Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: March 10, 2023
Ch. 53Talk

"No. I'm telling the truth. I don't have a word to lie about." Michael Richard was very serious again, his eyes also became more serious.
“I am not talking about the truth in words. Because the people before that were all capable people and they all proved it to me. They always prove they're right for me, but I don't like it. I'm fed up with listening to them give speeches and show off their skills every day."
“You don't like talented people. Therefore, it is meaningless to you. I shouldn't have said these superfluous words to you. I have this in mind. I have memorized it.” Michael Richard took a notebook in his pocket and jotted down what Laura Julia disliked and included this.
"You don't have to go this far. You don't have to take notes or memorize it." Michael Richard's sincerity made Laura Julia feel embarrassed and safe inside.
"That is enough. Don't take notes anymore. Let's eat." Laura Julia pulled Michael Richard's hand forward.
"I don't think you should jot down those things. That's a very complex mixture, and I think it's not subtle. Don't you think that's what I don't like? But look. into your eyes, I can't prevent it. I can't tell you I don't like it even though you're changing for the better." Laura Julia looked in the direction Michael Richard was walking behind.
Michael Richard held the hand of the person Michael Richard loved so Michael Richard was also very happy. Michael Richard does feel hungry. Experiencing a match also consumes a lot of calories. Now that Michael Richard could hold Laura Julia's hand again, Michael Richard's tension increased, so his stomach resisted. Laura Julia and Michael Richard went around the arena several times but still couldn't find the food that Laura Julia and Michael Richard liked to eat. Laura Julia and Michael Richard also didn't know if each other liked random choices, so they hesitated, and walked around.
"What would you like to eat?" Laura Julia spoke up because Laura Julia didn't want to prolong this awkward state any longer.
“I will eat with you. If the food you like to eat, then I will like it too.”
“So can we eat noodles? Don't take the notebook in because I don't like eating it either." Laura Julia felt it was too weird to have her likes, dislikes, or daily activities recorded in a notebook, so Laura Julia didn't want Michael Richard to take the notebook in his hand and write them down.
This also made Laura Julia feel that Michael Richard was trying to please Laura Julia. Laura Julia also noticed the things Laura Julia hated about a man that barely appeared on Michael Richard's side. Things that Laura Julia didn't like nor had ever seen Michael Richard show. For example, Laura Julia will not keep cats in the house, it is true that Michael Richard also told Laura Julia that Michael Richard also does not like cats being kept in the house. In addition, there are many other things, the interests of Laura Julia also coincide with Michael Richard's very coincidentally. Laura Julia is sometimes very suspicious of Michael Richard's actions, but based on the same interests and the same views, it can't be said that the person is spying on Laura Julia. Although those things have never been expressed by Laura Julia in words or actions.
There are many times when Laura Julia is walking alone on a street, Laura Julia always feels that Laura Julia is being watched, but when Laura Julia tries to track back that person or tries to use the traces left by that person to investigate but the results still can't know who. There are many times when Laura Julia suspects that her friend Laura Julia, is a tactician for Laura Julia, is secretly liking Laura Julia, but there is still no concrete evidence, so Laura Julia does not dare to confirm that Laura Julia only silently follows the actions. Laura Julia found her actions bizarre and a waste of time, but still to no avail. And Laura Julia also gave up because Laura Julia learned that Laura Julia's advisor did not like Laura Julia.
Laura Julia has now identified that person as Michael Richard. Through the actions of Michael Richard, Laura Julia is more sure of her thoughts. But also without saying, Michael Richard also confessed to Laura Julia. Although Laura Julia still has many hesitations in her mind and is not definitive in her choice, Laura Julia also gradually feels the sincerity of Michael Richard as well as Michael Richard's emotional thoughts in Laura Julia. Laura Julia stared at Michael Richard.
“I know that too. I also know that you will not choose to eat food without a clear origin. But you seem to be resigned to these things. You are accepting the situation that God has brought.”
“Are you thinking for me?”
"Unnecessary. That is superfluous. I am not a person who demands things that do not belong to me. I have no intention of asking for anything more.”
“But I want you to have the best.”
“Then don't write down my actions and mannerisms in your notebook. That makes me feel uncomfortable.”
“I don't write bad things about you. I can let you see that.”
"No need. I trust you. I also don't want you to change your preferences just because of me. I don't want to see you turn into the second me."
"I am not. I just want to do the best thing for you. Is the best choice for you.”
“Are you aware that your statements are causing damage to others? Do you know that your words have already been memorized by me? Don't use those words with a girl because they are very trusting so they will easily be seduced by you. Do you understand that?”
“I have also read through books about this problem, but in reality, when I used it with you, it was not as successful as in the audiobook. Maybe just words and actions are not enough for you.”
“When I first met you. I thought you were the most serious person in the world. But now reality tells me I was wrong at first thought.”

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