Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 3Two

“GO XENON!!! We love you!”

The soccer match wasn't even starting yet, but the whole field was already filled with noises and cheers from the audience—particularly from Xenon's fangirls.

Those girls were shrieking non-stop and even shouting Xenon's name. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” I shook my head as I watched those girls who were only a few meters away from us. "I don't get why those girls are going gaga over that asshole. I wonder what they saw in him? If only they knew how big of an asshole that guy is."

“Well…” Cecille shrugged her shoulders. "We couldn't blame those girls. Aside from having good looks, Xenon's the star player of the team. Of course, he'd be popular. Girls would naturally flock over him."

I just rolled my eyes. Even if it was hard to admit, Cecille was right. 

Unfortunately, Xenon was well-known on campus. Aside from his looks and height, he was the star player of the soccer varsity team. 

That was the reason why even if I wanted to hang around the soccer field and watch Harry during my free time, I chose rather not to. My mood changes every time I see Xenon. 

Just like now. Instead of focusing my attention on Harry, I couldn't help but get annoyed every time my eyes would dart in Xenon's direction. It's not also helping that these girls around us were shouting his name. 

"The game's starting," Cecille excitedly muttered beside me.

The game started. I smiled and cheered every time the ball got past Harry. But my smile would immediately be replaced by a frown every time the ball goes to Xenon.

 “Wow! Xenon's really good, huh."

Cecille exclaimed after the match ended. Our soccer team won. Three out of five points of our team's score came from Xenon. 

I slanted my eyes at Cecille. 

“Come on, Cadí, chill." 

Cecille chuckled at me. "You're really that sensitive when it comes to Xenon, aren't you? I'll also say that Harry played well, too."

“Of course,” I said, proudly. “Harry scored a point, too."

“You two, let's go back," Cat said while glancing at her wristwatch. "I still have a class at five."

"Wait, Cat. Let's go congratulate the players first." Cecille turned to me and playfully grinned. "Come on, Cadí. It's your chance to talk to Harry."

I pursed her lips as I watched those girls near us enter the field.

“Look at them, Cadi.”

Cecille held my hand before she pointed at a group of girls who walked toward Harry. 

"If you still won't make a move now, those girls will surely be ahead of you. See? They're making the first move just so Harry could notice them. What about you? You're doing nothing."

I thought about what Cecille said. My friend was right. Nothing would happen if I didn't make a move on Harry. 

I bit my lower lip and sighed. "Fine. You're right, Cecille."

Cecille grinned at me. 

“Alright. Good luck, Cadi. Cat and I will leave you here. Come on, Cat. Accompany me to the restroom. I need to retouch my lipstick."

My lips parted. "Wait. You won't come with me?" 

Cecille tapped my shoulder. "You can do it alone, Cadí. We believe in you." She even winked at me. 

“Good luck, Cadi,” Catalyst smiled at me before she and Cecille started walking away. 

I took a deep breath. 

Come on, Cadi. You can do this. 

Right. It's not as if I'm going to confess my feelings to him. I'm just going to greet him and congratulate him for having a great game. 

I walked towards the part of the soccer field where the varsity players were staying. I was feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement as I get closer to Harry. 

Harry was talking to their coach while drinking water. Even if he's covered in sweat, he still looks so handsome. His sharp eyes suited his face. 

I continued to walk towards him. But before I could reach Harry, a monkey got in my way. A monkey named Xenon. 


Xenon grinned at me. His arms crossed over his chest after he ran his fingers through his slightly damp hair. 

"I didn't know you're one of my fan girls now."

“Me? Your fangirl?" I snickered as I raised my brows at him. 

"I didn’t come here for you, Xenon. Huh! Dream on!” 

He was really a conceited asshole. 

His lips curled in an amused smile. "Then why are you here?" 

“And why would I tell you? Are we friends?" I answered sarcastically. 

The playful smile on his face widened. "Hmm, maybe you're just saying that because you didn't want to admit that I'm right. And the truth is, you really did come here for me."

My lips parted at his audacity. "Oh, will you shut that mouth of yours, Xenon?" I sneered at him. 

Even though I badly wanted to shout at his annoying face right now, I tried to control myself. I don't want other people to hear us. Especially his teammates. 

So instead of saying more things, I just gave him a glare before walking past him. 

“H-harry.” I said when I was finally in front of Harry. 

Harry slowly turned to face me. "Yes, Miss?”

I bit the inside of my cheek before I smiled at him. 

“Uhm… I just want to congratulate you for a great game," I said with my sweet voice.

Harry just nodded at me. 


“Uhm, by the way, I’m Cadi.” I stretched out my left hand at him. 

But Harry didn't accept my hand. He just looked at it before his brows furrowed. "I'm sorry, Miss. But I'm not interested."

My lips parted. I felt my cheeks heat up in shame. I immediately took back my hand and placed it behind my back. 

“I-i’m sorry.”

Before I could hear his reply, I immediately turned my back on him and walked away. I didn't look back as I left the damn soccer field.

"What the hell!" 

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