Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: March 14, 2023
Ch. 57Sky

“I would like to introduce myself as a member of an unnamed organization. An organization that you don't even know about. My name is Laura Julia. Nor am I the daughter of a local tycoon. As for you, I've never heard of you. Sorry, I can't let you live past that introduction."
“Are you threatening me? I'm afraid of a girl like you. I don't believe I lost to you again."
“So you want to fight? Is this your ally? Why fight and kill each other? I disagree with the situation at hand.”
"Him? Not my ally. He is just prey that I need to destroy.”
“Don't you know that if you want to be an assassin, you need to have good information security? I just asked and you answered. Is this the top young assassin in the country right now?”
“You are looking down on me. Someone with no name like you dare to look down on me. How many minutes do you think you can beat me?" Michael Richard's rival was angry now.
“Just a minute.” Laura Julia had only just reached forward with her finger when Michael Richard's opponent could not stand the humiliation and attacked Laura Julia.
Laura Julia was also not an easy type to eat, so the name of Michael Richard's opponent was just attacked by Laura Julia and fell to the ground. It was as if every time Michael Richard's opponent approached the position where Laura Julia was, Michael Richard's opponent suffered a heavy loss. Laura Julia also could not last longer, rushed to the position where Michael Richard's opponent was resting and attacked with strong blows to the head. Even Laura Julia pressed Michael Richard's opponent to the ground so that Michael Richard's opponent could easily hit his face.
The face of Michael Richard's opponent was bleeding when Laura Julia moved to hit the arms, legs, and thighs of Michael Richard's opponent. The name of Michael Richard's opponent was so painful that he cried loudly but could not resist because Laura Julia's legs were stepping on the wrist of the opponent Michael Richard. Laura Julia also did not use any more time, but decisively beat Michael Richard's opponent to faint on the spot. Laura Julia also removed the stripping clothes of Michael Richard's opponent to see the mark on his opponent's Michael Richard to confirm whether the words of Michael Richard's opponent were true or not. And based on that, see if Michael Richard's rival should be killed or not.
“Didn't expect his words to be true. Given the number 7. So he is the 7th strongest. Can't kill him. It would be very troublesome for me. That's it. Let go of him, don't hold him responsible. As for the other guy, we have to see who he is." Laura Julia glanced at Michael Richard.
Michael Richard understood Laura Julia's intentions, so Michael Richard voluntarily took off his shirt and turned around so that Laura Julia could see the picture on the back. Michael Richard is also at the top but at a very low top. Almost the lowest top in the ranking, but not every kid gets to the top. The top often has numeric symbols to be clearly distinguished from the non at the top. Once leveled up, the image will be deleted and edited with a new number. Those in the top 5 will be exempted from leaving a sign, but instead a favorite tattoo.
“So it's my ally? Also a person in the top but only at 89th place. Pretty low. But it is also an honor.” Laura Julia looked at Michael Richard's back and could only sigh because as a companion Laura Julia would not kill him, but also had to be saved to be able to complete the task more easily.
“Are you also my teammate? Why have I never seen you? Are you an anonymous person? Do let others know your true identity. Is what I said correct?” Michael Richard was also very surprised, so Michael Richard accidentally asked.
“You don't even have to know about it. I'm someone you don't want to know and I don't want you to know either. Because of this, I think you should shut up and let this case go.”
“So docile. I also don't think that just saying a few words of countermeasures can silence his mouth." Laura Julia also didn't say anything more but just looked at Michael Richard indifferently.
“Did I do something wrong?”
"No." Laura Julia looked at Michael Richard's wound, then tore the part of his pants that was covering the wound.
“I will need to do minor surgery. You can tolerate pain well. I can't understand how being an assassin can deceive you because of his tricks. I don't understand how you can get to 89th place with such an innocent face." Laura Julia grabbed Michael Richard's chin then looked at him for a long moment and tossed Michael Richard's face aside.
“Because I have a similar fate to the story he told. I had a little bit of benevolence.”
"Really? I don't think assassins need a heart. I think it's because you're so stupid that he fooled you so easily."
“It might as well be.”
“But still agree with what I said. You've run out of medicine." Laura Julia took out a knife from her and began to heat the blade into the fire of a burning candle.
“What are you contemplating?” Michael Richard innocently asked a question that Laura Julia hated.
“I am planning to take your life. Do you still want to ask?” Laura Julia glanced over at Michael Richard.
Michael Richard also did not say anything, just silently watched Laura Julia's actions. Michael Richard also realized that he could die at any time, but the words of Laura Julia's talk, Michael Richard were heard very clearly. Michael Richard knows for sure that as teammates, they will not kill each other, especially when teammates operate on a mission, the more they have to unite to live and quickly win. Laura Julia didn't see Michael Richard's reaction, so Laura Julia thought Michael Richard was a little smarter and could guess Laura Julia's next move.

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