Loving Her
By Manogyna
Date: January 10, 2023
Ch. 4Chapter 4 continued

My mom starts to speak ones again to him in her weakening voice. "Robert I have failed you as your wife but you were always there beside me to support us like an invisible Angel. I left you with arrogance that I would manage everything of my own but depended on you in every path I stepped." She cries hugging him. "I am sorry I couldn't hold you in a respectable position in the eyes of our only daughter. I not only failed you but also our daughter as a mom."

Robert holds her firmly to his chest but doesn't speak a word. Holding back his tears he draws soothing circles on my mom's back and then whispers. "I excused you long back Margaret and I promise you I will take care of our daughter no matter she accepts me as her father or not."

After a few seconds my mom's moments stop. Holding her a few inches away dad perceives her and then the tears which he held since a while freely fall like a never ending rain. He looks at me with his dejected eyes and whispers "princess your mom is no more."

I run to my mom as tears well my eyes and circle my arms around her. I was not ready to accept what Robert said moments ago. "Mom, please open your eyes." I cry. "I promise to stay strong just as you want me to be. I will be a good girl and never disobey you and dad." I wail holding my mother. But she doesn't move. My dad reaches me to console but I distance myself from him and burst into a yowl.


Wake and funeral of my mom were performed. Many guests gathered to express their heartfelt condolences. My mom held a special place in every one's heart being a kind and generous woman.

A few days later as promised to her I pack my stuff and get ready to leave to Robert's place. "Princess are you ready? The car is waiting outside." I hear him say and move to the entrance to find a white limo waiting for us. Looking at the scoring rich vehicle I understand he must be really loaded but who cares.

Two men dressed in black suits follow me with my luggage in their hands. One of them opens the back door of the car for me to sit and the other transfers the luggage into the trunk. A few seconds later Robert comes out of the house and instructs something to one of the person with the black coat.

He opens the door on the other side and sits beside me. His securities lock the entrance and the engine of the car starts. I look back for one last time at our little home holding my tears where I and my mom spent the best days of our life.

After a few minutes we enter the private area of the airport on the backyard. On the plane were written in big bold letters 'The Evans'. My dad is a wealthy billionaire and manages a chopper of his own. Yet my mom had to work three jobs to support us for two meals a day. What a pity! I give a sarcastic smile to myself. The more I am coming to know about this crook, the greater is my growing aversion towards him.

Bringing me out of the reverie he speaks to me in his velvety voice. "Princess get inside the chopper." I give him the dirtiest glare I can and sit inside one of the aristocratic extremely comfortable seats. He sits opposite to me and opens his laptop to work.

A few seconds later the announcement was made that we will be reaching New York in another five hours from now. So he lives in New York. I detest even his presence across me so it is obvious I would never ask where he lives. A lady comes to us with a gentle smile on her face as soon as our plane begins to move. She asks us what we would like to have for our breakfast and my dad lists her with all the details of our menu in a language I don't understand. I had never been to rich homes and aristocratic places. I wonder what he had ordered for us and hope that tastes good as I am starving already.

As though hearing my inner voice he speaks with a soft smile on his face "princess I have ordered everything you love. Orange juice, chicken sandwiches and your most favorite chocolate pancakes." My eyes go wide in surprise. How does he know my preferences?

Soon our breakfast arrived and I consume the food happily relishing every bit of it. This was the first time I was boarding a flight. My mom couldn't even afford a bus for us. Thinking of a flight would only happen in my dreams. On the contrary my father is freaking opulent that he could afford a private chopper yet never turned back even to look at us.

What a calculative delinquent that he is. I hate his guts to abandon my mom though she was foolish to leave him instead of leading an affluent life.

Chapter 5


After I savour a flavouring breakfast to my satisfaction my stomach was full within a few minutes. The plane slowly began to pick up its speed and seconds later we were high in the sky. As this was the first time I was flying I was starting to feel slightly anxious. I had a phobia towards flights right since my childhood but was never exposed to such a fear as me and my mom were a family always below the poverty line barely able to meet our ends.

With the passage of time I begin to feel more nervous and start perspiring. I did not want Robert to know my weakness and so I turned my face to the window with my hands trembling, covered between my knees.

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