Loving Her
By Manogyna
Date: January 10, 2023
Ch. 5Chapter 5 continued

But unfortunately he seems to have already noted it. Within a second I was brought into an encapsulation of protective arms holding me to a hard chest.

The feeling felt foreign to me as I was never bestowed to experience fatherly affection. Yet the blissful moment brought an unveiling delectation in my heart.

So this is how a dad takes care about his daughter.

After years of starving warmth I felt myself ones again as an infant lying completely shielded in the arms of my father.

The sensation was anomalous, entirely strange, still it was ironically pleasurable.

"Princess, you are going to be okay. I hire the best pilots around the globe. There is nothing for you to fear." Robert murmurs to me making soothing circles on my back latching me to his warm chest. He looked at my tearing eyes and wiped the liquid away with his fingers. Though I hated my dad for abandoning me and mom yet for this moment I want to forget everything and stay cocooned in his arms. Running his hands on my back he succeeds to calm me down. My eyelids drop automatically as my body begins to accept his gentleness.


Opening my eyes with the intruding rays of light peeping from the window curtains I look around and notice I was in a girl's bedroom.

Probably it was his daughter's bedroom which she was generous enough to share with me.

The foreign feeling brought a pit in my stomach with which I was not ready to come to terms. 'He' left my mom long back. He probably remarried and has a daughter. I wasn't prepared to share 'him' though it was the dumbest statement that could have ever made.

Angelica, why do you keep dreaming and expect too much?
The room was extortionately decorated and screamed opulent designed in a princess theme which was my most favourite. The curtains were light pink embellished in a forest design. On the other side was a comforter with teddy bears placed on it in different sizes. The bed I was sleeping had a big golden crown as its headboard complementing the idea. A purple bed sheet covered the mattress with prints of fairies holding magic wands. Towards one corner was a huge reading table made of African black wood and the other corner had a massive doll house my best-loved part.

Staying with my mom, I couldn't lead a rich life style but I was a big fan of Barbie. With the little money my mom saved, she often brought me Barbie and Betty dolls. After I finish my homework I often play with my dolls which are my dearest past time.

Taking some more time hogging the blankets, I rid myself out of sleep and feel the need to pee. I look around the room finally to trace a washroom. It was equally expensive and beautiful with lavish bathroom fittings and even a Jacuzzi. I complete my chores when I hear a muffled sound from the bedroom. Looking over I find an elderly lady smiling at me warmly. She was holding some clothes in her hands. Placing them on the bed she tells me in her motherly voice "Little madam, sir is waiting for you at the dining table. After you finish dressing up, you can come down and have your breakfast with him.

I take a relaxing bath setting the required temperature and filling my tub with bubbles. After the shower I look at the dress placed on the bed with a towel draped around my body. It was a beautiful yellow summer frock with red polka dots on it. Getting ready I go down the stairs to meet dad whose eyes were stationed reading the newspaper in his hands.

Noting me occupy one of the dining chairs he diverts his eyes from the paper, placing the reading glasses on the table and looks at me with a gentle smile. I greet him as a form of courtesy though nothing can change my aversion for him for betraying me and my mom. "Princess did you have a pleasant sleep?" He asks me tenderly. I nod my head to his answer and start to eat the mouth watering breakfast of bacon, fried eggs, toast and pancakes placed on the table. Watching me for a while with his loving eyes he asks me further. "Did you like your room Princess?" I turn my eyes from the palatial plate looking at him wonder struck. "Was that my room?" My voice was almost in a whisper unable to believe the words he just spoke. He simply nods with a tender smile on his face. My lips slightly part. A slow grin was casually taking its place changing into a wide smile. "I like it very much." I answer him with a bright smile. My eyes were still gleaming in happiness like shining stars in the sky. "I am glad you like it. I know you are a huge fan of Barbie and princesses. So I got your room decorated in your favourite core."  He speaks to me in a voice full of affection.

Angelica, don't fall for him. He is using all his grace to make you melt just like your mom did.... years ago.

Few minutes later after I almost finish my breakfast he begins to speak ones again. "Princess tomorrow will be the first day of your school. Get ready by 8'o clock. I will be dropping you at school and then be going to my office."

Hush Baby! It's just tomorrow that I am even joining a school. He is cool and damn impressive in everything he administers. No wonder my mother fell for his charms.
Chapter 6


Margaret my wife, she was the sweetest person I ever had in my life. I fell in love with her at my first sight but woefully it was the toughest struggle to have her in my life. She was a simple girl, very beautiful, hailing from a decent family.

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