The CEO's Babymaker
By clefairy
Date: February 24, 2023
Ch. 4Four

"Just wait for Mr. Harding, Ma'am," Denise told me as she led me to her boss's office. 

I glanced at her. The woman looked Asian with her chinky eyes and petite body. She must be in her mid-thirties. Or maybe not. Most Asians looked younger than their age. Must be the genes. 

I wondered how she became Aunt Marina's mole in this company. 

"Thank you." I gave her a smile before she left me alone. 

For my final interview, Denise told me I would be talking to Duke Everett Harding himself. 

"Remember, you have to act modest, Olivia," I reminded myself as I sat on the black leather couch. 

I picked up the glass of juice on the glass coffee table. I sipped on it while looking around the room. 

Duke Everett Harding's office was huge. It occupied half of the 45th floor of the building. My eyes stayed on the huge painting of Monet on the wall. In fairness, the man's got good taste in painting. 

Everything looked so expensive. From the glass floor to ceiling windows with the view of the city to the pristine carpet on the floor. 

"Miss Rose."

I stopped when I heard that baritone voice. I turned to where it came from. 

Duke Everett Harding, in flesh, was already walking towards me. 

I simply sucked him in. He was really tall. Probably six five in height. A foot taller than me. Now that he's in front of me, I realized he was more handsome up close. 

Those eyes... they were deep and in the shade of gray. They were defined more by his thick eyebrows and long lashes. 

His nose was chiseled, and his jaw sharp. His perfectly crisp black three-piece suit and dress pants made him even more fucking attractive. He could easily pass off as a GQ model. 

Thank heavens he's really fuckable. 

Because if not? It would take me a while before I'd agree to Aunt Marina's plans. I never had sex with a man I didn't find attractive. I have high standards in men. 

I cleared my throat and stood up from my seat. Now it's time for acting. "Mister Harding, I suppose?" I plastered my professional smile.

"Duke Harding." He extended his hand at me. I accepted it. 

His grip was firm, his fingers long. Hmm... I wonder how good those fingers are. 

I noticed he surveyed my look. Like what you see? 

"You're new in this industry?" Duke asked after he let go of my hand. The man took the seat across from me. 

In this industry? Babymaking industry? Wow, so is babymaking considered as a career or something? 

I wanted to laugh at my own thoughts. 

I pursed my lips. "Just new, Mr. Harding. I have a friend who also became a babymaker for a certain businessman," I continued. "The offer was tempting, so I wanted to try. I need money."

"So this is your first time... babymaking for someone?" 


"You wanted to be my babymaker for the money?" he asked, his thick eyebrows rising in what I could name as doubt. 

I nodded. Of course, I already prepared myself for that kind of question. "Yes, Sir. Ten million dollars is a huge amount of money. I have to work my ass off for five years before I earn that amount."

I pursed my lips. "Why? What do you think would be the other reason?" 

I wanted to nag myself for asking him that question. 

"Well... you see, Miss Rose." He said, his eyes were straight on me. "I'm quite popular with women. Are you sure you're not here because you want a piece of me?" 

I restrained myself from laughing. The nerve of this guy. He really thinks he's God's gift to women, huh. 

Now I understand why Alexander Harding made that kind of provision. The old man was probably afraid that his lineage would end with Duke. 

I cleared my throat. "No offense meant, but get over yourself, Mr. Harding. I admit you're handsome, but your face is just a bonus. I don't care who my client will be. I only care about the money."

He pursed his lips but didn't comment on that. I didn't know if he believed me or not. I couldn't read his face. 

"Besides, I didn't even know that you'd be my client," I continued. "I mean, I don't see any reason for you to hire a babymaker?" This time, I was the one who raised a brow. "Just like what you've said, you're quite popular with women." 

It seemed like he hadn't expected my response. He cleared his throat. "I want to have a kid, Miss Rose. But I don't want to get married or be in a relationship."

"Have you thought of artificial insemination?" I probed. 

"I wanted my kid to conceive in a natural way. I've read the cons of artificial insemination."

I hid my smirk. And that choice would be your downfall, Duke Harding. 

"I understand," I said in a casual voice. I picked up the glass of juice on the coffee table and sipped from it.

"I hope my secretary has already explained my conditions to you," Duke said in a serious tone. "You're only going to bear my child, Miss Rose. It will be stated in the contract that you will have no right to my child. That child will be mine alone. You will never be acknowledged as the mother."

I met his gaze. "I perfectly know what I'm getting myself into, Mr. Harding."

"Very well." He nodded before picking up the folder on the table. It contained my profile. 

"So how was your relationship with men? How many serious boyfriends did you have?" His eyes went back to me.

I blinked. I didn't expect he would still ask this. 

"Well... I only had one serious boyfriend." I wasn't actually lying. I only had one boyfriend in the past. Everyone else was nothing more than flings and one-night stands.  "Our relationship ended badly. Since then, I have never had any serious relationships, only casual ones…" 

Wait… That doesn't sound very modest. 

He nodded. "I only asked because I don't want any complications in our set-up, Miss Rose. I wanted to make sure that you're really single."

"Don't worry. I'm single. Very much so. My first and last serious relationship ended five years ago."

His eyes studied my face. "It says there in your profile that your last sexual encounter was five months ago."

Of course, I had to lie about that. It was in his qualifications! 

"Well... I've been busy the past months." I trailed off. 

"But you're into sex, aren't you?" He raised an eyebrow. "There's a reason I wanted a babymaker, not a surrogate. I wanted my child to be made in a natural way. That means you'll be having sex with me. Lots of sex, Miss Rose."

I bit my lower lip to stifle a chuckle. 

Wait till you discover how wild I can be. 

"Of course, I like sex. Who doesn't?" Damn, if I didn't have to act modest in front of him, I would have already seductively batted my eyelashes at him.

I saw how his brows shot up. "What's your favorite position, then?" 

I stilled. Wait. Is this a trick question? I thought he didn't want someone wild? Why did he ask me this? 

"F-favorite position?" I twisted my lips. Should I tell him the truth? damn "Uh…" 

Before I could answer, we were interrupted by a knock on the door, followed by Denise entering his office. 

"I'm sorry, Sir. Mr. Salvador came unannounced. He said he needed to talk to you about the recent Singapore deal."

"It's okay, Denise." Duke dismissed his secretary before turning to me. "I'm sorry, Miss Rose. I have to cut this off."

"No. It's okay..." 

We both stood up from our seats. 

He fixed the buttons of his coat. "I need to leave now. I'll just have my secretary escort you outside. She'll also contact you for the contract."

Duke was already walking towards the door when I realized what he had just said. 

Contract? Does that mean I'm already hired?

Before I could stop myself, I already called him. 

"Mr. Harding!" 

Duke stopped in the doorway and turned his head to me. 

"Cowgirl," I said, slightly grinning. "That's my favorite position in sex."

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