Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 11Ten

I crossed my arms as I settled on my seat. This was the first time I got to ride Xenon's car. In fairness, his car smelled good. I turned on the car’s stereo. 

“Here. Choose the music you like.” 

Xenon handed me his cell phone which was connected to his car's stereo. 

My eyebrows rose when I saw his playlist on his phone. 

In fairness, this monkey had a  taste in music.

I stopped browsing his music library when his phone vibrated. Someone was calling him. I snorted after seeing the name of the caller on the screen. 

 Lacey Montero.

“Someone's calling,” I informed Xenon. “It's Lacey,” I said before rolling my eyes.

“Cancel it,” he answered nonchalantly. “I don’t use my phone when I'm driving.” 

I immediately pressed the cancel button before turning to Xenon. 

“Are you and Lacey really over?"

“We already broke up two weeks ago, Cadi.”

I glared at him. 

“I hope you're not lying, Xenon! I'm not the kind of girl who goes out with someone already taken."

I saw how Xenon pursed his lips. It was like he was stifling his smile. 

 “Do you think I’ll date you when I’m in a relationship with another girl?”

I didn't answer him. I looked out the window. It was just now that I realized we were already out of the city. 

My brows furrowed when I noticed a familiar theme park. 

“Enchanted Kingdom?” I muttered before turning to Xenon. “Don’t tell me, we're going there?” 

“I’ve never been to enchanted kingdom.”

My lips parted. “Really? You've never been there?” I asked, refusing to believe him. 

“I grew up in Cebu, remember?”

Oh, right. 

“And I want my first time here to be with you.”

Suddenly and surprisingly, my heartbeat raced. I couldn't understand why his last words affected me so much. 

 “Fine. But don't hope that I'd tag along with you. I don't like rides."

“UGH, dammit!” Cadi muttered when the ball didn't enter the hoop. 

“Watch me, Cadi.”

I immediately turned to Xenon beside me. 

 “Shut up, Xenon. Your sport's soccer, not basketball.”

Xenon ignored me. He grabbed a basketball and threw it in the air. My lips parted when they smoothly entered the basket. 

  “Tsk. That's just luck!” I snorted at him.

He threw another ball and again, it went straight to the ring. “Do you think it's still luck?" He turned to me with a smug smile on his face. “Come on, Cadi? Why don't you just admit that you're good at this?”

“Huh! What a conceited asshole!” I rolled my eyes. I snorted more when the staff handed Xenon a stuffed toy as his prize. “Come on. Let's try the bump cars."

I left Xenon at the basketball arcade. 

But Xenon immediately followed me. “Stop running away, Cadi.”

I just rolled my eyes at him. 

"Mommy!" I almost jumped when a random kid hugged me in the legs. I stopped and looked down at her. She seemed like a three-year-old girl. She was wearing a jumper and a pair of rubber shoes. Her hair was in pigtails. 

I crouched and smiled at the kid. 

"Baby... I’m not your mommy."

The kid stared at me. When she realized I'm not really her mother, she suddenly broke into tears. 

 "Mommy! My mommy!"

My eyes widened in panic. I didn't know how to handle a kid. 

 "Baby, don’t cry." 


Xenon looked down and gently touched the kid. "Don’t worry. We will find your Mommy, okay?"

"You...will...find my mommy?" 

"Yes, sweetheart." Xenon gently wiped the tears on the kid's face. "Stop crying now, okay?"

“Promise, you will find my mommy?”


I couldn't help but wonder as I watched Xenon talk to the kid in front of him. He seemed like an angel right now. Far different from the Xenon I know. 

Xenon carried the kid. According to him, we will bring the kid to the security office of this theme park. 

While walking, the kid pointed at the cotton candy stall. 

  "You want that?" Xenon asked. 

The kid shyly nodded at Xenon. 

"Alright, let's go there, baby."

"Ma'am, Sir, your daughter's so cute," the cotton candy vendor commented, smiling at them. 

My lips parted. I was about to correct the vendor when Xenon beat me to it. 

"Well, like mother, like daughter, right?" 

I turned to Xenon, dumbfounded. I glared at him but the asshole just smiled playfully at me. Damn it. If we were not only in front of the kid, I would have already hit him. 

When we reached the security office, a woman immediately ran to us. It was the mother of the kid. Now I understand why the kid thought I'm her mother. 

The woman was wearing the same outfit as me. Plus, we're almost the same height. 

"Thank you so much for taking care of my Lila," the woman gratefully said. "Come on, baby, say thank you to them. They even bought you cotton candy."

Lila turned to us and smiled. Her cute dimple appeared. 

 “Thank you."

I smiled gently at her. 

“You’re welcome, baby.”

"Bye, sweetheart," Xenon said goodbye to the kid. He even kissed the little girl’s head. 

I didn't know why something touched my heart with Xenon's gesture to the kid. 

But when the kid and her mother were already out of our sight, I slapped Xenon on the arm. 

"What was that for?" Xenon turned to me, his brows furrowed. 

My eyes widened at him.

"Do you think I've already forgotten what you told the cotton candy vendor earlier? Do we look like a husband and wife, Xenon?" 

"Oh, that?" His lips curved up in a mischievous smile. "Why do you look mad now when you looked like you were okay with it earlier?" 

"Me, okay with that? Huh! You're really conceited—" 

"Let's try the ferris wheel," he stopped me, chuckling. Xenon pointed at the ferris wheel. 

 “No." I immediately shook my head. "I won't go with you. I told you, Xenon,  I don't like riding these things."

 “Why? Because you're afraid of heights?”

I rolled my eyes. “I just don't like it. If you really want to, then go ahead. But I'll stay here."

“But I want to ride it with you...”

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