Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: January 12, 2023
Ch. 32Complete

The boy was still not completely discouraged, he continued to get up to finish the unfinished work.

"Enough. Time is running out. Let's go. We need to finish the quest before dark.” James Henry kicked the cloth on the boy's hand with his foot.

“Go get changed. Choose a slightly darker color.”

“So where should I get my stuff?” The boy lowered his face and asked slowly.

“It's also smarter. I put your suit in the bathroom. I give you three minutes. Please complete my assignment. Do not make noise. I don't like the sound of metal clashing."

"I got it." Instead of the boy choosing to rush down to the bathroom to make it in time, the boy slowly stepped down and finished it carefully.

Three minutes had passed, but the boy was only halfway across the floor. James Henry took out a small knife and held it out to the boy.

“Too slow. What kind of punishment do you want?” James Henry was more liberal this time, giving the boy a choice of punishment.

“There will be no punishment. Your assignment to me is done. You gave me an assignment that needed to be changed within three minutes but never considered travel time. That's why I won't experience any pain."

"Wonderful. A very good fight. Okay, you have pleased me today. I won't mind this." James Henry clapped his hands in praise.

That made the boy very happy, the boy quickly ran to James Henry. But James Henry still made an incision in the boy's face. The blade slowly pierced the boy's flesh. When James Henry removed the knife from the boy's cheek, the bone was visible. The boy was completely unstoppable, the boy could only clench his fists to endure, he hated James Henry's actions. But partly because of the saving grace of James Henry, the boy persevered. The boy reached out and touched the wound on his face. Immediately run towards the cassette box. Look at James Henry.

“Can I use it?”

"Okay. Entirely possible."

The boy used a white cloth to wrap around his face. A quarter of the corner of his face was covered by those white shoulders. James Henry threw the knife out the window, accidentally a deer passed and the knife stabbed the deer's neck. James Henry took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his hands, although there was not a single stain on his hands. James Henry calmly looked at the handkerchief that had fallen to the ground. The boy understood that risked not letting the towel touch the ground but still failed, his head still touched James Henry's leg. James Henry conveniently kicked the boy in the head one more time.

“Remember it well. I don't like people who resist orders. Do exactly what I want. if you are not a portable sandbag. You also understand what I mean, but the reflexes are still too slow, it takes more practice if you want to satisfy me.”

The boy slowly stood up. Bow your head in obedience. James Henry looked at his watch, pointed at the boy, and told him to come closer. This time the boy was not as quick as before, still quickly moving towards James Henry but there was a precaution in it, the boy ran and dodged. The boy wouldn't let James Henry touch his body. By the time James Henry touched the boy's body, the boy was unsettled as if he was encountering a demon, in addition to sweating a lot.

"Let's go. Can't wake you up anymore this time. Teach yourself the technique.”

Both of them went out. James Henry separated from the boy and let him move freely on the road. The boy was quite bewildered when in an unknown place, the boy carefully looked around and discovered that Tom Jane was using a small knife to cut the throat of a guy lying on the ground. Tom Jane stuck his hand in his throat and found a key. Tom Jane was like a winner, but the key was in his pocket, took off his gloves, and threw it in a nearby trash can. And come back casually. Tom Jane's facial expression made everyone around him not suspicious.

The boy followed Tom Jane. Next, Tom Jane enters a colorful bar. The boy slowly walked inside when he felt a sharp blade placed on his neck. Looking up, it was Tom Jane again. It turned out long ago that Tom Jane discovered the whereabouts of the boy. But Tom Jane was in no hurry to kill the boy, gagged the boy, and hid behind the wall.

“You know how to drink too? Attend a night meeting without getting caught? This place has a lot of name management.” Tom Jane smiled mysteriously at the boy.

"I'm here to distract their attention for you." The boy understands that if he is not worth himself, Tom Jane will kill him at any time. Although not now, but only a few minutes later, when Tom Jane completes the task, the next person will be the boy.

"Really." Tom Jane pinched the boy's cheek. At this point, the boy made a thoughtful face.

“What can you do for me? Being prey for them to chase? Do you know who my target is? Do you know what I came here for?”

The boy stammered, not knowing how to answer Tom Jane. Because basically, the boy following Tom Jane is instinctive. There was no intention in mind. Besides, the boy didn't think Tom Jane would find him so quickly.

“I won't be able to know your target. That is your taboo. But my effect is not small.” The boy overcame his fear with his aura.

“You have one minute to present.” Tom Jane just ni and observed the movements of people in the bar.

“What if I could make the people around me disperse so that you can complete the quest more easily? I guess your target is not everyone here. And once all the people here turn towards you it will be very troublesome. So I can help you distract their attention.”

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