Scars of the past
By Patrick Meg
Date: November 14, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2

Episode 2


[Mercy Teaching Hospital Lagos, Nigeria]

Meet me, Mirabel Davies. The girl who almost got raped last night. That incident haunts me like a horror movie. I laid there like a sack of bananas - helpless until my hero stepped in. I was weak to the bones, yet I saw the vigor in him, how he combated and struggled to save me.

Henry's men overpowered him, and they stabbed him countless times till he lost consciousness and conked out. The daredevils fled the scene at two shakes of a lamb's tail. I managed to get him to the hospital last night.

They conveyed him to the emergency room, as his heart was shutting down. They had to place him on oxygen. His chances of survival are slim. The havoc wreaked on him was gross and disheartening.

I sat at his bedside, admiring the handsome man that saved my life. Even in coma, he looked cute. His dark skin complimented his cute face. I saw that muscular body in action, trying to be my hero. His beautifully curled hair howled awesomeness, regardless of the bandage tied around his head. He has this pointed nose I would love to skim, if not for the oxygen enclosing his nose. His pink lips formed a spherical shape, a quintessence of an angel in human form.

I put a call across to my dad, and he sent his assistant over to the hospital. He might be mad at me at the moment. The business tycoon doesn't want any dent in his name. And this incident is enough to throw stones of dirt at his reputation.

My friend Isabella will be worried too. She hasn't heard from me since yesterday, even before the sad occurrence. She must be on the edge now.

"Ma'am, you need to go home now, your dad wants to see you" Bernard, my dad's assistant whimpered. I am on the plastic chair beside his bed. Unfortunately, I don't even know his name, and no family member or relative has come in search of him since yesterday.

"Bernard tell my dad I can't see him now. I can't leave this man all to himself. I need to be here" I said, placing my hands on his. Bernard's eyebrows creased in awe.

"But that's why I'm here. Chief sent me to take care of everything. You need to go home and freshen up" Bernard persuaded.

I glanced into space for a moment, trying to determine what to do. Bernard isn't wrong anyway. I stink terribly, I should take a shower. I heaved a sigh that raised my shoulders.

"Okay. Fine. Please watch over him, I'll be right back"

"Okay ma'am"


I'm not your average girl who falls in love rapidly, but staring at him while he lies down there gave me goosebumps.

Don't get me wrong!

I'm just being honest, but I think... I'm...

I don't know his name, but for now, I'll call him my hero.

"Mira, I've been worried about you," my mum said as I stepped into the living room. My friend, Isabella's eyes convened with mine as i stepped in. The depleted look on their faces made it obvious that they've been on the edge, tearing their hairs out.

"I'm fine mum" I growled. My mum pulled me into a hug, the scintillating fragrance of her body jelly lanced into my nose.

"Girlfriend" Isabella gurgled, as we embraced.

"Are you okay? Did those rascals do anything to you?" My mum asked as she wriggled me around, scrutinizing me hook, line and sinker with her wandering eyes.

"Maybe something terrible would have happened if he didn't come to my rescue," I said. I shook my head in disbelief. Right there the scene of last night's incident replayed in my head.

"Yes, darling we heard that a good Samaritan came to your rescue, it's saddening that things went the way they did," my mum said.

"It's alright mum! I don't want to talk about that traumatizing moment now" I yelled. I walked toward the stairs. "Where's dad? I turned, directing the question to my mother.

"He went for a business meeting" My mum whispered giving me a muddled stare.

"I'm not sure, I will see him today. Because I'm going back to the hospital as soon as I'm done freshening up" I said. I didn't wait to hear my mum's response as I etched my feet over the staircase, hovering into my cozy room.

My forlorn thoughts flowed through the room like an ocean. I tried to stop them, but they won't budge. Why does he keep surfacing in my head? This is starting to transcend into a Hollywood blockbuster.


" Mirabel, are you okay?" Isabella asked, ogling at me with eyes coated in suspense. I sat in front of the mirror - brushing my hair. I wavered and shot her a grimace as if she asked the dumbest question ever.

"I'm fine Bella! That's if I understand your question" I mumbled, turning my gaze to the reflection of me in the huge mirror.

A sigh pouted Isabella's lips, as she walked close to me, she stood behind the chair, resting her hands on my shoulders.

"If I wasn't witnessing this, then I'll say it's a lie," she said, as we our eyes - fixed on our reflections through the mirror.

"Bella, I don't know what you're talking about" I squealed.

"Mira, you've changed. This incident has taken a different toll on you" Isabella said, bestowing me an uptight stare. My mind - dazed at her words. I tried to decipher what she meant, but I found no answer.

"Bella what are you talking about?" I asked switching my view from the mirror. I turned to face Isabella who kept peeking at me like I was some laboratory specimen.

"Mirabel, you just came back from the hospital a few minutes ago, and here you are, getting ready to go back there again. I'm not being pensive, but I don't know you to be this sympathetic and caring" Isabella said swiveling her opaque eyelids.

Maybe I'm the spoilt and arrogant daughter of a business mogul, but this incident has effectuated my perspective about everything.

I heaved a sigh.

I stood from my chair and I faced Isabella, who roamed to the window. The golden sunrise gleamed a glint on her face.

"Bella, that guy saved my life. I watched him fight for me with the last sleet of strength in him. Even if I had a heart of stone, that rare act of bravery is enough to pour fiery coals on my heart and melt it" I said. I marveled at the sincerity huddled in my pitch. I haven't been this stunned in my whole life.

"Awww, someone is sounding like a poetess here" Isabella jeered.

"You're nuts, you silly bitch" I spat, hurling her a deadly scowl. She grabbed my elbow as I turn to walk out on her. "What" I shot.

"C'mon Mirabel! I understand! I'm just kidding okay! I was just puzzled at this new you. It's surprising, that Mirabel the drama queen who doesn't give a damn about anyone could be this crazy about some random guy"

"Who saved my life" I interrupted.

"Okay fine! But honestly, I'm happy to see this part of you" Isabella growled with a cheerful smile.

"Thank you darling" I whimpered

"You're welcome, sweetie. Hmmm, have you heard from Henry?" She asked. Her question braced my heart with rage. I heaved a sigh and said "Bella I don't know. Why would you even ask me such? How I'm I supposed to know? But if there's one thing I know for sure; I will deal with that bastard" I spat, and a hiss ran off to the tip of my lips.

"Hmmm, he deserves to be punished," Bella said.

"Of course!"

I walked to the other side of my room, where I hung my guitar. I grabbed it - ready to head out of the door.

"Mirabel, what are you doing with a guitar in a hospital?" She asked, folding her hands and glaring at me in disbelief.

"Well, that's not your business. I have to go now" I spat twirling my eyes jokingly.

"Whatever, just take care of yourself"


I sat by his bedside, gazing at his handsome face that is feast for the eyes, even if the oxygen connected to his face won't let me have a full view of it.

He's a sensation to gaze at.
So innocent and handsome.

Why would a guy like this be in a mess because of me?

I spotted my hand on his motionless hands. I let the welled-up tears in my eyes fall.

"Hey. I don't know who you are, and I doubt if you know me too" I sniffed. "B-but, thank you for saving me" I cried, wishing his hands could move or better still open his eyes.

"I don't know your name! I... I know nothing about you. At least open your eyes and talk to me" I shrieked, like some random girl in a Disney movie who's bidding her lover goodbye.

"Okay. It's obvious you don't want to talk to me. I will let you be" I growled, wiping the tears in my hands with the back of my palms. I kept staring at him, and my heart quacked at how harmless he looked - even in his sleep.

"Hmmm.. okay! I... I didn't want this moment to be dull, so I brought something to keep you company" I said and I pulled out my guitar from its pack.

"So tell me, what song do you want me to sing to you?" I said, grinning from ear to ear. A part of my mind dubbed me a fool. He's not talking for Pete's sake.

"Okay! Don't say anything. I'll choose for you. I hope you like it though" I whimpered.

I peered into the ceiling, maybe it'll tell me what song to sing.

An Idea struck my mind.

"Yes, I hope you like this one. It's Hero, by Enrique Iglesias" I said.

I positioned my hands on the strings and I sang sonorously;

"Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?
Or would you run and never look back?
Would you cry, if you saw me crying?
And would you save my soul tonight?
Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
Or would laugh, oh please tell me this
Now would you die for the one you love
Oh, hold me in your arms tonight.
I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath......."

My phone's ringing tone made me stop singing. I checked the caller, and it was my father.

I shrugged, before hitting the receive button.

"Dad good morning"

"Where the hell are you"

"D-dad, I'm at the hospital"

"What? Are you even aware of what's going on?"

"Dad, I don't understand. What's going on?"

"You're on the headlines, blogs, news everywhere! All I have been seeing this 'Chief Davies's daughter in rape saga' It's all over the place right now"

"Dad, how did it get to the media?"

"That's not the question you should be asking! You should be packing your bags!"

"Daddy why?"

"Because you're leaving this country right away"

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