A CEO for Christmas
By M.D. LaBelle
Date: December 9, 2022
Ch. 1Falling Into His Arms

“Hey honey, what do you think of this?” I ask sweetly as my voice echoes throughout the room while I slowly open the door to our penthouse at the top of the Anderson Building.
The Anderson Building is the tallest in all New Atlanta. So called that, because about ten years ago, the city became a blazing inferno as soon as the rioters took over. After everything was all said and done, not a building was left standing, and I was lucky to be here.
If it hadn’t been for Joseph Anderson, my soon to be husband, I would have been one of the many burned alive. However, as luck so has it, he was driving by in his Hummer, when he saw me stranded on the street and took pity on me. From that moment on, I was head over heels in love with him and not just because he saved me.
“Honey, where are you?” I call out as I walk to the kitchen and deposit the brown paper grocery bag on the counter.
Then, because I am getting more and more curious, I round the corner to the stairs. That is when I hear his familiar voice calling out, “Baby, you know that I love the way you get when I fuck you hard like this.”
Shocked, I stop in my tracks. Not only am I appalled at what I am hearing but can’t believe it. As I begin to question my own sanity, I finally proceed to the door at the end of the hallway while my heels dig into the plush cream carpet and Squoosh with every step I take.
Tears begin to cascade down my cheeks like waterfalls because I know the voice of the woman as soon as I hear it. “Joseph Anderson, I want you to pound me harder. I want to feel you in my guts. Now.” Why, it is none other than my best friend, or so I thought, Madelaine Dane.
When I feel a sudden burst of adrenaline, I can’t stop myself and wrap my fingers around the brass door handle. As I give it a hefty shove, I watch both their heads whip around in mid thrust and stare at me as if I was doing something horribly wrong. I cry out, “How dare you!” at the top of my lungs and then rush over to where Madelaine is bent over the chair.
I raise my hand and smack her as hard as I can before I hear the crack of bone breaking against my palm. Promptly turning around, I walk out the door without a second thought. Right before I leave the penthouse, I have one thought in my head to grab my purse and then I am off. Off down the stairs as quickly as can be. Out the front door and then I am left standing in the street in front of the building.
“Now what?” I murmur under my breath as the tears still flow down my cheeks.
Thank goodness I had left my coat on and didn’t shed that before heading towards the bedroom or I would be freezing as well as crying in front of everyone as they stare at me in judgement. Who are they to look down upon me as I stand here in my moment of need? As for Joseph and Madelaine, I hope they get their just rewards in the end.
A few minutes later, I decide to take my leave and head down to the café at the corner. There at least I will be able to wipe off my face and clean up before figuring out what to do next, because not only am I penniless without Joseph, but I have no other family to fall back on. They all died in the fire when I was just a young teen.
As I walk quickly in the snow towards the café, I can’t help but to wonder if this had been happening the whole time. Ever since I can remember, Madelaine knew us both. Were they intimate even before I was with Joseph? God only knows the times they laughed at me in the darkness after he sent me out for something at the store. For she must have always been in the shadows, lurking, and waiting for her chance to jump in and take over. I can only imagine now that they are laughing and having a grand old time at my expense. Matter of fact, I bet that if I went back up there right now, they are probably sitting there laughing their asses off.
Shaking my head, I close my eyes for a split second as I stop while waiting for the light to change. When I open them, I see that it has turned green, and I could walk across if I was careful. Just as I take a step forward, I feel a hand on my elbow pulling me back. I turn my head and stare at an older grey-haired gentleman with caring eyes, who then says softly, “You don’t want to do that. I have seen too many people getting hit on this corner because of that very thing.”
He smiles at me with a look of concern in his eyes and then he adds, “By the way, I am Frank. I hope you are alright Ms.?”
Smiling in return, I try to reassure him that I am, even though I feel the exact opposite. However, a moment later, there is no need because the green hand lights up and we both walk across. After that I do not see him again as he gets lost in the crowd in front of me. Making my way to the café, I feel a sense of relief when I open the door and Cindy stands there with a smile on her face.
“Well, look who the cat dragged in?” she says in her southern accent while she balances a platter of food in one hand and a cup of piping hot coffee in the other.
After turning around and safely placing it on the table, she states, “Have a seat anywhere, Hope. I will be with you in a minute.”
Smiling, I decide to sit in the far back corner, out of prying eyes. Also, that way I can watch anyone who walks in from the street. I like it back here because I can hide in the darkness of the shadows and pretend that I don’t exist for the moment at least.
Once I settle on in, I take off my heavy red woolen coat from Macy’s that surely cost Joseph a fortune. Now that I think of it, I don’t care if he spent a fortune on it, because it was less that he had to spend on her then. And if I were to be honest, I should have realized that something was going on between the two of them, but I was too naïve to know any better.
“How stupid could I have been?” I think to myself as I wait for Cindy to walk over to the table and take my order.
The moment I see her sashay towards me with those big blue eyes and that long curly blonde hair, I can’t help but to smile. That girl has a way with everything, including the room. As I glance around from table to table, I notice that all eyes are on her, even the women can’t help but to stare at her derriere as it moves from side to side. While I stifle a laugh, she asks sweetly, “So, sweet cheeks. What can I get you this fine day? And where is your soon to be hubby?”
Hesitating, I blow the air from my lungs, and a stray dark brown hair slides over an inch in the way of my green eyes. I raise my hand and move it to my right side before I reply in a whisper so no one else can hear, “I just walked out on him because he had my best friend bent over a chair in our penthouse. I came home and to my surprise they were going at it.”
“How dare he. Let me at him!” she exclaims as she scans the room around us.
Raising my hands, I state softly, “No, no. I should have known. He hadn’t been interested me for a while now. For someone who was just about to marry me, he acted like my brother. I guess I was just too blind in love to see what was right in front of me.”
As she places her hand on my shoulder, she leans down and kisses me softly on the cheek before she asks with concern in her voice, “What will you do now? Do you need a place to stay? Do you even have any other family?”
“I have been trying to figure that out. I think right now the best thing I can do is get the hell out of dodge. I need to find a place where I can disappear in the crowd, but not here. Some other place where no one has ever met me or Joseph before.” I state flatly as I realize that I don’t even have enough money for coffee.
Seeing that I am destitute when I pull out my purse and have no money besides Joseph’s credit card, she smiles and then says in a hushed tone, “Wait right here. I am going to get you a cup of coffee to go, a donut and I have some money I have been saving for quite a while now. I know you are good for it and as soon as you get back on your feet, you will pay me back.”
Grateful beyond compare, I smile and nod as I watch her walk back to the kitchen. A few minutes later when she finally returns, she has an envelope in one hand with a brown paper bag, and in the other she is holding a Styrofoam coffee cup. She is smiling as she stares down at me and says quietly, “Take this and then once you are wherever you are going, give me a jingle. I want to make sure you are in good hands.”
When I stand up, I hug her tightly before I take the packages and then say gratefully, “Thank you. You have no idea just how much this means to me. The last thing I can do is use Joseph’s money, because then he will find me and for all I know come after me. Thank you so much again.”
She hugs me warmly and then says, “Now get out of here before he does come looking for you. I know damn well that if you don’t leave and he begs for you to come back, you will.”
Knowing that to be the truth, I pull on my coat and take out my matching leather gloves before heading on out.
“Now where to?” I ask myself before I see the sign for the bus station.
When the lightbulb goes off in my head, I decide that it is New York City for me or bust. So, after a three-hour trip on a crowded and sweaty smelling bus, I step off and slide straight into the arms of a tall, dark and handsome man of which I have no idea who he is.

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