Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 2One

“WAKE up, Cadi! You're daydreaming again.”

I blinked a couple of times when my friend Cecile clapped her hands in front of my face.

"Well, what could we expect, Cecille? Harry's in the vicinity again." 

I ignored whatever my two friends were saying beside me, my eyes continued to follow Harry. My the bench they were sitting at outside of the library, I saw Harry walking a few meters in front of us. 

He was looking good in his soccer uniform—white jersey and shorts, socks that almost reached his knees, and white cleats. He was carrying a duffel bag in his left hand while his other hand was holding a chocolate shake—his favorite drink. 

"Go back to earth now, Harry's already gone." Cecille clapped her hands in front of me. 

I sighed as my eyes followed Harry. I could only see his back now. 

"Damn. Harry's really handsome, isn't he? Now that I've already seen him, I feel like my day's already complete."

"Fine. He's good-looking, but he's a snob." Catalyst snickered, shaking her head. 

I ignored Catalyst's comment and just smiled at my friend. 

"One day, Harry would finally notice me, Cat."

I continued eating my cheese carbonara as I continued to daydream of Harry. 

Cecille and Catalyst were my high school best friends. When we graduated high school, we three both decided to enter the same university. But we took different courses. 

Catalyst took up BS Biology, Cecille studied BS Physics while I'm into BS Chemistry. As of now, we were already in our third year of their respective courses. 

"Well, Harry won't notice you if you won't make a move, Cady," Cecille told her. 

I frowned at Cecille. 

“Well, what do you suggest I do, Cecille? Stalked Harry and confessed my feelings to him?"

I shook my head. “I won’t do that, Cecille.”

It has been one month since I first saw Harry. My friends and I were watching the famous campus pageant of our university to support the representative of our college department when I noticed Harry. 

He was the male representative of the College of Arts and Letters. Even if Harry failed to bag the title of Campus King, he got my whole attention. 

Since then, I started getting to know things about him. But it remained that way. I never once thought of going near him or talking to him. 

"You know what, if I am in your position, I'll use my beauty to get Harry's attention." Cecille then grinned at me. 

Among the three of us, Cecille was the most aggressive one. If Cecille wanted something, she wouldn't stop until she got it. That's her personality. 

Well, I'm not like Cecille. Even if I like Harry, I won't resort to stalking him. My father always tells me before that I'm his princess. And that I should act one. 

At my age, I still haven't been in a relationship. There were guys who showed interest in me before, but I never liked any of them. 

“Hmm, the question Cecille is, do you think Harry would get seduced by your beauty?" Catalyst asked, raising her brows at Cecille. 

 “Of course, Cat,” Cecille confidently said while flipping her hair. "Just look at my face. Men would bow down to this kind of beauty."

Cat and I couldn't help but laugh at Cecille's attitude. But I agree with everything she just said. Cecille was beautiful. In fact, the three of them were all pretty.

We were not the usual science geeks with those thick-rimmed glasses and ankle-length skirts. 

We were both serious when it comes to our studies but we are not nerds. 

The three of us know how to balance our studies with our social life. 

“How about you, Cat? Don't you have any crushes now?” I asked Catalyst this time. 

Cat just shrugged before giving me a small smile. 

“You know I don't do crushes."

“Cat, are you really sure that you will never fall in love again?" Cecille asked her in a serious tone. 

Catalyst shook her head. 

Cecille and I remained silent. We couldn't blame Cat if she decided not to open her heart to any other man again. 

Ever since Cat's best friend and childhood sweetheart Trey died, she decided to shut her heart and never love again. 

"You know what, why don't we just go to the gym to watch the varsity basketball game?" Catalyst suggested to us. She was now smiling brightly. 

"Let's watch Phyll."

Phyll was Catalyst's younger brother. He was a member of their university basketball team. 

“Let's just go to the soccer field," Cecille suggested. "So that Cadi would be happy." Cecille turned to her and grinned. 

Harry was a member of the university soccer team. 

I pouted my lips. "Let's just go to the gym."

“Why? Don't tell me you don't want to see Harry?" Cecille playfully bumped her on the shoulder. "You said you wanted to see him play soccer, right?" 

"Right. But if we go to the soccer field, I'd also see Xenon." I snorted. "And you both know how I hate that asshole."

Xenon was Uncle Arnold's son. The bastard who stole her first year one year ago. He turned out to be her schoolmate. And Xenon wasn't just a simple student in their university. In a span of one year, he has already become famous on campus. Even my friends know about Xenon. 

And since I'm friends with Cat and Cecille, they also know how much I hate that asshole. 

Cecille grinned at her.

“You know Cadí? If I'm not aware that you like Harry, I'd think that you have a hidden desire at Xenon."

I frowned at Cecille. "Stop it, Cecille. I'm getting bad goosebumps with your words. Hidden desire? Eww. I super hate that guy. I hate his guts! I hate everything about him!”

 “Chill, Cadi." Catalyst chuckled as she held my hand and pulled me up from the bench. "Come on, let's go to the soccer field. Just don't mind Xenon." 

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