Erotic Feelings
By Yana
Date: November 24, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2

AN HOUR passed but I still had no plans to go home. I want to get bored tonight because I know I'm going to hook someone today. I want to taste the heat that only comes from a man with sex. I want to fill my body with lust while watching the lewd acts of people around me.

Oddly most people here lust after the first list. Others will be seen as brokenhearted but in the end, lust for the flesh will prevail. Especially when the alcohol has flowed into the brain, even a modest woman will be carried away by an intoxicating kiss.

Ariana went home because she wasn't used to staying up late just sitting and drinking. It's easy to fall asleep so I'm left alone. Indulging in fine wine.

I angrily drained the last drop of the fifth bottle of wine that I consumed alone. Besides the few bottles of wine I drank with Ariana.

Yes, I drink heavily. But it is not easy to get drunk. One of what I call talent.

I looked around. I was looking for a man to be with and I didn't seem to have a hard time because I caught a young man looking at me in the distance. At first, I didn't pay attention to him but I could feel his sticky look which made me look at him too.

A smile appeared on his lips when I glanced at him. I didn't lose. Face to face I fixed myself. I spit out my chest a little more.

Thanks to the almost blue sleeveless crop top and white high waist denim skirt that really showed the sexiness of my body. I succeeded when I saw him approaching me.

"I guess you're alone, Miss." He opened.

"It depends if you're squinting. You can see that I'm two," I joked to him then grabbed another bottle.

"Nice joke." He kept standing there and staring at me. I, on the other hand, focused my attention on the bottle I was holding but I could see him in the corner of my vision. "Can I sit beside you?" he asked.

"Can you please don't?" He was surprised by what I said. "It's just a joke. Sit down," he laughed.

"You're funny, huh?" I nodded to him.

This guy looks like he's going to warm me up. His body is not big because it can be seen in his gray v-neck longsleeve and black jeans. Simple form for a simple man.

I'm just thinking that we'll be together later in the same bed, I can't help but lust after him. I can't deny that his rather hairy beard that reaches down to his forehead is his thing.

Sheez! It tickles me as if he is kissing my neck. My face, my hand, the bone in my chest. And my chest itself.

He takes time to act.

I couldn't blame my gem either when I felt the warm liquid coming out of it. Now, it is ready. Ready to fight.

"You? Why are you alone?" I will ask. Attention is paid to this man.

"My friends aren't free today. I invited some of my friends but no one came."

"How sad. Aren't we the only ones?"

Good job, Victoria! Flirt more. Show how beautiful you are but drag yourself away.

I shook off my dirty thoughts. I can't wait to taste this guy. And he can enter my cave waiting for him.

He moves a bit slowly but can be patient. I really need to be watered. Maybe my gems will dry up from being choosy.

"Sure. After you drink, are you going home?" He asked as he winked his eyes. So charming.

Oh, Gosh! He asked directly. I like his style.

"Yes. I'm going home," I saw when he seemed disappointed with my answer. "In your place..."

"So you mean..."

"You've been lusting after me for a while now. Don't hold back, pretty boy. I know exactly what you want. Come and kiss me..." I promised flirtatiously.

I myself stood up from the chair and approached him. I immediately wrapped my arm around his neck and buried my face in his neck.

I felt his tickling beard that I expected to touch my skin. He gently kissed every part of my right neck.

Next he raised my face to kiss my lips violently. I savored the wine while reciprocating the kiss he was making. It was as if our body had been consumed by a big fire when his hands traveled to different parts of my body.

I felt the combined poison caused by the alcohol. Add to that the debilitating burden of what we do.

"You smell like heaven." His husky voice makes me dizzy.

This is exactly what I like, a bit brusque. Just a voice, it's rude. And I'm willing to be rude.

Add to that the smell of it when you smell it, it will definitely wet your panties. To sum it up, I think it has a lot to offer. Fits perfectly in my tight flower.

The desire in my body increased even more when he squeezed my chest. It looks like it's being massaged while being restrained. I can't do anything but reciprocate everything he does in my way.

This guy seems to be good because he can make me cry even though we are wearing the same clothes. Neither one has come off yet but I feel like I'm getting naked.

We both don't care about the surroundings. Whether someone is watching or not. Thanks for this part of the bar because we are in the dark. It won't get their attention right away.

We continued to kiss and make each other feel loved. It's fine with me if we do this dirty work here. I'm not too choosy in the area as long as my body is filled with the call of flesh.

Later I felt him put his hand inside my panties. It's really good that I missed today. That's right and I won't make the man suffer anymore for claiming my jewel.

"Ohh. Fuck!" I gasped when he violently inserted two fingers into my womanhood and then quickly put them in and out.

"Fuck you, bitch!" he exclaimed sharply while his eyes were sharp, the shock was on fire and obvious.

I grinned. I love how hard he is.

"Let's get a room," he invited. I immediately nodded and went with him.

Gosh! This really excites me!

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