Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: February 6, 2023
Ch. 38Spring

The time the leader said was a few days but Laura Julia's health wanted to recover it took a few weeks. That's why the soldiers sent in the battle had to wait and they respected Laura Julia for what Laura Julia put in so they could prolong their life in seconds.
Michael Richard here is also treated very well. Where Michael Richard is like a king when he obeys the hearts of the soldiers here. What they all have in common is that they value their lives. So when I heard Michael Richard and Laura Julia were fighting for it. They have sold their half-doubt but still, put their trust in Michael Richard but are still very fragile. When they witnessed the duel of Michael Richard and especially Laura Julia.
They were boiling with a strong fighting spirit. Michael Richard was also initially very worried about Laura Julia, fearing that Laura Julia would not be able to cope with the leader's dangerous situations. But once Michael Richard wants to participate in the match, there will be a guy standing up to prevent Michael Richard from allowing Michael Richard to approaching.
In addition, the heart on Michael Richard's body was an extremely painful drug. That person will hold Michael Richard for a day in the dungeon. Despite Michael Richard struggling, resisting. Therefore, all of Michael Richard's muscles were completely paralyzed. Michael Richard devoted himself to training and every time he saw Laura Julia injured. Michael Richard was still like a tiger, rushing forward without thinking. That guy continued to stab Michael Richard with more and more force. Michael Richard took advantage of that, testing Michael Richard's endurance. Practice becoming stronger.
Currently, Michael Richard has caught the news, Laura Julia has been taken care of by the leader. Someone was sent to take care of Laura Julia. Michael Richard was also somewhat reassured but still doubted he could harm Laura Julia. But as time passed, Laura Julia's health passed the reporting of a junior Michael Richard. Sent to take care of Laura Julia to report back. Laura Julia's health is stable, just the back wound is getting worse. Perhaps the leader wanted to kill Laura Julia in there, so the wound slowly rots. Junior Michael Richard skillfully sutured but did not simply help Laura Julia treat the wound, temporarily not letting the wound get worse. In particular, the wound will heal slowly.
Spring has especially come to this dark inverted prison. Of course, they also welcome spring just like the outside world. Tiny sprouts sprouted from the dry ground. The young but sturdy green cotyledons, like they can't wait any longer, have to separate themselves from the ground to see life. And life also gladly welcomes them with cool, pleasant air. A little drizzle hanging over the space does not let people get wet but just wants people to know its existence. A little bit of bright sunshine to know that winter has passed, so that those who are still indifferent to time can realize that spring has come. The mischievous wind blows on the branches, knocking on the door of each tree line, each nest calling all things to be integrated into the big festival: spring festival. In the early spring sky, you can also see the brilliant colors of all the flowers blooming. Every spring, there are always contests to find the most beautiful flower, a goddess for spring. Fresh peaches in more beautiful pink or gentle yellow apricot petals with more beautiful sunshine. Some people think that the color of the lily with its beautiful buds is so beautiful, and the bright red gladiolus flowers, the confident daisies too, etc. But they don't compete, they know others are also beautiful, and They all know that together they create the vitality of spring, exalting each other's beauty.
All soldiers summoned to the battle were exempted for five days. The leader sent the soldiers back to their original place to welcome spring and after five days had to return to the arena. Currently, they are keeping the list, so it only takes one person to escape, or choose not to return. The leader is ready to send people, killing the fleeing people immediately. Although only five days, but also live for five days. Have fun for five days. They excitedly packed up their things and returned. Only Michael Richard stubbornly remained. Michael Richard from the moment of issuing the order to the end still did not move to be happy or plan to leave. A person standing next to him grabbed Michael Richard by the shoulder. Michael Richard turned to look in the harsh noonday sun.
“Don't you want to go back? Having the opportunity to be freed for five days, aren't you happy?"
“If five days pass we will still die here.” Michael Richard calmly replied.
“Even though it was only five days, it was also five days of happiness, five days of being able to return to being myself. We must be optimistic. They will be like me, knowing that they will have to come back here eventually, but they choose to be happy because life is too painful. There is nothing sadder than trying to hold on to your life until your last breath but in the end, there is still no result that you want." He looked towards the crowd.
“Because we don't have an organization yet. As long as we agree, everything can be overcome.” Michael Richard also did not expect himself to utter these words, because Michael Richard himself was a person who acted alone, never trusting or cooperating with anyone.
“Even if you can, you have to recharge the battle side. I know you have no home to return to, no place has not accepted you. Don't worry, pack your bags with me. I welcome you back. Where I am is where you are.” He was so cheerful, so liberal that Michael Richard was surprised, standing motionless, just staring at him.
"I will not go. My comrades are still under the control of the leader. I have to stay and fight the leader, protect her.”
“If you wanted that. I won't stop either."

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