Loving Her
By Manogyna
Date: January 10, 2023
Ch. 7Chapter 6 continued

I wanted to hold my daughter to my chest and let her sleep in my arms so that she doesn't have any bad dreams. I wanted to make her feel secured in my embrace but our relationship was unfortunately not in the best terms.

I sent the maid to her room with a yellow sundress which I handpicked a few days back for her casual wear. The dress caught my sight at the first glance itself exhibited in the display box and I knew it was made for my beautiful daughter. I am now eagerly waiting for her at the dining table yearning to ask if she had a good night's sleep and see her in the dress I loved the most.

Will Robert be able to win the heart of his daughter?

Chapter 7


Setting an alarm I went to bed early yesterday night and woke up at 6 in the morning. For a change I did not have to stitch my tattered uniform or press my ragged clothes. I don't have to be anxious about my late school fees. I need not have to worry about the time and scolding I would receive from our principal for going to school late, the time I spent in stitching my old rags.

I don't have to fret about the pending bills my mother has to pay during the month or the late night shifts that she would take up only to fill the dishes on our dining table. Thankful for the difference everything felt refreshing and right at place. Robert owes so much to us.

Yesterday I saw an image of my mom in my dream. She was smiling at me with so much of happiness and gleam in her eyes. Her lips no longer looked pale and dry and there were no black marks under her eyes. She looked beautiful and at peace. It felt like her soul now rests in peace after years of assiduousness. She was right in front of me watching me with so much happiness.

The dream felt so real that I opened my eyes to look for her but there was no sign of mom. After that I could not sleep anymore. The indescribable feeling felt horrible. I don't know why but I went to the adjacent room where my dad slept. I looked at his sleeping form relaxing on the comfy mattress and instantly a despicable rage filled my stance. I immediately left his room blaring red.

The things he does to me just by seeing him.

After a few hours I got down the stairs completely dressed for my first day at school. As soon as I neared the dining table I could smell the delicious aroma of chocolate muffins. Mom always baked them on the first day of my school every year. They are always my favourite. But why do I smell them in this house?

As I neared the kitchen I found Robert moving to each corner of the polished platform making breakfast for both of us in a hurry. He soon saw me and greeted with a smile. "Your mom once told me that you like chocolate muffins and she bakes them every year on your first day of school to wish you good luck. I thought I should continue the tradition your mom started." He beams giving me a warm look and moves forward with a piece of cake in his hand to put it in my mouth.

The cake tasted very delicious just like the ones my mom prepared. I close my eyes and savour the flavour bringing one more to my lips. "Do you like the cake Princess?" Robert asks me with a lot of expectation? I did not want to please him especially after experiencing what he did to us. I simply nod at him masking all my emotions. He looked dejected but immediately masks it with a cheering smile telling me that he would come and pick me up from the school in the evening. I do not respond and simply take the pack he hands me for my school break.

My dad, I did not know what he actually was. In every moment that we spent with each other he felt very sweet and caring. He would take special care in getting my room decorated according to my liking. He would brief chefs of my favourite dishes. He was there to console and take care of me when I feared flying but again when I remember what he did to my mother I go back to phase one of a wilding tornado.

He has to pay back for his betrayal on me and mom.

My school closes by 4 in the evening and every day as promised my dad would appear near the school gate in the parking lot with his freaking Lamborghini Reventon. I learnt it is one of the latest models among the costliest cars available in the world. Of course he is a damn billionaire but who cares about his money. I am with him for the promise I made to mom on her death bed. Ones I reach my permissible age I am out of his snapping mansion in the next second.

We were travelling back to his home or rather a castle as usual in complete silence. I never intended to talk to him. In the initial days he used to make short talks trying to sound like our relationship was normal but subsequently he understood my specifications. Since then he kept to himself and I was on my own. We spoke only when required. Nevertheless he took every care about me starting from speaking to my teachers about my progress in studies to my every domestic requirement.

Why being so cheesy? He can never fool me and win my heart like he did to mom. I am not her.

A few weeks later....

As usual we were having our dinner in silence when he spoke to me.

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