Scars of the past
By Patrick Meg
Date: November 14, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3

Episode 3

[The Davies Mansion]

I had to rush back home. My dad sounded exigent on the phone. Those words seemed like searching for a lost needle that fell into the ocean, it's impossible. I don't know why he's doing this, but it's not going to end well.


Dad, I don't understand what you were saying on the phone" I squealed, as I saw my dad. He sat at the mini bar in the living room sipping a drink.

"And what part of my words don't you understand?" My dad yelled. In fury he rose from his seat, connecting his line of sight with mine.

"Dad?" I whimpered coldly.

"Mirabel, my reputation is at stake here. Do you know the kind of backlash I'm going through because of this?" My dad shot.

"Is this only about your reputation? Are you even thinking about me, or the guy who saved me? I asked. My eyebrows creased into an enormous grimace.

"Mirabel, you know I care so much about you. I'm trying to save you from shame and......"

"Dad, but there's nothing to be shameful about. On the other hand, I'm grateful that I'm not dead. Dad, I'm going nowhere" I spat.

My dad stood petrified, gawking at me. His eyes - twinkled with rage, and I had to break eye contact.

"Mirabel. My conglomerate is at stake here, it's putting a dent in my reputation. That's why you need to leave this country The media will still have more news if you're still here" My dad gruntled. He bit his lower lip in a crack to tame his anger, which could elude into an outburst.

"Daddy!" I exclaimed. "I can't believe you're talking like this. Why does everything have to revolve around you, your business, and your reputation, why? You didn't even come to the hospital to see the man who saved me. Dad how can you be so inconsi....." He cuts me off before I finished the sentence.

"Hold it right there, young lady!" My dad yelled. Making my heart clenched painfully. "I sent my assistant and he has everything under control" he continued. He paused to catch his breath, as his heart paced back and forth in rage. He sipped a drizzle of wine from the glass in his hands. "So don't insult me! This is beneficial to you too. I'm doing what every responsible father should do in messy situations like this" my dad added.

"Father, if you're trying to exhibit your fatherly responsibility, why are you yet to put Henry behind bars?" I shot. I would have rolled my eyes in contempt and disgust, but African parents can be pessimistic.

My dad's countenance transcended into surprise and burning fury. "You know he is the son of a governor. You of all people should know the imminent detriment that is hushed up in trying to lay accusations on him. The best trick in the book is for you to leave this country" My dad squealed. He tried to sound persuasive, but none of his utterances made sense to me. It took everything in me not to walk out on him with a scornful hiss.

"That's it, dad!!! You're always trying to protect your so-called reputation. You don't care if it's to the detriment of other people's welfare and feelings. It's not fair, dad it's not fair" I yelled, creasing my eyebrows. My lips formed a spherical shape, ornamenting my angry face.

Now, I think you're taking this too far Mirabel" My dad yelled. Moments later, the echoes in his voice reverberated through the walls. I was startled at the harsh emittance of his baritone voice.

"Honey, what's the problem? Why are you shouting?" My mum said as she stepped into my room, peering at us like a confused prey.

"I'm your father, and I know what's best for you" he shrieked, ignoring my mother's questions.

I knew front the onset that convincing my dad against his wish is like selling wolf tickets, it's impossible. Irrespective of how living of a father he is, in issues like this, he can bring down the moon to protect his career and reputation.

"Dad, this is not fair. Why are you talking as if human life means nothing to you?" I growled. The welled-up fountain of tears in my eyes threatened to fall.

"Honey please take it easy on her" my mum begged, moved with pity.

My dad shot her a glare! And turned his gaze to me.

"Your flight is booked already. You're leaving in two days" my father announced, and he stormed upstairs. His words felt like when a stand-up comedian drops a punchline in front of a large audience. The rumbles in my tummy didn't hesitate to give loud applause.

I was too stunned to let out a word. My lips trembled and its rhythm provoked my tears as they rolled down my cheeks.

Moved with empathy, my mum pulled me into a hug, I sobbed on her shoulders. "I'm sorry it had to be this way, but it's for your good, like your father said," my mum said, patting my back in pacification.

"Mum, even you?" I half yelled, extricating from the hug. "Why does everyone thinks this is only about me" her eyelids popped like there were going to disconnect from her eyes. She didn't expect me to react that way to her empathy. "Why is everyone trying to make it look like you're protecting me? And meanwhile, you're all after your selfish interests?. This is bullshit! Arrant Bullshit!" I screamed.

My mum released a sigh, as she bow her head speechlessly, pitiful sentiments clustered around her demeanor. "I'm sorry my daughter. But it's your father's order. You can't change it" my mum mumbled.

"There you go again" I flinched.

I walked out on her. My feet stumped the staircase as I walked to my room - sniffing and weeping. I stormed into my room, slammed the door behind me, and collapsed into the bed.

My heart cringed furiously. I'm confused like a fool. I can't even make sense of the whole situation.
No one is talking about how this guy will feel if he wakes up from a coma and I'm not there to say thank you to him, at least for saving my life.

I lost control of my tears!
Emotions dawned on me as I wailed and rolled on my bed like a bereaved widow.

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