Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: November 2, 2022
Ch. 4Challenge

End of conversation. Michael Richard rushed in like an animal. Michael Richard wanted to fight the head wolf head but was stopped by the ones in front of him. Michael Richard stabbed the eye of the wolf in front of him with a knife and slashed the belly of the wolf next to it, trying to bite Michael Richard's left arm with his teeth. He juggled very well, the knife in his right hand and Michael Richard immediately stabbed the next wolf's neck. A fierce wolf behind the back attacks but has to accept the fate of the catastrophe. He cut a line in the neck, then Michael Richard stabbed the head with a knife. It takes time to pull out the knife. He quickly took out a pistol, he shot each shot. Very quickly the whole group lay collapsed on the ground. Blood was now spilled on the ground.
Finally, the dominant wolf appeared. It is aimed at its clear prey. Its feet run fast like flying in the wind. It attacked Laura Julia. She could not protest in time, her arm was immediately injured. It decided not to let go of the arm. Laura Julia frowned slightly, Michael Richard saw it and dashed behind her from a distance. But it still won't yield. The position he stands in is very damaging to Laura Julia. Michael Richard shot its fours with a gun, slowing its movement speed. Michael Richard decided to let go of the gun and fought close to it. He always carries a needle for anesthesia.
Michael Richard gently moved forward, not letting it find out. The needle pierced the neck of the leading wolf. As a result, it has a full sleep. Michael Richard saw that Laura Julia's hand was injured, according to his knowledge of real combat, he tore the piece of the shirt on her body, wrapped it in her arm, and tightened it to stop the bleeding. Laura Julia looked painful this time, her lips pale, her breathing fast. Michael Richard couldn't think much, carried her, trying to escape the woods. Finding the way is harder than he thought. Laura Julia was bleeding more and more. Because of the pain, she grabbed his hand. Michael Richard realized that he was running out of time. Luck always came, when Michael Richard saw the exit.
“Don't hurry. Talk to us. You have to pay the debt. Protest will get consequences.”
Michael Richard looked up at the hoodlums who were waiting for Michael Richard to be there. This time they did not fight hand in hand, but the thugs also carried weapons. They have about ten of them with a name called high-level assassin, with a level of skill and skill held in high esteem. Michael Richard knows that too.
For an assassin like Michael Richard, this is not difficult. Michael Richard looked and glanced around, Michael Richard seemed pleased with the location of the great old tree, also far from the battlefield. Michael Richard placed Laura Julia on the ground, head and back against the stump.
They rushed forward, Michael Richard just punched him in the face the first that made him fall to the ground, the rest hesitated slightly, humiliated but then rushed forward. Quickly, Michael Richard used his agile moves, punched the thug standing on the left side with his hand, and kicked the hooligan's arrow on the right side, and the blade from the arrow on the right. accidentally slashed him. Blood spurted out. Seeing that, they rushed to use the weapon in their hand to beat them.
Laura Julia saw him being beaten, although the picture was very blurred, she wanted to help him but the collision bleeds her head, in addition, when she was deliberately in the car Michael Richard fell, although Michael Richard was injured Laura Julia is no exception. Because of wanting to get rid of the weight, the two of them were forced to cooperate and try to lift the car with their strength. Besides, being attacked by a wolf, Laura Julia's body was too much to bear.
Michael Richard has been trained rigorously before that. No matter how badly injured, he was determined not to reveal his identity, much less show his weakness in front of his opponent. Gradually become a habit, not hindered. Michael Richard was quick, stealing one of their weapons. Michael Richard cuts off one of the gangster's arms, followed by the other, who rushes in so Michael Richard can handle it quickly and neatly. The body was sprawled on the road surface. Michael Richard was in no hurry to agree, turning to Laura Julia. Michael Richard hugged her and quickly went to the nearest hospital. Unexpectedly, Michael Richard missed one last name. Also the strongest name. Michael Richard was forced to waste Laura Julia's time.
"Don't stress. It's just a game. Let's go play against each other."
Michael Richard left a mark on his cheek. Michael Richard not only punched him in the face but also hit him in the head with full force.
"All our enemies will be eliminated. There is only one person I could not fight, nor dare to fight." Michael Richard looked fondly at Laura Julia with his eyes, then shyly turned away.
He noticed an opening when Michael Richard was not concentrating. Hurry counter-attack hit back. He used his skill, wrestling Michael Richard to the ground, but instead of Michael Richard being stunned for a few seconds, Michael Richard simultaneously wrestled the opponent on the road. His head hit the ground, and Michael Richard's part was his back.
Michael Richard stood up. Using his feet to add a strong bet, he tried to kick him in the chest, but he dodged it. He grabbed Michael Richard's leg, and pulled it down but very quickly, Michael Richard removed his leg from his captive embrace. Michael Richard didn't give him a chance to stand up and hurriedly pressed his foot on his neck. He struggled to escape but was unable to do it. Michael Richard punched him in the face repeatedly, but each of Michael Richard's fists was quickly blocked by him. Instead of opting for extra time, Michael Richard pressed his foot against his neck.

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