Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: February 4, 2023
Ch. 36Talk

Laura Julia bit the soles of the leader's feet. And even though he shouted to the heavens, Laura Julia refused to let go. The leader doesn't know what pain is. He gently pulled his foot out of Laura Julia's mouth. A part of his leg was bitten off by Laura Julia.

“Bastard child. Damned." The leader frowned.

The leader didn't want to put his feet on the ground, because doing so would attack his freshly cut flesh. The leader looked at Laura Julia with icy cold eyes. The leader took out a knife from his body, cut a large piece of meat from Laura Julia's stomach, and inserted it into the empty place on his leg.

“Listen here. You will die by my hand if you stubbornly resist.” The leader took the knife and placed it on Laura Julia's cheek.

At this time, Laura Julia gritted her teeth, her expression also angry, her eyebrows almost touching. Laura Julia's face was red, and all the blue veins on Laura Julia's forehead and neck were visible. Laura Julia was silent, a large puddle of saliva in her mouth. Laura Julia waited for him to finish his sentence when Laura Julia spat on his face.

"Don't think you're the king here."

The leader reflexively closed his eyes. He used his hand to wipe the mucus from his face. He really couldn't contain the anger that was burning in his heart. He clenched his fists, the leader who used to punch Laura Julia in the nose. The punch was so strong that Laura Julia's nose was deflected. Prove that Laura Julia's nose is now broken.

"You don't annoy me."

The leader was also ready to respond to Laura Julia. There was a large puddle of saliva in his mouth. Because of his harsh living environment plus his laziness, his mouth always had an unexpected rotten smell. Laura Julia didn't know that at all. Laura Julia was squeezed by him. Laura Julia's mouth opened wide in midair, but in a moment Laura Julia successfully closed it. The leader didn't say much. He used two thumbs to cover his teeth, and with just one force, Laura Julia's mouth opened completely. The leader spit in Laura Julia's mouth. It was the smell of it that made laura Julia want to vomit, but he did not like it. He loved seeing Laura Julia swallow all the things he had just given Laura Julia. Laura Julia could not resist, every drop of saliva had completely fallen down Laura Julia's throat. The leader was extremely happy, Han laughed loudly, making the people in the arena terrified.

"What happens? Star lay motionless on the ground without rising to protest.” The leader at this time had let go, not pressing Laura Julia's body against the iron fence with the knife.

Laura Julia had a good time vomiting. Laura Julia transforms into a portable watering can that pleases the leader. The leader still refused to let go of Laura Julia. He wanted to see with his own eyes Laura Julia slowly crawling towards him and kissing his ten toes. One finger is also indispensable. Laura Julia in her hatred, Laura Julia's hand clenched on the ground. The bloodstains of the warriors who had gone before were crushed into clumps of sand by Laura Julia.

“Isn't it too much to endure just a little bit? So how do you stand a chance against me?"

“I am a commander standing over a thousand people, pointing, leading the way. No one dared to humiliate me. What do you think your position is to dare to suppress my spirit.” Laura Julia was mad with blood.

Laura Julia rushed forward like a storm. Continuously suppressing the leader with foot attacks. Laura Julia swung her legs high into the air and delivered a powerful blow. Next, Laura Julia kicked at the parts that covered the bones of the leader. Unable to use only her legs entirely, Laura Julia uses boxing. Laura Julia always aimed at his eyes, hit his cheek, hit his teeth, hit the bridge of his nose. Next, Laura Julia switched to human wrestling. Laura Julia gripped his hand tightly, the other clutched tightly to his armpit. Laura Julia kept her feet steady on the floor. Next Laura Julia threw him back intending to knock him to the ground.

Laura Julia continues to demonstrate Laura Julia's understanding of how to fight. Laura Julia uses an unknown martial art, which is an unknown martial art, Laura Julia accidentally saw it in the movie and now Laura Julia practices it. Laura Julia jumped up and hit him in the face with her index finger. In addition, Laura Julia also combined her black knee to attack his abdomen to increase damage. Laura Julia landed on the ground, Laura Julia strangled him, then moved up to his head, forcefully breaking his neck. Finally, Laura Julia did a spin in the air, letting his cheek enjoy the feeling of Laura Julia's foot in the face. But most of Laura Julia's attacks were too familiar to him. A leader who has endured many storms and fought thousands of battles can easily be defeated. Therefore, the attacks of Laura Julia, the leader, were easily dodged. But there are still some of Laura Julia's attacks that unintentionally make him unpredictable and easy to hit.

“You think you're capable of going against me. That is so immature.”

Laura Julia was too exhausted after a series of blows and flew in the air. So Laura Julia needs more energy or simply time to rest. But the leader didn't think so. It was time for him to return Laura Julia's blow. Just showed up, and the leader did not hold back. He used his hand, and at the same time hit Laura Julia on the cheek. Two hand forces simultaneously applied to Laura Julia's face, causing Laura Julia's mouth muscles to automatically open and spit on the floor.

“This is the first hit. I see the enthusiasm in you. Therefore, I will favor you over your previous opponents. You only need to withstand three of my hits. You will be released and win the second match. You will have a chance to get into the round.”

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