Falling For My Devil CEO Husband
By clefairy
Date: November 12, 2022
Ch. 2Pregnancy suits you, Bianca

"BIANCA!" Amelia Henry, Gideon's mother, welcomed me with a big smile on her face. 

The woman was stunning in her emerald green dress and pearl necklace. She looked regally beautiful at her age. Amelia was already fifty-five, but she could still pass as a woman in her forties. 

"Amelia." I managed to return her smile as I kissed her cheek. "Happy birthday." 

Gideon might be a devil, but his family's different. Everyone I've met in my husband's family was nice to me. 

When Gideon introduced me as his wife to Amelia, the woman welcomed me with open arms. She even gave me a diamond necklace, an heirloom of the Henry family. 

"Oh, thank you, dear," she muttered. "Gosh, you look stunning," Amelia praised me as she looked at me from head to toe. "Pregnancy suits you, Bianca."

Stunning? Well, all thanks to my make-up and beautiful dress. 

When I stared at the mirror earlier, I saw a confident woman standing in front of me. Far different from the weak Bianca that was left alone crying after her husband physically abused her. 

I only gave Amelia a smile as Darwin Henry, Gideon's father, joined us. The old man was an older version of Gideon—from his dark blonde hair, striking blue eyes, sharp nose, and chiseled jaw. 

"Where's your husband, Bianca?" Darwin asked me, his hand snaked to Amelia's waist. 

I cleared my throat and managed a smile. "He left something in the car. He went there to get it."

Amelia's party was held in the garden of a luxurious hotel in the city. Everyone was in their formal attire. The Henrys were one of the richest and most influential families in the whole state of America. 

Darwin Henry is the founder of one of the largest multi-billion dollar companies in the country. Amelia Henry is a philanthropist who handles different charity organizations across the state. 

Their son, Gideon, is the current CEO of the Henrys' family business. 

"And how's your pregnancy, Bianca?" Darwin asked, his eyes dropping to the small bump on my belly. It was already showing in the peach dress I was wearing. 

I stiffened at his question, but then I easily recovered. I managed to smile as I rested my hand on my belly. "You have nothing to worry about. This little bean's not giving me a hard time."

"Oh, there's Gideon!" I felt a cold shiver run down my spine as Amelia looked behind me. My throat suddenly went dry. 

Soon after, I felt Gideon beside me. I stiffened in my place. 

"Happy birthday, Mom!" Gideon greeted his mother as he handed the woman a black elegant paper bag. It was a Gucci bag that Gideon bought in Paris when he went there for a business trip. 

"Here's our birthday gift to you. It was my wife who brought that when we came to Paris last month." Gideon glanced at me before he looked back to his parents to greet Darwin this time. 

I stopped myself from gritting my teeth. Liar. I wasn't with him when he went to Paris. He didn't take me with him. He never took me to any of his travels. Well, not that I wanted to join, anyway. I'd rather lock myself at our house than go with him. 

"Thank you, Bianca." Amelia turned to me to give me a smile. "You're the sweetest, isn't she, Gideon?" 

I felt Gideon's hand snake on me. His long fingers rested on the curve of my waist. "Yeah..." Gideon cocked his head at me, the corner of his lips forming a smirk. "She's the sweetest." 

Sweetest my ass. Despite the thoughts running through my head, I was forced to look at him and give him a smile in front of his parents. 

In the eyes of everyone, Gideon and I were a perfect couple. Little did they know that everything was only a facade. An act orchestrated by Gideon himself. 

On the outside, he always acts like a perfect and loving husband to me. I'm the only one who knows what kind of a monster he really is. 

But I couldn't do anything about it. 

I had no choice but to pretend that everything was fine between us. That he's the perfect husband. And I'm the loving, submissive wife. 

Gideon had threatened to hurt me and my baby if I ever told anyone the truth about our marriage.

I know Gideon. He would really do that if he wanted to. I had witnessed how many evil things he could do with his status and power. The man has no heart. 

"Gideon," Darwin said, clearing his throat. “I have something to discuss with you. I hope I can steal you away from your wife for a moment." Darwin glanced at me. 

I gave him a tight smile. "Of course. That wouldn't be a problem, Darwin." If only he knew how much I wanted his devil of a son to be out of my sight. 

"I'll leave you here for a while, darling," Gideon said to me, loud enough for his parents to hear. Then he lowered his head until his lips reached my ear. 

"Behave, Bianca," he whispered in a threatening voice before planting a kiss on my cheek. 

I forced myself to smile as I watched Gideon walk away with his father. I was able to finally breathe now that he was out of my sight. 

"Come on, Bianca," Amelia said to me, touching me in the arm. "Let's head to the buffet table. You must eat first. I'm sure my grandchild's already starving." She jested. 

I turned to Amelia and returned her smile. Grandchild? Yeah… even though this isn't Gideon's, this baby is still her grandchild.

The buffet table was filled with different continental cuisines. From different pasta and salad dishes to salmon, steak, seafood… My mouth watered at the sight of a vanilla mousse. 

"Excuse me, dear. I'll just have to answer this call." Amelia said, picking up her phone from her gold clutch bag. "I'll be back."

After picking up food on the table, I settled on an empty table. I smiled as I tasted the vanilla mousse in front of me. 

I was able to eat properly with Gideon nowhere near me. I looked around and only saw a few familiar faces in the crowd. 

Amelia loves organizing parties. Since I married Gideon, she had already invited me to five different parties she organized herself. 

"Hey, you're Uncle Gideon's wife, right?" 

A little kid went to me. I remembered her from the party Amelia and I attended last month. She's the daughter of Gideon's cousin, Sofia. 

I gave her a warm smile. "Yes. I'm Bianca. What's your name?" 

The kid looked like a five-year-old. She was wearing a pink dress. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail. 

"Macy. M-A-C-Y."  She pointed at the vacant chair beside me. "Can I sit here? Mama's busy talking to some people." She pouted her lips. 

"Sure." I smiled. 

"Thanks. You're pretty just like Mama." Her eyes widened when they went to my body. "Wait. Are you pregnant?" 

"Uh... yes." 

"Is Uncle Gideon the father?" 

My lips slightly parted. How did she... I mentally shook my head. She's just a kid. It's a harmless question. 

"O-of course." I said, bringing back my smile. "He's my husband."

She picked up the vanilla mousse from my plate and bit it. "Well... mommy said that my dad is an alien, so..." She shrugged. 

Oh. Right. Sofia doesn't have a husband. 

"Can I visit your house and play with your baby after she's born?" 

I smiled. "Of course. But you still have to wait for five months." I delightfully watched her as she devoured my vanilla mousse. "Do you want more of that?" 

"Yes, please." She pouted. 

I chuckled. She's really cute. I hoped my child would grow up just like her. "Stay here. I'll get you some." 

I stood up from my seat and left Macy. I was on my way to the buffet table when I heard Amelia behind me. 

"Bianca, dear. I have someone I want you to meet." 

I turned around to the old woman. The blood in my face dried up when I saw the familiar man beside her. 

"Bianca, this is Charlie." Amelia smiled at me before her eyes drifted to the man wearing a gray tux. "Charlie, this is the woman I'm talking about, Bianca, your brother's wife."

Charlie Song, the man standing in front of me right now... is my ex-boyfriend. And the real father of my baby. 

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