Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: February 4, 2023
Ch. 37Fine

Laura Julia just smiled faintly. Laura Julia tried to forcefully remove the hand he had placed on Laura Julia's face.

“Is it that simple? Do you despise me too much? Your attacks are the same as that of a third grader, but are you confident?” Although Laura Julia could no longer endure another blow, Laura Julia couldn't let go of her self-esteem. Laura Julia continued to provoke him.

The leader was still unaffected, but he saw the weakness in Laura Julia's breath and knew right away that Laura Julia was like a fish lying on a cutting board and ready to meet the god of death at any moment. It's just that daring arrogance Laura Julia tries to pretend she can take it all, but Laura Julia's body denounces it all.

"You're lying. I noticed the wound on your leg is not favorable for you to move. Your mouth is constantly releasing blood. Your back is screaming in pain. If you have a chance to pass the third round. I'll postpone it for a few days. I want you to heal. I can't beat an opponent to death in such a lousy state. My opponent will have to face God.”

“Don't think you already know the situation. Shut up and continue.” Laura Julia pointed at the leader's chest with her hand.

The leader, finding it convenient, broke Laura Julia's finger, just as Laura Julia had finished her sentence. Laura Julia was in so much pain that she screamed. Laura Julia's finger went back. At this time, the tears Laura Julia wanted to hold back also poured out. The leader looked at Laura Julia with a pitying expression on Laura Julia.

"Do not cry. I'm not as lucky as you. I am a child in a family. Mother is a prostitute, specializing in serving men for money. And my dad is an alcoholic. Unfortunately, my mother abused me so cruelly. When my mother earns money she often uses it to buy opium. And after the highs, she hit me again. Do you think your attacks will affect me? In addition, when I was a child, my head suffered countless injuries from my father's drinking, while he was drunk, he hit a glass bottle and my head." The leader said as he broke the other finger in Laura Julia's hand.

“I am not one to be commanded. Like you, I will become weak. I won't make myself like you. I feel that is very bad.”

"Because you'll never be brave enough to get my share." Laura Julia quickly shook her head regretfully. Laura Julia laughed foolishly.

“I will consider this the final torture in this match.”

The leader jumped up while Laura Julia stood wobbly, unsteadily. The leader used his legs to clamp Laura Julia's neck. Laura Julia immediately adjusted, Laura Julia's chin hitting the ground. The leader used great force, clamping on Laura Julia's neck. Laura Julia helplessly treasured the leader's leg. This was the last attempt to save Laura Julia herself. Laura Julia couldn't ignore any moves.
And just after that, Laura Julia's neck was broken. Since this was already the final test of the battle, the leader also let go. The leader accepted to let Laura Julia participate in the third battle because she saw that Laura Julia was still trying very hard to resist. But as soon as he released Laura Julia's neck, Laura Julia also fainted. Laura Julia was too much for herself. Laura Julia will get a few days of rest and treatment if Laura Julia is still alive.
The leader sent someone down to check if Laura Julia was alive or dead. The results showed that Laura Julia survived the baby even though her breathing was very weak. Most of Laura Julia's body parts were completely broken, but Laura Julia's heartbeat was still weak but still recognized as alive.
"Okay. Bring her in for treatment. So I lost money on therapy with her. I found her annoying. I want in the next game, I will kill her with my own hands. The opponents this time are all merciless kings. Although the strength is not enough for me to notice, the vitality is very durable. I appreciate that.” The leader looked at his hand.
The leader is connected to the other end of the line. It's Tom Jane. Tom Jane is having fun, congratulating the leader's defeat.
“You should have beaten those two in a second. You dragged that game too long. What are you planning? Do you want to play with them? But I'm sure some people don't like this. Your time-buying behaviors will be rewarded.”
James Henry got angry and threw his wine glass on the floor when he witnessed the leader's bad fights. James Henry wanted to steal the phone from Tom Jane and cursed the leader a few sentences but did not dare. Tom Jane noticed James Henry's willingness to talk to the leader, immediately alerted the leader, then handed the phone to James Henry.
“You are making me angry. Don't let me see your weakness. I send you directly to heaven. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
“I just wanted to play with them. To the end of the mortal battle. I will destroy them. How do you think I could be defeated by them so easily. That is too much for me to practice with you for more than 10 years.”
“Best I can see them lying on the ring. If you are in their position. I will not be lenient with you. Your life depends on me.” James Henry now let out a relieved smile. James Henry still believes in the strength of the leader.
With the hard training that James Henry gave him. James Henry did not believe that the leader would easily lose to weak, inexperienced children. James Henry slammed the phone down on the table. James Henry just discovered it was Tom Jane's phone. At this time, James Henry's forehead began to sweat, drops falling on his shirt.
The stay at Laura Julia's resort was longer than expected.

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