Our Crazy Chemistry
By clefairy
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 1Prologue

"CADMIUM, where are you? Didn't I remind you to go home early today? We're going to have dinner with your Uncle Ben and his family!"

I rolled my eyes as I listened to my mother's voice on the other end of the line. Whenever called me by my whole name, it was a sign that she was frustrated with me. 

I glanced at my wristwatch. It was five-thirty in the afternoon. My class already finished at four but I attended an org meeting with my org mates. I was a member of the chemistry guild. I was a second-year BS Chemistry student at a university in Manila. 

"Ma, chill! I'm on my way," I answered as I continued walking to the campus parking lot.  "The dinner's still seven six?" 

"Well, your Dad and I are on the way to the hotel," my mother said on the other line. "Just meet us there."

I pursed my lips. "Fine." 

I sighed as my mother ended the call. 

Uncle Arnold was my Dad's college best friend. They were classmates here in Manila and took masters in abroad. 

My father was a head chemist in the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country. In fact, he even has his own laboratory in our house. 

He even named me after an element in the Periodic Table. Cadmium.

I guess it runs in the blood. Like my father, I was also fascinated by science. That's why I took up BS chemistry in college. 

Uncle Arnold was based in Cebu, but because of work, he and his family decided to move to Manila.

I haven't met Uncle Arnold's son. I guess I'll meet him today. 

MY eyebrows were almost crossed in one line when I didn't find my car keys in my skirt pocket. 

"Ugh, dammit," I grunted as I turned around to go back to the Chemistry guild office. I was sure my car keys were still with me when I went to the office so I must have left them there. 

The office was now empty when I went there. Unlike earlier, it was almost full pack because we welcomed the club's new members. 

I opened the lights and started to look for my keys. I stopped when the door suddenly opened. 

I turned around to face whoever enter the room. I was welcomed by a gorgeous face of a man. I blinked as I looked at him. Damn. Who was this man? This was the first time I saw him. Was he one of the new members of the club? But if he was, I should have noticed him earlier. Dark brown smiling eyes, straight nose, pink lips that were shaped like Cupid's bow. Or maybe he didn't attend? 

"Hi, Miss." The guy smiled at me. And damn he has the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen.

"Who are you?" 

He was tall. I was 5 '3, an average height for a Filipina woman but he was a giant compared to me. He was almost a foot taller than me. 

“I'm Alex.”


Damn. His name even sounded handsome. 

His name was also one of the elements in the Periodic Table. I remained staring at the man in front of me. Maybe he was one of the new members of the Chemistry Guild? 

His lips lifted in a smile. "Do you plan to melt me with your stares?" 

"What?" Melting him with my stares? 

“Excuse me?” My eyebrows almost crossed in one line. 

“It's true.” He grinned at me. “You're looking at me like I'm some sort of your favorite dessert!”

The nerve of this man. Fine. He was good looking but he's a big jerk. Who does he think he was? Chris Evans? Tom Hiddleston? Fine. 

"Wow. The nerve of you to speak like that when you're not even that good-looking." I raised her brows annoyingly. “Are you even a member of the Chem Org?”

“No," he said, a smile playing on his lips. He even looked amused. 

I raised my brows at him. "Then what are you doing here? Get out?!” I pointed at the closed door behind him. 

He pursed his lips. "Why? Do you own this room?" 

I gasped. "No. But this belongs to the Chemistry club and you're not a member of it."

I crossed my arms over my chest. 

I walked to the door of the headquarters and opened it. Then turned to him with my slanted eyes. 

“What are you waiting for Mr. Conceited? Get out!”

“Wait… Miss.” He pursed his lips before he gave me another smile. "I can't go out yet."

"And why is that?" 

“I'm hiding from someone...”


He pursed his lips. "A girl."

I sneered. A girl? Of course, why would I expect from an asshole guy like him?

I arched my brow. “I'm sorry. Our office is not a hiding place, especially from assholes like you."

I opened the door for the second time. "What are you waiting for? Get out!"

“Wait, Miss.” He held my arm. 

I almost gasped when I felt his hand on my arm. His palm was big and a bit rough…his fingers were long. His touch felt warm. 

“Let me stay… just a few minutes. "

He pursed his lips and stared at me while trying to make a puppy-eye look. 

Damn. He got long and thick lashes. I let out an annoyed sigh. 

 "Fine. Keys." I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm looking for my keys."


"Yes, keys!" I said as I removed his hand from my arm. 

 “My keys!”

“Okay. Sure. No problem.”

I was taken aback when he lowered his head and felt his lips on mine. He was kissing me! 

What the! It took me a few seconds to recover. With eyes wide, I pushed him away from me. “Jerk! Pervert!” I shouted at him. 

My chest was bearing loudly inside my chest. I felt lightheaded. I didn't know if it was because of the shock by what he did to me. 

“Jerk? But you said keys right?”

I gasped. Then I widened my eyes at him. "I said keys, car keys, asshole!"

I noticed the key on the floor near the doorway. I picked it up before I turned to him. "This is what I'm talking about!" I said as I showed him my key and wiggled it in front of him. "Not…the kiss you…gave me!" I felt my cheeks heated with annoyance. I stared at his lips. 

"You asshole!" 

He pursed his lips. "You shouldvs made it clear." He shrugged. "It's just a smack. It's not even a proper kiss."

"Of course its a kiss. I felt your lips over mine! 

“I hate you!”

"Well, didn't you like it?" 

"Come on, that's just a kiss." He shrugged. 

"That's my first kiss!" 

"Do you want me to kiss you again? You know, I can give you a proper first kiss."

I gave him a deadly look before I pushed him away from me. "Asshole."

I opened the door. "Get out! Get out before I drag your ass outside."

He looked at me. "Hey, Miss…I'm—" 

"Just get out." I cut him off. 


He left the office. 

I let out a sigh and absentmindedly placed my fingers on my lips. I couldn't believe I just had my first kiss. I lost my first kiss to an asshole.

I closed my eyes and grabbed the keys tightly. Damn him. 

Shit! I need to go. I glanced at my watch and realized that I lost thirty minutes. I hurriedly left the office and went back to the parking area. 

I immediately started my car and drove to the restaurant where I'd meet my parents and Uncle Arnold's family. 

 I immediately spotted my parents at the restaurant. They were seated on the corner. They were three on the table. My parents and Uncle Arnold. 

"Cadi, you're here."

I gave my parents a kiss on their cheeks before I turned to the man across from us. 

"Cadi, you've grown into a very beautiful lady." Uncle Arnold smiled at me. 

"Thank you, Arnold." I glanced at the vacant seat beside him. "Are we still waiting for someone?" I remembered my mother told me that we'll be dining with him and his son. 

"Yeah. My son." Uncle Arnold glanced at his watch. "He said he's already on the way. Oh, there he is."

My eyes followed Uncle Arnold's line of sight. 

My eyes widened when I saw a familiar man enter the restaurant. It was him. The bastard who stole her first kiss! 

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