Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 10Nine

I didn't answer back. I couldn't accept what happened.  Did I really lose to Xenon?

“So, now that you lost the bet? You owe a date, Cadi.” 

The corner of his lips curled in a satisfied smile. 

“Shut up! I don't want to date you, Xenon. Why don't you just date Lacy Montero or any of your girls? Stop bugging me!"

 No! I won't agree on dating this asshole. No freaking way! Over my dead decomposing body!

“Why Lacey? You're the one who made a bet with me, Cadi. Besides, Lacey and I were already over.”

“So, just because you don't have a girlfriend right now, you're pestering me?”

“What? I'm not pestering you, Cadi." His face turned serious. He looked me straight in the eyes. His stares were so deep, I felt like they were melting something inside me. I didn't know my heart suddenly started to beat faster. 

“Tell me, Cadi. Why don’t you want to date me?” 

“Because…” I swallowed. “Because… I hate you!” I spat. “Do you still need to ask that, Xenon?”

“Really?” He raised his brows as if challenging me. “Maybe you just don't want to date me because you're afraid to fall in love with me."

 He took a step closer to me. Now we're only a few steps away from each other. He took another step again. 

I didn't know why, but as Xenon kept on coming closer to me, the beating of my start was getting louder. 

Xenon took another step again. This time, I managed to take a step back away from him. 

“What, Cadi? Are you afraid to fall for me?”

My heartbeat doubled. I felt like butterflies suddenly invaded my stomach. 

Despite that, I still managed to bravely meet his stares. 

“What are you talking about? Me? Falling in love with you?"

I gave him an insulting laugh. 

 "In your dreams, Xenon. I'd rather fall from a building than fall in love with you." I continued to stare at him and ignored all the hundreds of butterflies that were dancing inside my stomach.

“Fine. Let’s date on Saturday, then.”

“WHAT would I wear for today?”

I bit my lower lip while having a closer look at my closet.

Today was my date with Xenon. Even if I hated him to the core, I don't have a choice but to go out with him today. I didn't want him to call me out for not fulfilling my promise.

I took out my new lavender dress from my closet. I bought it at the mall last week. I haven't worn it yet. 

Aside from that, I also took out the other dresses that I haven't worn yet. I tried all of them in front of my full-length mirror.

I suddenly shook my head. Damn it. Why am I making my outfit for today a big deal? It's just Xenon I'll go out with. 

In the end, she chose to wear a floral sleeveless top, skinny jeans, and a pair of red pumps. I tied my hair in a messy bun and applied red lipstick.

“Cadi.” I was putting the things I’d bring outside in my handbag when the door to my room opened. Mom entered my room. “Cadi, Xenon’s already here. He’s looking for you.” Mom examined me. “Wait, are you two going out?” 

“Uh...well…” I looked away from her. “I’ll just accompany her somewhere....”

An amused smile appeared on her face. “Do I need to know something, Cadi?”

“Huh? There’s nothing going on between us, Mom!” I frowned. "Whatever it is you're thinking, stop it.”

“Okay. Fine. I would no longer comment.” But her smile remained on her face. “I’m just glad you two are finally okay.”

I took another look at myself in the mirror before leaving my room. I found Xenon in the living room, sitting comfortably on the couch.

Xenon stood up when he noticed my presence. “Cadi.” He flashed his annoying smile at me.

Xenon looked at me from head to toe. I wasn’t sure if it was real admiration that I could see in his eyes. “Damn. Is it me or you’re really extra beautiful today?”

I couldn’t understand why Xenon’s words suddenly made my heart jump. But of course, I didn’t show it to him. 

I snorted at him.

“FYI, Xenon, I always look beautiful.” 

“I know, that’s why I said, ‘extra’, right?” THe corner of his lips curled up in a smirk.

For the second time, my heart jumped again. Seriously, something’s really wrong with me today.

“What about me? I looked fine, right?” He smirked. 

I examined his look. He was wearing a white polo shirt, dark jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a black ball cap. Fine. He was handsome. But still, she’s still an annoying monkey to me. “Fine. You looked passable.”

“Passable?” His eyebrows rose. “I wonder when I’ll be hearing from you that I’m drop-dead gorgeous.”

“Never,” I snorted at him. “You’ll never be good-looking for me..” I rolled my eyes at him just as my mother showed up from the kitchen.

“You two take care.” Mom turned to Xenon. “Xenon, take care of my daughter.”

Xenon looked at me before he turned to my mother. “Don't worry, I will.”

I didn’t know why something warm touched my heart with Xenon’s answer.

Damn. This was weird. Something’s not really right with me.

"You shouldn't have fetched me, Xenon," I told him after we got inside his car. "I already told you that you should just meet me outside of our village, right? I don't want Mom to think that something was going on between us."

“Why? Is there really nothing going on between us? "

“Of course, there's none.” I snapped. “I only agreed to go out with you today because I want to keep my word."

“Why do you sound so defensive?" 

"I'm not. Where are we going, anyway?" 

Xenon turned to me and winked. 

“Secret. Are you excited?”

“Me, excited?” I sarcastically laughed. “Huh! In your dreams, Xenon!”

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