Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: February 10, 2023
Ch. 46Carry

Michael Richard now came to his senses and took Laura Julia's hand. Bring it down, dabbing Michael Richard's fingers into Laura Julia's.
“Did you hear what I said just now?”
“You expect me to do something, don't you? Although I am distracted, I can't hear clearly, but I can still accept all your conditions."
"Really? What I want is the building in front of your eyes. Can it be done?” Laura Julia with defiant eyes.
“This is not a big deal. Wait for me a moment.”
Michael Richard went inside but was stopped by Laura Julia in the middle of the road. Laura Julia is afraid of the dangers that Michael Richard brings to Michael Richard himself. At first, Laura Julia was merely joking with the desire to poke fun at Michael Richard, but unexpectedly when Laura Julia noticed Michael Richard's serious eyes. Laura Julia quickly had a bad premonition.
“What I want is just a small room in it. Don't think too much."
It was these words of Laura Julia that made Michael Richard's thoughts even more confused. Simply coming from challenging thoughts, the links with Laura Julia's words made Michael Richard more headache, more confused.
"Okay. From my observations, it's time to release the lanterns. I need to get there before these lines of people. I want to choose a good position.”
"Okay. I took orders.”
Michael Richard carried Laura Julia in his arms. Laura Julia's hands, floating in the air, suddenly wrapped around Michael Richard's neck. The skirt that Laura Julia was wearing was still blowing in the wind. Michael Richard glimpsed the terrain around him. Following that, Michael Richard threaded his way through the crowd to a small alley. Laura Julia's ears sensed an unusual noise. Quickly pulled Michael Richard's hand to signal to stop. Then, the sound got louder and louder. Michael Richard quickly realized that the sound was the sound of a bomb exploding. Michael Richard took Laura Julia to take refuge in a stone wall.
“You seek access to a safe place. I will go out and see the situation.” Michael Richard impatiently pressed Laura Julia
close to the wall.
“You act as you please. I haven't shown any signs of attack yet. I think you misunderstood. I guess this is just a normal celebratory firecracker. Not as serious as you think. That's why let's keep going."
“You should still stand here. Careful every step of the way we go ahead. If you die here, it won't be fun." Michael Richard looked overly dangerous.
“Are you obsessed with accidents or missions? How can you mistakenly recognize in the sound of firecrackers that there are substances that cause death? It was exactly the sound of a bomb.”
Michael Richard was always holding a knife in his hand, only holding a passerby. Michael Richard will kill that person. Laura Julia still couldn't stop Michael Richard, trying helplessly to explain. Suddenly, someone moved over here. Michael Richard went to the street very decisively, just passed a stroke, and the blood was already flowing into a puddle. Michael Richard quickly looked at the killer and saw that Laura Julia's hand was bleeding. Michael Richard panicked and quickly dropped the knife to the ground. Run to see Laura Julia's injuries.
“Why do you give in to these kinds of people? For this will be not good for you.” Michael Richard's face darkened, now Michael Richard's mood was very unstable, and his blood-killing madness rose again.
“He was just a kid. There will be no danger that can harm me. This is the best way for me to differentiate between dos and don'ts. Calm down and think.” Laura Julia reached out and touched Michael Richard's cheek.
Michael Richard found comfort, remembering himself to do what his mind forced him to do. Michael Richard bandaged Laura Julia's wound. Next, check for yourself to see if there is any danger behind it. When it was determined that everything was stable, Michael Richard was assured to take Laura Julia out.
“Your hand is only temporarily bandaged. Will not last long. I will take you to the hospital. Your wound needs to be scrutinized.”
"No need. I lost a little blood and didn't die. I want to release the wish lamp. That is also the purpose you have brought me this far. Right?"
The boy saw the image in front of him, froze for a moment, then ran away from the place where they both stood while crying. The boy panicked because he was afraid that he would be killed by a zombie. While he was in a hurry, the boy always held Laura Julia's hand to rescue him from this dangerous scene, but only received Laura Julia's cold eyes that made the boy shiver in fear, almost pissing his pants. Michael Richard thought for a long time. Hastily picked up Laura Julia, continuing their journey.
“So is it much better? Listen, don't kill random people in the future. Do you understand?"
“I don't kill random people. I just noticed you are in danger and need my help. That's why I always put myself in a state of supreme precaution. Do not let anyone do two to you.”
“I am not the only target people on this earth want to kill me with. I'm not always in a state of need to be protected, nor am I someone who can only put himself in danger but not be able to get out. You are slowly ignoring my commands. That will make you get a low rating from me. You accept the reduced bounty just because you want to completely protect me in a cage of sharpness you created?”
“I don't care about the money you bring me. Or the benefit you can bring. What I want is to protect you and bring all my will to protect the person I feel is the most important. I already told you. How much I like you. That's why I won't mind killing innocent people."
Michael Richard gently lowered Laura Julia's feet to the ground. Michael Richard was selected for a position that could even satisfy the desire to observe all the rivers in Laura Julia's eyes.

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