Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: March 13, 2023
Ch. 55Wake up

"Then let's fight. Do not compromise with your opponent. If I concede to you, I am surrendering my life to you. How can you have such a stupid idea? I also need to live for revenge.”
"But if I win. You will suffer and vice versa, right?"
"Perhaps after your statement, my opinion has changed. I will win. I won't give in to you, so use all your strength. Otherwise, the person who dies today will be the one to kill you. Don't ignore it. Also, don't be afraid."
The slender girl hearing Laura Julia's eloquent words took a few steps back.
"Are you scared or just kidding? Aren't you determined to win? It would be best if you doubted whether I'm more muscular. I don't have that kind of superhuman ability. I don't think I would be a threat to you. I assume you are weak to what I want. Don't make fun of me. The conversation was too long, making my wrists and ankles uncomfortable. I'm trying to knock you down right now. Don't make me feel like you're trash. It would be funny when I just touched you and you fell to the ground and cried." Laura Julia looked in the direction of the slender girl.
The girl with the slim body began to succumb to the sarcasm that Laura Julia bring, and with her scornful face and disdainful gaze, Laura Julia directed toward the slim girl. The slender girl defiantly rushed towards Laura Julia, but before the slender girl could touch Laura Julia, Laura Julia kicked her stomach with her foot and fell to the ground. But because of the indignation given to heaven that the slim girl was not afraid of pain, she rushed to Laura Julia, but the ending was not too surprising. The slender girl was repeatedly beaten from Laura Julia's side, and the slim girl repeatedly fell to the ground. The slim girl was determined to touch Laura Julia's body once, so the slim girl ran around Laura Julia's position and did not give Laura Julia a chance to touch the slim girl's body.
Laura Julia wasn't too surprised and Laura Julia delivered a very decisive blow. And each of Laura Julia's kicks is a powerful blow. Both can make the slender girl fall to the ground and beg to surrender. But what surprised Laura Julia was the speed of movement of the slender girl, when the slender girl dodged the blow, the image of the slender girl gave Laura Julia's eyes the illusion that there were many slim girls tomorrow in different locations. But it still can't be difficult for Laura Julia, Laura Julia just needs to close her eyes and nurse her eyes for a while and train Laura Julia's ears to be able to hear sounds more clearly, then Laura Julia can guess where the girl is slender standing.
But when hitting the slender girl, Laura Julia realized, that Laura Julia could not hit the slender girl and vice versa after Laura Julia's attacks, it would take a while to retract her arms or legs then the slim girl will strike. Because of her weak health, the slender girl's attack was not decisive and not strong. But the slender girl's blow was not convincing that Laura Julia could be scared or hurt in the slightest. Laura Julia began to see that things had changed, so Laura Julia also began to heat her body.
“Unexpectedly, her skill didn't just stop at one position but also increased during battle. If she is properly trained she will be a very strong warrior. Will also be a skilled assassin.” Laura Julia desperately wanted to recruit the slender girl as a companion to Laura Julia.
While Laura Julia was immersed in thought, the slim girl saw the loophole and hit Laura Julia but still didn't have the strength to hurt Laura Julia but was repelled by Laura Julia's own body and fell to the ground. Laura Julia could only shrug her shoulders, sigh, and turn her desperate eyes towards the slender girl. It was because of that action of Laura Julia that the slender girl rose with a strong will. The slender girl began to strike more decisively and even needed an extra weapon. But this is the first time the slim girl uses a weapon, so the slim girl can choose a high-damage tool but doesn't know how to use the weapon in her hand.
When Laura Julia hit the slender girl until she was bruised, the slender girl was stuck with the weapon the slender girl needed in her hand. Laura Julia couldn't take it anymore and took the slender girl's weapon with all her might. The weapon the slender girl was choosing was the nunchaku. Laura Julia just danced a few ways to broaden the horizons of the slender girl. Laura Julia used a nunchaku to tie the slender girl's neck and lift the slender girl's body into the air. The slender girl now regained her senses and felt her neck hurt, in addition to having difficulty breathing. Laura Julia tightened her grip more and more, but only for a moment when Laura Julia saw the slender girl no longer able to move strongly, Laura Julia released the slender girl so that the slender girl could breathe.
Michael Richard saw the match taking place between the slender girl and Laura Julia and was extremely upset. Michael Richard does not understand why in Laura Julia's actions, there is a part that is giving the slim girl the victory. Laura Julia's attacks are barely as powerful and not as decisive as in the first fight. Michael Richard was also very worried when Michael Richard saw Laura Julia's actions as if Laura Julia was giving a lot of motivation to the slim girl to win. Michael Richard couldn't watch for another minute and rushed to the battlefield where Laura Julia was fighting. Michael Richard was stopped by some of the leader's juniors, but the leader's juniors couldn't make it difficult for Michael Richard. With just a few blows to the neck, Michael Richard knocked down the leader's juniors.

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