

Cecille bit her lower lip. “Well... a gorgeous, hot, and jaw-dropping ‘monkey’ for that matter.” 

I shook my head disgustingly before my head snapped back to the counter. Lacey Montero was talking to the barista while Xenon was beside her. 

Before I could look away, Xenon turned his head in my direction. Our eyes met. 

The monkey grinned at me. I rolled my eyes at him before looking away. But my eyes couldn't help but follow him again as he and Lacey headed to the exit of the coffee shop. 

When I picked up my drink, I noticed Cat and Cecille were both looking at me with curious expressions on their faces. 

“I can’t just help but wonder, Cadi,” Catalyst said while playing with the straw of her drink. 

"Why do you hate Xenon so much?" She pursed her lips. "The way you hate Xenon, it's as if you two had a past."

My lips parted. "What are you talking about? We don't have a past. I've only met him a year ago, Cat."

"Then maybe Xenon did something to you that made you hate him?" 

  Well, my friends didn't know why I hate Xenon so much. They didn’t know that that monkey stole my first kiss. I never told anyone about it. 

I cleared my throat and tried to play it cool. “I just hate him because he's an asshole playboy. I hate his conceited face. He's always acting as if he's a God's gift to humanity. It's disgusting."

“Really? That's the only reason?" 

I nodded. “Yes. That’s it.”

Catalyst curled her lips in an amused smile. “Well, at the back of my mind, I was guessing that he tried to hit on you or he stole your first kiss... that’s why you’re so mad at him.”

I almost choke on my drink with what Cat said. Thank God they didn't seem to notice it. I frowned at her. 

"If what you said was true, then that asshole should be long dead by now.  Because I'd surely kill him if his filthy lips touched mine."

I didn't want to lie to my friends, but I didn't want to tell them the reason why I hate that asshole so much. I didn't want to relive that memory that I'd already buried in my brain. 

“Okay. Fine. Let's drop that topic,” Cecille said, chuckling. “We don't want a bad mood Cadi for today."

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