Imprisoned by the Mafia boss
By Matcha
Date: January 9, 2023
Ch. 31Save

A young man came out of his private room.

"Good morning, Tom Jane."

Tom Jane reached out and waved in response to his greeting.

"Good morning, James Henry."

"Enough. Don't joke anymore. Concentrate on your work. I have to go out. No time to stay here just teaching children. If you have time, just give this boy a few simple things to do so I have time to rest." Tom Jane pinched the boy's cheek, then looked up at James Henry.

"Where are you going. Can I come with you?”

“I want to go see my lover. Will you follow me and throw flowers for me?” Tom Jane smiled excitedly.

"Can not. You can't go." James Henry grabbed Tom Jane's hand and used his body to block Tom Jane's way.

"Do not disturb me. If you're not interested in the job, don't stop others from getting it done." Tom Jane snapped, shoving James Henry's hand away. Next, Tom Jane left quickly.

James Henry was very angry, like a fire in his heart. James Henry squeezed the boy's hand, took the boy's hand, and pulled it upwards. The boy's feet are floating in the air. The boy saw the danger in James Henry's eyes, and immediately moved incessantly, the boy tried to escape from James Henry. The boy kicked James Henry in the stomach with his foot, but James Henry countered by throwing the boy into a corner of the wall. Next, James Henry repeatedly kicked the boy in the stomach, cornering the boy, James Henry suppressed the boy's face, red marks appeared on the boy's face. James Henry grabbed the boy's head and lifted it into the air. The boy's mouth was bleeding so much, that he had completely lost the strength to resist James Henry.

“Do not attract other people's eyes later. Starting from today. You will be under my control. Don't let me see any weakness, though. Especially don't let me see the tears flowing from your little eyes."

The boy raised his eyes to look at James Henry. The eyes of a leader wolf preparing to kill their prey decisively. The boy could not use his strength to resist, so the boy decided to spit the blood that was in his mouth into James Henry's hand. James Henry was furious and threw the boy's head to the ground. The boy's head collided with a nearby iron bar, causing his head to bleed. James Henry calmly did not put his eyes where the boy was lying, but went to the toilet, preparing his body to be clean. The boy decided to hug James Henry's leg, making James Henry move extremely difficult. Therefore, James Henry was ready to step on the boy's face, just in time James Henry wanted to release his anger.

"Do not bother me. Lo clean up the body, I'll take you out. I want to buy you a present.”

The boy understood what James Henry meant. Just let go of your hand. The boy used the strength of his hands to lift his whole body. The boy staggered to the bathroom. From the position, the boy went to the bathroom was full of blood. From the mouth and wrists, legs, even a part comes from the head.

“So you want to be the object of my anger?”

"Please don't send me away." The boy trembled with every sound, his eyes turned to James Henry, extremely pitiful.

"What's the matter?" James Henry laughed until he couldn't close his mouth, James Henry turned his face to one side to avoid the boy's eyes.

“I am very useful. Don't chase me away. I can do everything you want. I will be the best version of you from coaching. I absolutely won't let you down. Nor will it make you feel disgruntled because of me.” The boy continued firmly. The boy slowly took James Henry's hand. This is like a plea.

“Your words will not convince me enough. Take action to show me what your instincts do for me, is your ability enough to convince me to keep you? It depends on you. But I firmly believe that my first impression of you was much better than that of other children. Use that as a reason to try. It is your life.” James Henry points to the heart in front of the boy's chest, and the tip of James Henry's finger points to the head of the boy's brain.

“Prove before me you are just trash. Okay. Just talk here. We still have work to do.” James Henry took a deep breath into his chest. Take a hat that hangs on a clothes hook placed in the corner of the wall.

The boy quickly went inside the bathtub and immersed himself in the water to dissolve the blood stains on his body, in addition, he also used the scent of perfume to dissolve the smell of blood on his body. Next, the boy flexibly took a towel to wipe all the blood on the floor. The smell of water inadvertently entered James Henry's nose. James Henry rubbed his temples, James Henry did not like the boy's obvious actions. James Henry crouched down, calling the boy closer. The boy did not understand the story, immediately ran happily, but was strangled by James Henry.

“Next time don't use perfume, understand? Everything in the house has an owner, if you want to use it, you must consult its owner. Do not use it arbitrarily. I don't like this, understand?"

The boy was so suffocated that he only opened his mouth and breathed in the pain that James Henry brought. The boy's face was already red because the blood could not circulate to his facial muscles. Blue veins emerge from the neck to the forehead. The boy quickly nodded fearfully. James Henry felt that was enough to make the boy obey, so he let the boy down. The boy rubbed his neck. The boy sat on the floor for a long time, so he could regain his composure and breathe more evenly. The boy's heartbeat with each beat as if he was about to jump out.

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