Erotic Feelings
By Yana
Date: November 24, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4

"WHAT THE HELL happened to you, Victoria?" Ariana asked me hysterically when she saw me from that man. I kept silent and decided not to answer her query. "Omg. Are you okay?" she asked again when getting no answer from me.

I could see the shock in Ariana's wide eyes as she watched the man make me land on a chair.

I couldn't speak immediately. I'm confused by what happened. Weakness that cannot be understood. Of course, this isn't the first time this has happened to me because I haven't kissed someone I don't know once either, but I feel like I can't even speak. It was too tiring even though I didn't do much.

Fortunately, this cool guy came who almost left me and the man I was with lost my desire in the dark. Maybe the pain in his stomach is gone. And I don't even care about that.

Another guest immediately approached me. Surrounded as if I had committed a crime and forced to speak. I felt a tingling sensation in my whole body with the alcohol I drank earlier, I was just now getting tired.

I closed my eyes when Ariana poked my forehead.

"What was that for?" I asked as I stroked my hurt forehead.

"What the hell did you do to get like that?" She looked at me sharply. Even the man who was carrying me who was now smoking next to me, he also looked at me. "You have a lot of mud on your body. Go home now," she added coldly, kicking the man who saved me again. She folded his arms and looked around. As if avoiding looking at my situation again.

Does she really hate me? I might slap him. I tortured him even though he wasn't looking at me.

"She can stay here, Ariana," Larry spoke.

But I didn't panic. If they can look sharp at me, I look sharper. Even though my ribs hurt, I forced myself to get up. Larry was quick to support me but I stopped him.

"No, I can manage. Thanks," I said sparingly. After finally getting up from sitting, I tried to stand up. But in the end, I lost. I immediately fell on the chair and gasped because of the pain in my leg.

"Alright, unfortunate girl, sleep here. I'll stay with you," I looked at Ariana who was still angry. I secretly smirked because of what she said. "Don't act as if I am happy. I'll just be with you since I can't leave you just like that."

My grin turned into a sweet smile. Not because I know she's worried but because she wants to be with Larry for a long time. I know that she wants to stay here. It's a good thing that the three of us are best friends. There is no problem when we sleep in the same bed.

I just don't know about Ariana. She might creep Larry because he will be gone for several months.

Ariana has dismissed the curious people who surrounded me earlier. The party continued as if nothing had happened. Larry also returned to his place where he was drinking with his male friends.

"Have you ever thanked that man?" Ariana poked me. I turned to the direction she was pointing.

Oh! She is talking about a man who feels like a superhero… who saved me.

"Why? Who is that?"

"He picked you up and everything, you don't know his name? You are unbelievable! You always end up with a man you don't even know. I don't know if you are interested in me or not."

I shook my head. "Would I ask if I knew—oh! Fuck!" I glared at Ariana when she suddenly pressed my leg that she was currently massaging.

"I think Larry is not my crush anymore!" She looked like a teenager who was thrilled while her two arms were wrapped around her own body. She look stupid.

"Oh, c'mon, Ariana. We both know you love Larry and no one else," I said.

When we don't know anything about sex yet, Larry is what she wants. She almost undresses in front of the man, she just stares at him and then she says that Larry is no longer her crush? I don't let her fool me.

"Why? Can't that change over time?" She glared at me. I pretended to be shocked then we burst out laughing.

"And who is the man who ruined my favorite loveteam?"

"There!" Ariana pointed in the direction of a man.

I was surprised when she pointed to the man who saved me. He smoked a cigarette before throwing away the butt. She put both hands in his left pocket again and slowly came towards us. He sighed a few times and I almost choked on my own saliva when our eyes met.

What the heck.

"Hi, you can join us here," Ariana flirtatiously asked the young man. She even moved the seat next to mine and invited the man to sit there.

I frowned at what Ariana did. She is like a dog drooling over a man's bones. Stare at that man who did nothing but be cool.

"Hi. Is that your friend?" the man asked Ariana. Its index finger is pointing at me.

I will answer. "That's my best friend, why? Is there a problem?"

He briefly glanced at me then looked at Ariana again.

"I see," he said. "Next time, don't leave her alone."

My ears rang. "Excuse me. What am I, a child?"

But instead of answering, he just grinned at me. My face got hot with annoyance. I don't know why his aura is so strong on me and that aura of his is annoying. His face was just teasing.

Is it related to Satan?

"Oh, well. I forgot to introduce you properly to her. She is Victoria—Ria for short—my best friend," said Ariana at length. The man looked surprised to know my identity. But that shock was immediately recovered when he shook his head a few times. After that, he was silent.

Even Ariana was afraid of the man's reaction. As if it was not enough for him to say that he didn't care. I don't even care about him, duh!

But I was surprised when he suddenly stood up and slowly faced me then extended his hand in front of me.

"Cloud... I am Cloud Samson. Nice to know you, Victoria."

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