Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: March 10, 2023
Ch. 52Note

Michael Richard also dodges very quickly. His attacks could not reach Michael Richard's body.
“Looks like he was really tired. He was exhausted if he had to choose one method, I can only choose to run.” Michael Richard was just thinking about the idea that it was done.
When he saw Michael Richard running away, he immediately chase. He chased behind Michael Richard and repeatedly threw the hammer at Michael Richard. Michael Richard has also adapted to his attacks so Michael Richard dodges very quickly. Michael Richard ran around the arena making the surrounding audience extremely bored and cheered him for defeating Michael Richard and ending the match.
"The audience up there can only look and throw dirty things around down this battle. When they get out of pointless battles, their faces are so happy that they look disdainful. I didn't expect these bastards to have a look that makes me hate them so much. Keep cheering for him and get an unexpected result. Then turn the tables, and support the winner. Damn. You bastards." Michael Richard looked towards the cheering audience, frowning, looking annoyed.
"Am they making fun of me? Distracted. Can't be distracted. It's frustrating for the first time." Michael Richard gritted his teeth and increased his speed.
But he ran slower and slower, although Michael Richard tried his best to tease him and everyone around him cheered him on, he couldn't keep up with Michael Richard. Michael Richard realized that the time had come, Michael Richard jumped in and took the competitor's hammer, but because he held it too tightly, Michael Richard could not take it out. Michael Richard had to change tactics to attack him directly. Although his body was stout and somewhat slow-moving, his flesh was too thick and Michael Richard's attacks could not reach him.
Michael Richard saw the knife behind him, or rather near his feet. Michael Richard runs around him to find a way to get the knife but he always uses his hammer to attack Michael Richard making Michael Richard unable to approach. Michael Richard had to find a way to jump on him. And when he was trying to catch his breath to prepare for the next fight and had rested his hand within a few seconds. Michael Richard saw the opportunity and jumped on the body of him, hug his body, climb on his shoulder. Michael Richard used Michael Richard's foot and successfully took the knife from his feet. Michael Richard also took advantage of the knife lying at his feet.
“Get off me right now. Bastard name. You are making my whole body feel disgusted.” He dropped the hammer and hit Michael Richard with his hand.
Michael Richard is still determined not to let go. Michael Richard ignored his words, his curses. Michael Richard blindfolded him, but just when Michael Richard opened his hand to show him the light, Michael Richard used a knife to take his eyes out. Michael Richard slashed the competitor's face with a knife. He couldn't stand the pain, so he fell to the ground, his whole body was on Michael Richard's body, but for Michael Richard, it was still not worth paying attention to. Michael Richard continued to slash his body with a knife.
He couldn't stand it, so he took Michael Richard out of his body. Michael Richard didn't let go of him either. Michael Richard took his hammer, and Michael Richard walked slowly to where he was lying on the floor. Michael Richard hammered the competitor's legs and arms and into the competitor's body. Michael Richard finally saw that only his head was not injured, so Michael Richard smashed the competitor's head with many hammers. The brain and the internal organs fell out one after another. Michael Richard smashes with a hammer. His blood slowly gushed out and spilled onto the ground. Michael Richard kicked him with his foot and left his footprints on the floor.
“He is easy to eat. Didn't expect to win so quickly. It also took a little longer to let him live a little longer, but I have work to do so I want to see him off soon."
Laura Julia saw that Michael Richard had won, so Laura Julia ran over too. Laura Julia put on Michael Richard's shoulder. Laura Julia and Michael Richard walk out of the arena. Today's match is over. Laura Julia and Michael Richard will be out of the arena for a while so they can do their own thing.
“So do you still want to eat now? This time it might be free to eat.”
"Free?" Michael Richard was also quite surprised by Laura Julia's statement.
“You never read the manual before you use it. Once you are the victorious warrior, you will have half a day to go out and eat your favorite foods without paying. It's like a final meal or a reward for the victor. Do you understand? I can't understand how you can survive until now. Are you a talented player?” Laura Julia held Michael Richard's hand and then smiled.
“I do have real talent.” Michael Richard naively asserted himself.
“Are you promoting yourself?”
"No. I'm telling the truth. Because a lot of people think that I am a talented assassin, they always want to spend money and want me to work for them. I've seen contracts up to 10 zeros. But that's still not the amount I'm interested in. I am looking for a contract with a higher amount.”
"Come on. Are you putting pressure on yourself? Why is it already great? Aren't you one of the most expensive assassins in the country?"
"It is true that I am at the top of the most expensive assassins in the country but I do not put pressure on myself, but I feel the contract is not worthy of my ability."
"Enough. I don't want to hear you say another word. I've heard too many people lift themselves in front of me, show off their bravery, talk about what they can do, and now you?" Laura Julia showed no interest in what Michael Richard was saying.

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