Erotic Feelings
By Yana
Date: November 24, 2022
Ch. 6Chapter 6

"Oh, this girl is so serious. You are now calling me by my full name," she said sarcastically.

If only I had her with me, I probably would have hit her. She really is annoying! Especially when I have this problem, she teases me even more instead of helping me.

"Stop joking. It's not funny, Ariana. You need to come with me. I'm getting dressed," I whispered. Even though I haven't really dressed yet.

"Uh-oh? I can't go with you. I'm sorry."

"W-what? W-why?" I was confused.

Why can't it? Well, we were just together last night.

"Mom took me here in our province. I need time and space for myself. Still can't move on that Larry were gone," I felt her voice on the other line grow sad. I heard her sigh.

"He's alive. For pete's sake!" I shouted.

"Yeah. I know," her response was still not lively.

I really can't force Ariana when her mood is this bad. I'm sure she doesn't have a bill with her by chance.

"How is that? You really can't go with me?" I asked hopelessly.

I closed my eyes with a loud sigh and put the phone on loudspeaker and threw it on the side of the bed.

"Duh? I'm rich but I'm not a superhero who can fly and go there anytime!" I heard her whisper.

"A'ight. I can leave alone." None of my own behavior while staring out the window of my room.

I'll just escape my dad's eyes.

THE SURROUNDINGS were dark and quiet, but I decided to buy some sparkling wine at a convenient store. Even though all the windows in the mansion were open, I was suffocating. I don't really seem to last at home for a few hours. Just sleep and then leave again.

If I only get his sermon everyday, who wouldn't run away?

At least, I know, it still makes me a child.

Regardless of the cold weather carried by the wind. It's two o'clock in the morning but I don't mind the darkness around me. I'm not afraid of ghosts. For me, that's childish.

I prefer darkness over sunlight. That's why I love the combination of black and red. Fierce and hot.

While walking and meditating, thinking about how I was going to escape without being in Canada, suddenly a bright light hit me directly in my eyes, so I immediately closed my eyes.


"Ma'am, where are you going?" I heard a man ask.

"Stupid! How can I answer you if I'm avoiding my face from the light of your flashlight?" I snorted so the light that was focused on me disappeared.

After that I looked at him badly. I might hit him with what he was holding.

The stupid guard immediately obeyed. When he saw me, he suddenly bowed.

"I didn't know it was you at first, Ma'am Ria. Sorry—"

I didn't let him finish speaking. I widened my eyes at him.

"It's Victoria. Are we close?" I will clarify. Ria my ass. We're not close so he should call me by my full name.

He bowed. "I-I'm sorry, Ma'am."

"Leave me alone. You're destroying my night." I even avoided the bottle of wine I was holding.

If I'm annoyed, I'll smash it in his face.

I opened the bottle again and looked into space.

"Well, Ma'am. I'm sorry but it's not allowed to wander around at this time." I looked at him intently.

Does he know what he's talking about? Fuck.

"Fuck! Even you? You're treating me like a kid! I'm twenty-three, hey." I scared him with my sight. I saw that his hands were shaking. Confused, whether to follow the sworn duty or me that he can't handle.

"S-sorry, I can't—"

"I'm with her." We both stopped arguing when someone interrupted our conversation. "You can go now," he said while looking at the guard. He quickly left and sped away.

I simply covered my mouth when I saw his whole body. As in, that's just to make this fool not happy that I was surprised by his presence.

He's wearing a white shirt and black jersey shorts. Enough to show his overflowing body.

This man is just simple but he is still cool.

"You seem troubled again," He came to me grinning. What else does he need?

I didn't answer him but just looked away. I heard him slowly approach me.

"Walking in the middle of the night, with..." he stopped speaking for a moment, when I glanced at him he was already looking at the bottle I was holding. "... a bottle of wine. Confirmed. You are problematic," he continued to tease and then nodded his head.

He walked closer to me again and when we were level, he removed my hair that was covering my face with a gentle breeze.

I was stunned for a moment because of what he did. What right does he have to touch my hair? He is a jerk.

I was about to raise my hand to hit him when he suddenly smiled and I became a statue again. Fuck. What is happening to me?

Where is my flirtatious go? Why doesn't it come out?

Until now he is still cool. And I was even more annoyed by his presence when I remembered what happened at Larry's party.


"You are Cloud?" I asked in shock while pointing to the face of the man who saved me.

"Maybe, I don't have a twin?" He shrugged innocently and tried to get three wines when a waiter passed by us.

But I didn't drink it. I stared at Cloud for a long time. He seems familiar to me. I just don't remember if I ever saw him or one of my bedmates. But I'm sure I know his eyes.

I just can't really remember.

"Wait. Wait! Yes, Victoria. He is Cloud. The one I am—" I didn't let Ariana finish speaking.

"Yes, I remember. Is he the one you're talking about—"

I closed my eyes in annoyance when I was surprised by what Ariana did. She immediately covered my mouth much to my surprise.

What did I just say? Oh crap! I almost dropped Ariana.

"Swollen? Is it good?" Cloud asked us laughingly.

"Hell, no! Because Ariana told me that you were the one who spent your expenses," I explained at length. But Cloud laughed harder.

"As far as I remember, I didn't spend a penny when I was with Ariana," he defended.

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