Erotic Feelings
By Yana
Date: November 24, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3

"Ohh..." I moaned as he cupped both my cheeks and gave me his torturing kiss. His hands landed on some part of my body while showering me with kisses.

Tonight is Larry's Farewell Party. While they were busy talking and taking care of the guests, I was also busy chatting with a man I just picked up somewhere. We immediately went to the dark part of Larry's wide yard where the party was held. And since I have been here several times at Larry's resthouse, the place where we can do what we are doing now has not been difficult for me.

Yes. I drank but I'm not drunk. I just want to make out now. And he was lucky when I pulled him. Whose guest it is I don't know. But he looks like someone is fighting when it comes to wealth. Maybe one of Larry's friends that I don't know.

Well, Larry is our friend. Especially Ariana. Their parents are friends so even they became friends. I only met them when I entered high school. Larry is my superhero way back then. I remembered that I was a greedy disgrace back then.

"You're hot." I dreamed when I heard what the man said. It still continues to touch my neck and face with small kisses. He seems to be bored.

Suddenly my mood changed. I gently pushed him to go away.

"Everyone's calling me like that. So cliche!" I flipped my hair.

Now, I'm bored.

"Nice making out with you. I have to go," I coldly said. I felt him hold my arm firmly to stop me. "What? I'm done with you,"

"Well, I am not. I want more." I could see the excitement in his eyes. But I didn't care about that. I violently removed my arm from his hold. And when I got out I gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Next time, try harder. You're boring." I glanced at him before leaving the tree where we were hiding. But I was only a few steps away when he immediately caught my waist.

He quickly pulled me again and pressed a kiss. I immediately became a promoter. I pushed him but because his body was big compared to me, I couldn't do anything but scream.

The people were busy, the music was loud in the party area, we were far away from their place. They will not really notice that something is happening here where we are standing. Good or bad.

"Let me go, Idiot!" I kick him but it doesn't even hit him. He managed to violently pull me back to the tree again and leaned against it.

"You can't leave me when I'm enjoying it. Do you understand?" He said hard. Combined warmth and longing can be seen in his eyes.

I fought his gaze while drawing strength to get away.

"Well, it's not my fault if you're boring to be with." At the same time as I said that, I kicked him hard on his treasured property.

He bent down and writhed in pain. I didn't waste any more time. I quickly ran away from that place. But my towering heels didn't work. I tripped on the grassy floor. I tried to stand up but I couldn't because my feet hurt immediately. It's like a pinched nerve.

'Now, you're dead, Victoria! Pray for your life.'

"Got you, baby." In the end the daring man grabbed me again.

"You can't get anything from me, idiot!" I shouted at him. But he looks like a drunk on the corner with shabu. Losing consciousness due to the call of the flesh.

Since I was lying on the dirty and grassy ground he was able to lay himself on me freely. On several occasions he rained on my neck again. It was more violent than before because it went down to the top of my chest. As I struggled, he got stronger. He can do everything freely because his one hand holds both of my arms. I couldn't even kick my legs because of the pain of my fall.

'Fuck this, guy!'

"You let me claim you, woman." The man would laugh and whisper to me while kissing the back of my ear. I violently turned my face left and right to annoy him.

"I won't open my thighs to a bore like you." I grinned.

"You're the only one who said I'm boring." He tried to raise himself up at the insult I was doing.

"Maybe it's because I'm the only one you kissed---"

I was shaken when he hit my face hard with the back of his palm.

"Fuck you and your boring kisses!" I shouted that in his face with all my might which made him even more angry. "Help me!" I shouted again.

"Nobody can hear you here!" he shouted too. He stopped what he was doing to my body. I can feel the tremor in his voice. Shaking because of his anger. I secretly grinned.

"Says, who?" I turned to the source of the voice but I couldn't see it.

The man I was with now lost his grip on me. I found a way to forcefully roll against his direction.

And that's when I saw the man with the brusque voice who saved me.

"Do you know that physically hurting a woman is against the law of the constitution and the law of God?"

He slowly stepped closer to us with both of his hands clasped. Even if only small lights illuminate the dark surroundings, his beautiful eyes did not escape me, looking directly at the man who was taking advantage of me.

"And did you know that if you hurt this woman again, I'll hurt you even more?" He said calmly as if the bad look in front of him was not on him.

"Why? Do you know this girl?" asked the boring man.

"You? Do you know her?"

'Like fools.'

"She makes the first move, men. I don't know her." My eyes widened at what the boring man said.

'The fuck?'

The man with the beautiful eyes looked at me with a frown.

'Damn! Why don't I know their two names?'

"I see. It was you who approached. I'm a spear," he said then quickly turned around. It still sucks.

I was surprised when he didn't actually stop walking. I tried to stand up but my legs hurt immediately.

"Hey, cool guy. Don't leave me here, you lettuce. My feet hurt!" I shouted. He immediately stopped to glance at my feet.

I didn't pay any attention to that boring man who gave me a look and then proudly left.

I was just surprised when the man suddenly picked me up. I didn't calm down because I was too tired to speak. I feel that my strength has been exhausted because of that incident.

'God! Thanks to him, he's a cool man.'

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