Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: March 17, 2023
Ch. 59Okay

"This mission is almost over, but there is a big threat. I've been stuck here for quite a while. I don't like a challenge to survive and damage my beauty."
"But I can't refuse a fight like that. I can't do anything else either. The enemy is attacking me fiercely."
Laura Julia continued to approach the bear's position, Laura Julia relentlessly attacked the bear with her aerial kicks. Laura Julia saw that the branches tree Laura Julia very enthusiastically. The branches are extremely hard, when Laura Julia swings up with her arms, not only is she not injured but also fits her hand, convenient for reaching and attacking the opponent. Although using full body force, when the bear accepted Laura Julia's force, the bear also prepared a steel spirit, the bear did not fall, even using sharp iron claws to scratch at Laura Julia.
Laura Julia realized that there was not much time left to fight the bear, so Laura Julia brought out an anesthetic to lull the bear to sleep. Laura Julia this time did not attack directly but switched to stealth mode. Laura Julia hid behind the bushes around and discovered that Michael Richard was still scared and tried to escape, but because of fear, Michael Richard hid in the bushes. Laura Julia saw that it was not convenient to stay or drag Michael Richard out to preach, but ran quickly towards the bear and prepared to deal with the bear.
“You just hide here. You don't go out, I'll take care of it all, then I'll take you out. Don't go out. Do you hear?"
"Don't go. Are you going to give your life to that bear? That bear is so ferocious how can you fight that bear.” Michael Richard was afraid that his teammates' lives were in danger, so Michael Richard tried to prevent it.
“Cowardly. Unexpectedly, the organization accepts people like you. If I return to the organization, I will recommend that you leave the organization.” Laura Julia removed Michael Richard's hand and stepped forward.
“This does not need your resolution. I can handle simple things like this on my own. I'm not afraid of these things either. I'm not even at the top of the strong, but I have fun with hunting stories like this. I may be a coward, but not as bad as you. So if there's nothing you can do, let me handle it. This is my little warning to you.”
"Do whatever you want. May you be killed by it.”
“You are making a childish statement that I cannot accept. I can't think why the organization would hire someone who has both a childish mindset and a small gut. You do not think you weigh the lap of the boss. I think you should also prepare yourself mentally.” Laura Julia turned her head and said a few words to Michael Richard, then disappeared as quickly as the wind.
“How are you going to nominate those people? You're not even as strong as me. What position do you have in the organization that has the right to look down on me? I stopped listening, but there were stubborn people to submit to the network. Then that bear will teach stubborn people like you a lesson.” Michael Richard also didn't care about Laura Julia, regardless of the outcome.
Laura Julia still didn't mind Michael Richard, Laura Julia rushed into the battlefield alone and caused the bear to collapse. The bear fell asleep after a needle from Laura Julia. Michael Richard saw Laura Julia's victory so he was no longer afraid to step out. Michael Richard was afraid that Laura Julia would leave Michael Richard here, so his face when Michael Richard stepped out into the light to meet Laura Julia looked extremely pathetic.
"Are you okay? At that time, I was only worried about you that I said bad words. You don't mind."
Because Laura Julia, the head of the organization personally came to pick up and see Laura Julia's condition, Laura Julia did not disappoint them and Laura Julia was not injured at all. The mission is to kill ten people, but Michael Richard only undertakes to kill one person. But the reality shows that Michael Richard is not brave enough to be able to kill people and is not qualified to stay in the organization. Laura Julia is not an assassin. Laura Julia is someone close to the boss of the organization. Laura Julia is also in the top of the strongest but only in the top 5. Laura Julia is on the way to conquering the first place.
“You have completed the mission. Okay. Let's go back to the organization, we'll have a party to celebrate." The boss spoke up and approached Laura Julia by the hand.
“I have an offer. Would the boss want to consult with me?”
"Okay. Speak."
“That is to remove the person in the top 89 from the organization. He has no special points, no resilience, and no special qualities. I don't think he's qualified to serve the organization. I want the boss to think about my opinion.”
"Okay. Then remove him from the organization. Immediately erase the mark on his back.”
Michael Richard did not believe his ears. Michael Richard is still vaguely aware of who Laura Julia is but only knows that Laura Julia is someone the boss trusts very much. Michael Richard was suppressed to the ground by the tycoon's juniors and was immediately deleted as the symbol of the organization passively, Michael Richard did not want that to happen but standing in front of the tycoon Michael Richard could not show weakness. Laura Julia standing next to the tycoon also saw the image of Michael Richard suffering but not daring to show it, but the irony was still the same, there was no humanity in those eyes. Laura Julia's face was as cold as an iceberg and her eyes were as iron as a blade.
After days of trying to want to prove that Michael Richard is not a weak person. Finally, Michael Richard can also focus on training for a purpose clear. Michael Richard trained hard for the next several years. Michael Richard still follows Laura Julia every day.

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