Erotic Feelings
By Yana
Date: November 24, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1

"WHY AREN'T you married yet, Victoria? I mean, almost all of our friends are married. There are only a few who haven't. And you're one of them!" I rolled my eyes as I sipped the wine. Here she is again, pestering me about my life.

As if this person in front of me is married. Well, her flower is also one without watering. I mean, God! She hasn't had a boyfriend before. And until now.

I immediately looked around the entire bar. Hoping someone falls victim tonight. I feel like a few bottles of wine are not enough to quench my thirst.

We are currently sitting at a long table on the side of this bar. This part is dark so I can clearly see if the people next to us kiss and flirt, which I just ignore.

The woman is weak. There is no thrill in making out.

The whole environment is noisy. The combined power of the sound system and the shouting of people who can't hear soar throughout the place. It was sickening to smell the mixture of alcohol and human perfume. An incomprehensible smell. It's dizzying.

Next I focused on the five girls dancing on the narrow stage. They all swallowed all the body shame as they began to remove their upper garments. Where their delicate body hides. Louder than the ringing was the scream of the men who were eager for the flesh. On their face you can see the passion, the burning eyes and the emphasis of shock. Almost all men were amazed at the sight.

Thank you Maybe their eyes will salivate when it's my turn to grind on top of them.

"Oh, what? Are you looking at your prince charming so you can't speak?" Ariana still teases me. I just glared at her.

"Stop me," I said firmly then played with the ice in the glass until it melted. I took another sip of the wine and immediately poured a new one.

"Why? Haven't you found your future husband—"

I didn't finish what she had to say. I immediately preceded her. "Stop asking, Ariana! You are not helping," I snapped.

The reason why we are here is because of my problem. But here she is, teasing me again about getting married.

What do I know about that? Marriage is just an expense.

"Oh, okay, why are you being scolded by your daddy again?" I saw her frown, it was a sign that she was serious.

I sighed. "I don't know! Before, he only forbids me to be friends with more than ten boys, now it's different. I don't understand him. He doesn't want me to have a boyfriend. He doesn't want me to meet other men. Which is unreasonable for me." I chugged the rest of the wine in the bottle. I don't care if it's more or less, as long as I drink it straight. I couldn't taste it anymore because of the resentment.

"Hey, didn't you manage to escape? And he didn't know that many men passed through your body?"

She's right. Ariana knows everything. Many men passed by me. Others are just making out and others actually go as far as undressing their bodies. I don't know but there is something in me that lusts after men who smell good, are tough and have a hard body.

But knowing Daddy, I know he already has an idea of ​​what I'm doing. It's just surprising that if he already knows, why isn't he doing anything? While he forbids me from all men except him.

I don't get him! He gives me a headache.

"Tsk. I am not allowed to get close to a man, can we still get married?" My eyes stared blankly. It was as if there was a fire that would melt every corner where my eyes landed.

"But you have a plan?"

I couldn't speak. My time in meditation stopped for a moment.

Do I really have a plan?

"It depends if someone accepts me." That's all I said. I ordered another whiskey.

Ariana looked at me with a frown. She doesn't seem to understand what I said. "Then why don't you just stop your addiction and settle your life?"

I shrugged my shoulders. I stared at the glass filled with ice and then swirled it inside. "It's difficult. You said it. It's an addiction. The taste that addiction brings me is different." I still smirked a little.

"Seriously? I can't judge you just like that. Come to think of it, Victoria. Look at those ugly creatures that are covered with thick makeup. It's impossible that no one will accept them even if their job is like that. You? You have the looks, the body, the money and all that can hook a real man. Do you get it?"

"Yeah. But a guy that understands my addiction is a perfect man for me." I finally let go of the sweet smile on my lips while glancing at her.

Her eyes widened. "What?! Are you trying to say that—"

"Yes, Ariana. Yes,"

"Y-you're crazy..." She couldn't believe what she heard.

I just laughed a little then changed the subject. She looked like she was not convinced by what I was saying. That's her, the villain of my decisions but she didn't touch me. "I'm not. Anyway, tomorrow is Larry's despedida, I'm sure, you will come,"

Her face lit up.

Until now, she loved Larry to death.

"Sure. Where again?" This girl is truly easy to forget

"Same place and time." I finished the remaining bottle and ordered another one. This time, it's harder because I really plan to go crazy on the dancefloor today. And that's effective when I get something right.

"I'm going to bring the guy I was with last week. Remember him?" I immediately frowned at Ariana's question.

"The who?"

"The one I'm telling you about! That man who's already handsome, smells good. And most of all, it's delicious!" This time, my eyes widened because of Ariana's last words.

What? delicious?

"W-what? You gave it?" I snorted.

I know Ariana too well. We're on the same road but she doesn't go straight. I mean, yes. Different men. But she does not agree to let the man in. She's only up to foreplay. Unlike me, that really goes a few more rounds. Because for her, she prefer marriage before sex. She only let the man use her lips, tongue and hands first before the center.

And another. I know she still loves Larry. Ariana said that even if she flirted with pomp, she couldn't get him.

"Almost there," she said. When she said that, my breathing eased. "But if what happened to us in his car happens again, it looks like I'm going to give up. He's good, Victoria!" Ariana even held my hand as if to convince me that what she was saying was true. She is still very happy. From the tone of her speech, it seems that he is good.

"Oh, why didn't it go through? It is a good thing that he let you go without being fuck?"

"Like my excuse always. I'm still a virgin." She was full of joy.

"And the playboy man, afraid of virgins!" We said together then burst out laughing. After recovering from the laughter, we drank again. The sound system is good and loud. We didn't get attention from those next to us.

"Alright, take him along. Let's see if he is really good," there was a challenge in my voice.

Let's see if that guy works for me.

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