Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: March 8, 2023
Ch. 50Block

But the more Laura Julia wants to be the one who organizes these games. And the truth is Laura Julia got her to wish. Laura Julia tosses a coin in the air and puts her hand in front of her. Laura Julia did not move, nor did Laura Julia raise her eyes to look at the coin, and only focused on his nuances. The coin was completely in Laura Julia's hand. Laura Julia hasn't seen it either because Laura Julia's other hand is resting on the coin.
"Are you ready?"
"Don't make me nervous."
Laura Julia opened her palm and fate said Laura Julia was prioritized first. Laura Julia also did not intend to let him be subjective for long, so she slowly approached the position he was standing in. Laura Julia raised her hand and slapped him across the face with light force. He didn't feel any pain, but Laura Julia hit him repeatedly. This time Laura Julia's eyes did not want to pay attention to his color face but focused on observing his surroundings. Laura Julia paid special attention to his rope. Laura Julia has completed Laura Julia's attack, so Laura Julia also returned to her standing position.
People in the stands did not understand what Laura Julia meant, so they constantly made criticism and insulted. Laura Julia ignored it and continued to toss the coin in the air again. Although Michael Richard did not understand Laura Julia's intentions, when Michael Richard heard everyone's words, Michael Richard became angry and wanted to step onto the stage and teach some kids who had no sense and thought. But because he remembered Laura Julia's words, Michael Richard held back and abstained. There isn't any action.
Tom Jane found Michael Richard's reaction interesting, so Tom Jane approached Michael Richard and was knocked to the ground by Michael Richard, but Tom Jane was just calm, dusted off his clothes, and stood up, continuing to do the same action again. Tom Jane lifted Michael Richard's chin but was strangled by Michael Richard and threatened with an iron eye. Tom Jane felt the killing intent in Michael Richard's body and didn't do anything else but just removed Michael Richard's hand and left.
Laura Julia opened her hand again and this time it was the opponent's turn to hit, but the opponent was too contemptuous of Laura Julia so he only kicked Laura Julia once. Laura Julia pretended she couldn't take the blow and fell to the ground. Laura Julia looked foolish, got up, and started tossing the coin again. But this time Laura Julia is still not shown. Laura Julia was stepped on by his foot again with a happy face. The next time, luck does not belong to Laura Julia, it belongs to him. He started thinking about this battle that was born to him. But near the end of the match, Laura Julia was allowed to shoot.
He has nothing to be afraid of. Just stood still and motionless waiting for Laura Julia to hit. Laura Julia ran backward behind and ran towards her opponent. Laura Julia threw herself into the air and kicked him in the chest. The kick was so strong that he couldn't take it and fell to the ground. At this point, he began to panic, but it was too late. Laura Julia punched him in the stomach repeatedly making it impossible for his eyes to see Laura Julia's movements. Next, Laura Julia used Laura Julia's leg to kick him in the face. He couldn't wait to not die here, so he used the rope he often brought to tie Laura Julia's feet.
Laura Julia still couldn't resist that it would be detrimental to Laura Julia, so he let him tie it loosely, and by the time he used his strength to pull Laura Julia to the ground, he couldn't do it anymore. Laura Julia's legs were as hard as a pillar of stone and showed no sign of collapsing. Laura Julia also learned that he had attached nails to the rope to increase the attack, but when he stabbed Laura Julia's leg, Laura Julia showed no pain. He looked at his rope. Found nothing out of the ordinary.
"How is it possible? Can't you see it? Am I paranoid?" His face was lost in thought, and there was a trace of fright on his face.
“You want me to fake pain? I can do it for you to your satisfaction.” Laura Julia dropped to her knees and put a pretend face before his eyes.
“I can do that to please you. Fighting with you doesn't make me feel better. Do you have a question about why? I will also reply to you. Before I fought you I was watching and noticed that your rope has a lot of nails. That's why I have chosen many different layers of socks to prevent it. And just now when I approached you to slap you. That action just made me more certain of my thoughts.” Laura Julia frankly answered his question.
“And now I have the right to deal with you, right? Let the conquest begin. Do you see me as an artist?” Laura Julia gave a sinister smile.
Laura Julia's hand was also extremely cruel, Laura Julia hit him directly in the face, then moved to the head and other areas of the head. Although he used his hands to prevent the head from being hit hard, after a while his head began to show signs of bleeding. Laura Julia saw that the man's resistance was too weak, so Laura Julia pushed him to the ground. He continued to use his arms and legs to resist Laura Julia's actions but to no avail. Laura Julia sat on his body of him. Loosen the rope he was tying from Laura Julia's legs and tied it back around his neck. The nails were sharpened so sharp that Laura Julia had just used force to strangle him and his neck was bleeding profusely.
Laura Julia saw his eyes keep staring at Laura Julia, so Laura Julia pulled a nail from his rope and stabbed him in the eye. In his moment of pain, he was screaming in a panic that made Laura Julia feel very uncomfortable.

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