Erotic Feelings
By Yana
Date: November 24, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5

"ARE YOU really not following my request anymore, Victoria?" Dad shouted angrily when I came down from the room. I just woke up and I'm not in the mood but here he is staring, this old man is shouting at me.

It's past 8 o'clock in the evening and yes, I just woke up. I just came home this afternoon and slept. I didn't sleep at night either because I wasn't sleepy. We stayed until the afternoon with Larry because he was leaving this country.

I ignored Dad and continued down the stairs. My head is slightly bowed but I can see from one part of my vision his wrinkled forehead looking at me.

It's a good thing he's not having a heart attack because of all the yelling he's doing here inside the house. It's just surprising because he's always mad.

By the way, he's just forty-three years old. It's not obvious from his body because it's still brusque. Even his face does not reflect his age. Only a small mustache between his lips and nose makes his face dirty.

"I told you not to be friendly with other guys, right? Why can't you just follow? Why don't you understand that? Even with Andrew's son!" he asked again.

And now, he is talking about Larry. Ever since I met Larry, he has been keeping me away from my male friend. I don't understand why. He doesn't give any reasons that are good enough for me to understand. And he expected me to understand that right away.

"And what did I hear? There were men at Larry's house last night. A lot of men—"

"Dad! You're overacting!" My ears were straining to listen.

Damn! What's wrong with being friends with a man? Does that make me pregnant? It would be good if all my male friends, I'm talking about. I know my limits! I don't fuck my friends.

"I am not overacting, Victoria. You know how much I care about you. If I let you down, you might not have finished school!"

Annoyed, I headed to the kitchen to make my own coffee. I didn't even bother to listen to Dad's next speeches. I'm sure his incessant sermon will last for an hour. And the fact that he keeps saying that he is my only family is the only way for me to leave him again.

He always says that it is because of him that I am here today, that my life is good, that I have finished my education. And because of him, I get everything I want even though I don't have my own job. Because everything I spend comes from his business.

Yes, I'm lucky. I still think I'm lucky because I'm in this state in life, because I get the things I can afford, because I can eat everything I want to eat, because I can do the things I want to do. But not all. Because he always stops me.

And I don't want to be blamed for all that. I want to work, I want to earn with my own mind and strength, but he is the one who stops me. He said I don't need to work anymore because he supports me. He said I don't need to study our business because he knows I will take the initiative to study it.

I don't have my own decision because he opposes everything. I can't reprimand because I still have a heart. I know he is my father. But of course, I'm already an adult.

Why doesn't he just stay in another country? At least there, he has no reprimanded daughter. And I have no eyes here. He can't consume me every day yet. Does he not want a peaceful life? Because I want to.

"Go to your room," he ordered sternly. He didn't even bother to look at me. He remained seated with his head bent over the newspaper he was reading.

I started walking up to my room. I could hear the soft footsteps of my house slippers. But I immediately stopped when Dad spoke again.

"Next month, you will come with me to Canada. I will bring you there," he said.

I turned to his behavior but couldn't say anything because he quickly got up and left the house.

I don't like Canada. Damn! He took me to every country he could think of as long as it wasn't Canada.

I quickly entered my room and immediately searched for my cell phone to call Ariana. I put down the cup of coffee I was holding on my vanity table and then dialed Ariana's number.

"Ariana!" I checked my door if I locked it when she answered the call.

I sat on the bed but I felt uneasy so I lay down. But especially, I can't really feel comfortable in my position because the last words my father said to me earlier are bothering me.

If it was a different position maybe and I was with a man, I would definitely fail afterwards.

My mischievous imagination was interrupted when Ariana spoke.

"Yes, why?"

This time, I remembered again the reason why I called her.

"I have a problem! I need you!" I tried to calm my voice but it didn't seem to work.

Canada? Next month? It's so close!

"Problem? Maybe you're just inviting me to drink, huh. I'm on my period today. And girl, you have your own bar inside your house. Why do you have to go out?" I heard Ariana laugh like a demon.

Wow, no sympathy at all. I was told I had a problem.

But, she's right. We have our own mini bar inside our house. But that can't be used whenever I want. Usually, that room is only open when there are social gatherings or events here at home. But because our family reunion is still far away, he has been closed for several months.

I closed my eyes in annoyance. "I need someone to talk to and not alcohol, Ariana Claire!" My voice rose slightly. But the truth is, I just really want to drink. Just in denial to pretend to be a bit shy.

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