Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: November 10, 2022
Ch. 9Continuation

"Don't worry, I can help you out."

Michael Richard pushed the animal away from her legs but only lasted for a while. Laura Julia's legs couldn't move, so she took it out with her hand. Laura Julia and Michael Richard breathed a sigh of relief and surprise his cheeks appeared scratched by something just passed. Michael Richard looked back to see it was a bow and arrow. He looked around the room, now it has become a place that can kill people. Michael Richard hurriedly carried Laura Julia to hide behind the lion, because no matter where the name can be emitted is limited, it can only launch an attack from the right side. So, hiding behind a lion will live fever is very feasible.

As expected, a series of bows and arrows landed in the place of Michael Richard and Laura Julia. It is no exception to guess that the bow and arrow can only stab the lion's body. Now it was still feverish one last breath, it cried out each voice of pain. Laura Julia was in a heavy mood, reaching out to touch her chest. She seemed to understand the pain, but she couldn't do anything. Laura Julia was forced to live on to take revenge, and she could do nothing but make fun of those guards if she continued to live.

"I have something to discuss with you." Laura Julia suddenly spoke up.

"Is there something Master wants me to help you with?" Michael Richard replied calmly.

“I found out that we are clowns that entertain the guards. There are only cameras around here. All are for us. Looks out, this trip we lost."

"I don't feel that way."

“Are you enjoying other people's pleasures? How funny."

“I never thought I would be a slave of joy. But protecting my master is my blessing.”

Suddenly an arrow was aimed directly at Michael Richard's head. Fortunately, Michael Richard did not have a big problem because he was protected by Laura Julia's hand. She let her arm hurt to protect him.

"Pay attention to the current situation." Laura Julia instructed him as she pulled the arrow from her hand.

“The next step will be an arena. I thought about it when I saw the pictures depicted on the wall.” Laura Julia looked at Michael Richard.

A white smoke radiated around the room, a very pleasant scent that brought Michael Richard to sleep. Laura Julia knew it was an anesthetic as she looked at it, so she held her breath from the beginning, then covered her nose with her hand. She pretended to faint to see what happened next. Laura Julia and Michael Richard have been transported to one place. There were only barrels of kerosene in the room. Also, there was a candle lit in the middle of the room. That guy took the blood of Michael Richard and her. The blood of the two is placed on a plate and poured into a clear battlefield like the ancient Chinese people used to ward off ghosts. But it is like the scene where they are sacrificing the blood of Michael Richard and Laura Julia for the convenience of control. If both try to resist and want to escape from prison.

From the inside, hidden by oil barrels appeared as a beast. Its body lies completely in a large lake. The water is quite clear and the surrounding is beautifully decorated. From a distance, it can be thought of as an aquarium. Laura Julia could not see its appearance clearly because other names obscured it. They let Laura Julia and Michael Richard's blood fall on its tongue.

There is the light emitted, and the water on the lake's surface also has strong static. They kept reciting a very shrill spell. Laura Julia tried to manipulate her brain but still couldn't understand what they said.

“That serves in sacrifices. This is no longer a prison. This is an illegal organization to kill people. Even though the prisoners in prisons are mostly rubbish, the lives of people being given as entertainment for the beastmen, and even trash, they must not despise and bully, is not worth it." Laura Julia suddenly realized something was connected.
Laura Julia just raised her eyes. She was surprised by the images ahead. Her eyes rolled back, and her heart felt like she wanted to fall out. The fear inside Laura Julia appeared more and more frequently. Laura Julia's hand seemed to clasp her hands, she seemed to hold back her emotions. The guards were completely missing, what she saw was that they had preyed on the mysterious sea monster. The guards were sacrifices, and they struggled to escape death. Not suddenly they chose death, the mastermind appeared mysteriously, pushing the guards down.
His face was not visible, he was deliberately wearing an iron mask so as not to be recognized. On his hand, there is a large scar that is marked with something very special. Not even Laura Julia had seen it. His whole body was wearing a black suit, it did not hug his body but was simple and spacious. He gave a mysterious smile, his gaze turned to Laura Julia. At this point, Michael Richard is still easy, not aware of anything. He had been restless throughout the strange things she had seen.
"There must be a presentation on this to the associate." Laura Julia shrugged sarcastically.
Laura Julia concentrated can't go on vacation, she was prepared mentally, that as long as the masked man approached her and made a move to kill Laura Julia, she would go first, winning is not clear, but in terms of the raid angle from Far away or sneaking wins will favor Laura Julia more. The man in the mask, holding out his hand with a signal of some kind, had a very strange sound coming from his body. All of the guards suddenly appeared. Instead of blue or black eyes like normal people, their eyes turn red, their whole body is full of muscles like having been injected with a drug similar to some kind of impurity, to increase the power me, but maybe not. Laura Julia rolled her eyes, still not moving.

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