Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: February 9, 2023
Ch. 45Only

Michael Richard still didn't want to stop, moving forward more and more when Laura Julia showed signs of not wanting to continue, Laura Julia repeatedly pushed Laura Julia's head back but was stopped by Michael Richard. It took a while for Michael Richard to fulfill his desire.
“For a long time, I have loved you. With your consent, I feel like fireworks in the sky. I want to explode.” Michael Richard took Laura Julia's hand.
"Don't talk like that." Laura Julia is now trying to control her breath in response to Michael Richard's words.
“I use the truth for you. I hope you accept me. Even in my early years in the organization. I ask for your attention and appreciation of my strength. I look forward to having the opportunity to show in front of you like a real hero. But then I realized you are brave enough to be able to protect yourself well. But my wait did not disappoint me. You already belong to me. Only me. I won't let anyone have a chance to snatch you away from me."
"Is it all true?" Laura Julia touched Michael Richard's face with her hand.
“It's all true. Please trust me. Put your trust in me. I will demonstrate my ability to show you. Until then, you won't have to worry about today's choice." Michael Richard took Laura Julia's hand. Michael Richard nodded repeatedly. Michael Richard with eyes that don't lie.
“I faced the truth that came from him. I still don't feel safe. I can control all things I want reasonably, and death will come if you deceive me. His sincerity made me hesitate a lot. How should I face and solve this problem? Should I choose zero tolerance?” Laura Julia looked anxiously at the still night sky. Laura Julia's other hand rested on her chest.
“I have many desires in me. Sometimes it lifts me to the distant clouds. My mind floated on the white clouds suddenly I realized that the surrounding was only black. I was pleased with my thinking, but then I traded in something I couldn't recover. It is a crack that cannot be replaced by a broken piece. I fell into a split state. When I noticed the sincere hidden eyes. I'm a bit wary of it. That is the abyss. I could go deep into those eyes and be surrounded by a layer of hard glass or simply despair.” Laura Julia stretched her finger towards the sky as if to touch something far away but couldn't. Laura Julia's face always showed an indescribable worry.
Michael Richard quickly took Laura Julia's hand. Kiss Laura Julia's palm lightly.
“Every decision you make matters. I won't force you into anything. In my eyes, you are always the most precious gift. Please accept me when you are ready when your heart is open.” Michael Richard placed Laura Julia's hand on Michael Richard's chest.
"Heartbeat. Faster than usual.” Laura Julia followed Michael Richard's actions and then looked up at Michael Richard.
"You're stressed out."
“It is the sound of sincerity. I always want to show it when I'm with you."
Laura Julia turned surprised eyes in Michael Richard's direction. Next, Laura Julia looked away again as if to avoid Michael Richard's eyes when Michael Richard stared at Laura Julia. Suddenly, Laura Julia felt like someone behind her was exerting a force, trying to push Laura Julia forward. Laura Julia quickly turned back, tried to resist, but did not see anyone. When Laura Julia turned to Michael Richard. Laura Julia's face was pressed against Michael Richard's chest.
Laura Julia's arms wrapped around Michael Richard's waist and Michael Richard was doing the same to Laura Julia. Even Michael Richard used his hand to hold Laura Julia's head to protect Laura Julia. When Laura Julia glanced up, she quickly saw the image of Michael Richard observing the surrounding battle. Laura Julia now feels like her body is about to explode, Laura Julia's face gradually heats up over time. Laura Julia hurriedly pushed Michael Richard. Laura Julia adjusted her clothes and hair.
“I want to see the lantern festival. I think there will be here. Do you want to join?"
“I also want to join you. I received an honor beyond imagination.”
Laura Julia hits Michael Richard. Laura Julia laughed loudly, Laura Julia's arms wrapped around her waist, and Laura Julia's back made an arc. Laura Julia's face was towards the ground. When Laura Julia raised her face, Laura Julia's eyes were filled with tears.
“Are you kidding? The most formal reply I heard was when a friend asked me to hang out.”
“For me, you are not a partner. You are someone I give my life to pamper, to protect. My mission here is because of you.” Michael Richard used a serious, straight face to Laura Julia's laughter.
"Okay. Let's go. I have no words to justify it.” Laura Julia still couldn't help but laugh when she saw Michael Richard's serious face.
“Perhaps you still haven't realized how important your presence is to me. My life depends on you. That's why I want you to take good care of yourself. Must love yourself. Do you know?" Michael Richard's eyes followed Laura Julia's steps.
Laura Julia's face split into many colors as Laura Julia passed the lights that hung over the stalls. Michael Richard is still silently watching Laura Julia's journey. Michael Richard gave a satisfied smile. Laura Julia's hair blowing in the wind was held by Michael Richard behind, then using a blanket, tied it thoughtfully and gently. Suddenly, Laura Julia turned around, the dress Laura Julia was wearing also turned around, spreading into a flowery way with a seductive scent. Laura Julia flashed a gentle smile with voluptuous eyes that captivated Michael Richard for a long time.
"I forgot. I bought a pair of dolls but left them. Can you help me buy another pair of dolls?”
Laura Julia noticed that Michael Richard was unresponsive and quickly approached Michael Richard. Laura Julia put her hand over Michael Richard's eyes and then brought a roadside flower close to Michael Richard's lips so that the petal gently touched Michael Richard's lip.

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